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  • $1USD
    Public Citation of Adoration

    Contribute between $1 and $5! We want to make sure everyone who wants to be involved in this project has an opportunity to do so. This is us encouraging and asking you to contribute as little (or as much) as you can to this feature film. And, as always, please spread the news and excitement about this campaign to all that you know!

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  • $10USD
    Grand Theft Awesome

    Thanks for your support. Every little bit counts! In return for your $10 support, please accept our complimentary high five upon our next encounter as well as updates on the Crook County War process. Spread the word, send the link and KICK!

    13 claimed

  • $30USD
    Possession of a Lethal Blow

    $30? Niiiiiice. When we call you bad ass we really mean you are fearless, authentic, compassionate, and ethical. You are a good looking and a wonderful friend of CCW. We want to make sure you get a digital download of this film as soon as it is released. How about we send it to you? And the goodies from above.

    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    22 claimed

  • $50USD
    Full Metal Front Kick

    We want to kiss you, a high caliber kiss on the lips, for donating $50 to Crook County War. But we have a movie to make and we can't have you all falling in love with us. How about we send you all of the previous perks plus a kick ass CCW T-shirt, designed by Mr. Breen himself. There will probably be fighting on it. Will that tide you over? Ugh, you are so totally hot. 50 IS FUN!

    Estimated delivery: November 2013

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  • $80USD
    Illegal use of Pecs & Delts

    Indiegogo will not allow us to give lethal blows away as perks in this campaign, so you, my beautiful friend, will receive all of the previous perks plus a kick-ass movie poster, once the film is released. Better than a knife-hand to the spleen. Or is it?!

    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    2 claimed

  • $125USD
    Karate in a Public Place

    You rugged, indomitable monster. Thank you for thrusting your support onto CROOK COUNTY WAR! For your $125 donation you will be awarded all of the previously mentioned stuff in addition to a DVD of the film as soon as it is released on DVD. Put THAT in your machine and smoke it!

    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    7 claimed

  • $175USD
    Aiding & Abetting Sensuality

    What's that? You are a master of martial AND literary arts? For $175 we will send you all the above mentioned swag, plus a copy of the CCW shooting script autographed by Mr. Breen. Again, once the film has been released for distribution.

    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    3 claimed

  • $300USD
    Tampering with a Backfist

    "Get your motor runnin' - Head out on the highway - Lookin' for some bad guys - You're totally going to kick their asses!" Well, it almost rhymed. This $300 perk scores you the score, a digital download of the film's soundtrack! Plus, the sweet treats from above.

    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    1 claimed

  • $500USD
    Bratski Krug

    This is Russian for " Circle of Brothers." Please excuse me while I get all Olive Garden on your bad ass BECAUSE WHEN YOU ARE HERE, YOU ARE FAMILY. We never want anyone to forget how much we appreciate you. Everyone will know you are our favorite because your name will be included in the final film credits under the Best Friends Club. Things are getting serious. Can you feel it? Da!

    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    3 claimed

  • $1,000USD
    Day-doo Day-doo Day-doo

    You know, that sound French cop cars make?! Anyway, Mr. Breen will get your name tattooed onto his face. Or your face tattooed onto his neck. Not really. He will not get any tattoos for you. He loves you, but not like that. If ink is what you want, for $1000 you will get everything that all of the other folks get, plus autographed concept art and storyboards, upon the film's release!

    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    0 out of 30 claimed

  • $5,000USD
    Five Large

    You know what you are? A damn role model for all of the younger less experienced hard asses. If you throw down 5 Large you will get stash from the previous perks, plus a visit to the set, lunch with the cast and crew and get your picture taken with Mr. Breen. BOOM. That's sick, as the kids say. This all will happen in Portland, Oregon in July. Travel and accommodations are not included, guys.

    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    0 out of 4 claimed

  • $10,000USD
    Capo di Tutti

    That's Italian for "Boss of Bosses." I want you, my boss of bosses, to visit the set of CROOK COUNTY WAR, I want to have you over for dinner, I want you at the Portland premiere with a guest. I want you to have an Executive Producer credit. I want to slow dance with you to Lady in Red by Simply Red or Eric Clapton's You Look Wonderful Tonight. YOUR CHOICE. All the while, Mr. Breen will jealously watch from a distance.

    Estimated delivery: September 2014

    0 out of 3 claimed

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