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Help get Iran Slackline back on a line after their gear was stolen.
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Lines separate people. Lines bring people together.

In October 2014, members of Slackline Boston and Iran Slackline will embark on an epic cultural exchange, crossing borders, crossing canyons, Crossing Lines. You can read about the full project at and follow us on Facebook

UPDATE (2/5/14): 

Thanks to the incredible people supporting this project, we reached our goal last night! And we still have 24 days on the timer! It's officially time to talk about stretch goals. 

We're estimating travel costs at $1500 per person to get each of the Iran Slackline members to the US to complete the exchange, including travel between Utah and Yosemite in true dirtbag highliner style (we're talking a jam packed car(s), tents, sleeping bags and cooking on a camp grill for weeks, sleeping under the stars and all that). 

Stretch goal #1: Raise another $1500 (total of $2800) to help us get ONE member of Iran slackline team to the US. As additional incentive, I (Sonya) will raffle off naming rights to my first FA (first ascent). First ascents in highlining are based on the climbing concept. Generally, the first person to send a new line gets to name it. Anyone who contributes between now and the $2800 mark will go into the hat, so to speak, and once we hit that mark I'll draw a name. That person gets to name a highline in Iran.   
Some restrictions apply: Name cannot be offensive, crude, or otherwise something we'd be embarrassed to post publicly and I reserve the right to veto such names. 

Stretch goal #2: TBD

UPDATE (2/4/14): Due to concerns about Iran Sanctions regulations, we temporarily paused this campaign while we requested guidance from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), the branch of the Treasury Department that oversees the sanctions. After waiting four we are still waiting for a response. We have decided to push ahead with the campaign with some modifications to our goals and strategies. Please read below.

First, huge thanks to the Indiegogo support team for helping us manage these issues. We greatly appreciate your concern and assistance. 

Second, we still do not know for certain what OFAC will allow us to do in terms of purchasing gear for the Iran Slackline team and helping with their travel expenses for the second part of the exchange. We are hopeful that there will not be any issues. However we do need to plan for that possibility. 

Possibility 1: OFAC gives us the green light and all is well. We spend the first $1300 we raise to purchase equipment for Iran Slackline. Any extra is used to support the travel expenses of the Iran Slackline team on the US part of the exchange since due to exchange rates this will be prohibitively expensive for them otherwise. If the world smiled upon us and we raised even more than that, the excess would be used to support the expenses of the US team members and probably make some t-shirts or something awesome. 

Possibility 2: OFAC may allow the transfer of equipment if it is purchased outside of the US, as the regulations specifically target the export of US goods. If this is the case, we can move ahead as planned, only purchasing the gear from a European company instead of the California based Balance Community (don't worry, Jerry, we'll still buy our own gear from you!). Excess funds will be used as above. 

Possibility 3: OFAC may disallow our transferring of any gear to Iran Slackline regardless of whether it is purchased in the US or abroad. If so, we will be forced to change the focus of our expenses and any money contributed will be used towards other aspects of the campaign. Paying travel expenses to the US for the Iran slackline team is our next option, assuming OFAC does not restrict this. Basically, this money will go to the Iran side of the project if at all possible. If not it will be used to support the US half of the team, paying our own travel expenses, purchasing equipment, etc. leaving us free to help the Iran Slackline members in any way we can. 

IMPORTANT PAYMENT INFORMATION: Should OFAC decide we are out of compliance with regulations, they do have the option to seize any funds we have raised. Contributions made with credit cards are safe until the campaign ends, as Indiegogo can simply not process these transfers in this circumstance. Contributions made via PayPal, however, transfer immediately and cannot be protected. We think that it is unlikely that OFAC will take this action, however we believe our supporters have a right to understand the possibilities. We hope this will not dissuade contributions. 

  • Crossing Lines is a cooperative project between members of Slackline Boston and Iran Slackline
  • With Crossing Lines we hope to show that while borderlines may define us, they needn't separate us. 
  • Unfortunately, the Iran Slackline team recent lost their highline rig when their car was robbed on a highlining trip. 

While the Boston half of this project has a highline rig to train with, the Iran team is stranded on the ground for the time being. Highline gear is difficult to come by in Iran, if not impossible. At best it is exceedingly expensive. Next spring, Jade and I are traveling to Turkey for a highline carnival where we will meet with Mohammad to finish planning the expedition. In February we're taking a full highline rig to them in Turkey to get them back in the air.

What We Need & What You Get

Thanks to Jerry Miszewski of Balance Community, we can get a full rig at a discount price. We're also hoping to get a set of Slackline Brothers pulleys as a secondary rig as well (thanks to Andy Lewis for giving us a deal there too). See our "optimum rig" list below. Of course, this is the ideal and less gear is sufficient. We're willing to chip in we just can't afford a whole rig on our own, especially on short notice so we're making this a flexible funding campaign. Should we exceed our goal, any remaining funds will go towards the last goal of Crossing Lines, bringing the Iran Slackline team to the US to complete the cultural exchange. 


  • 2x SMC 3" Double PMP
  • 2x Rock Exotica Machined Doubles
  • 2x AWL 3.0
  • Shackles for AWLs
  • 2x Handled Ascenders
  • 1x Chest Ascender 
  • 2x 10' Purple Spansets
  • 8x 1/2" Delta Quicklinks
  • 10x 3/8" Oval Quicklinks
  • 10x Omega Steel Carabiners
  • 1x Edelrid Eddy
  • 1x 3/8" Twist Shackle for Eddy

Total $1,135.47 shipped


  • Get Jade and Sonya to Iran
  • Winter ascent of Mount Damavand
  • Rig and walk previously established Iranian highlines
  • First female highline sends in Iran
  • Establish new lines
  • Film, photograph, and record events
  • Bring Iran Slackline team to the US for Moab and Yosemite lines
  • Produce a short film, publish photos, etc.
  • Illustrate that people matter, not border lines. 


  • Any amount - thanks and recognition on
  • For $15 - a handmade (by us) Crossing Lines bracelet
  • For $25 - a custom thank you picture from Iran* (+ above)
  • For $50 - a coffee cup cozy made by Jade (+ above)
  • For $100 - a printed poster of your thank you picture (+ above)
  • For $100 - alternate option, a handmade knit hat made by Jade (+ above, -print)
  • More? - umm we don't know. But we'll figure it out if you're feeling so generous. 

* One of us will stand, hang, sit or otherwise play on a highline in Iran holding a personalized thank you note. 

Examples of Jade's handywork:


The Crossing Lines Bracelets: 

The Impact

I first traveled in the Middle East five years ago. Part of the reason I went then was to see "the other side" for myself, but also to be an example for the people I met of what an "American" could be outside of any propaganda on their side of the world. Mostly I went because the first time I told someone knew that I was going to travel in the Middle East, their response was "Why would you want to go there?" 

This project is about highlining, but it's also about cooperation between people to accomplish something beautiful despite borders, politics, and misconstrued impressions. It's about changing the way we think about the world around us. - Sonya

  • Sonya has organized Slackline Boston, a local group of more than 300 slackers
  • Mohammad founded Iran Slackline, has established 9 Iranian highlines
  • Read more about our team here

Other Ways You Can Help

We know slackers aren't ever in the possession of spare cash. We get it. If you can't help directly, help us by reposting this. Additionally, we are looking for sponsors to help support this project, especially small mom-and-pop type gear producers. If you know anyone of the sort who might be interested, please drop us both a line to connect us. 

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  • $5USD
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    A "thank you" photo from Iran

    A digital photo of one of us on a highline holding a custom thank you note.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2014
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    A custom coffee cozy

    Knitted by Jade for our favorite donors, a custom cozy to fit a ball jar or other coffee container. Plus a thank you photo (digital)!

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    Estimated delivery: May 2014
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    Poster of "thank you"

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  • $100USD
    A custom knitted hat

    Knitted by Jade for our favorite donors, a vibrant comfy hat!

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