Crime Squad 3D

Cop Comedy web series in 3D! Join us and help revisit the fictional classic 1970's cop show Crime Squad filmed in Super Stereo Vision 3D.
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CRIME SQUAD in Super Stereo Vision 3D

Over the last two years Enhanced Dimensions has gone from never having produced a film to having our films screened in festivals around the globe, winning awards and entertaining a passionate 3D audience.

Working solely on passion and a zero budget, so far we have had amazing success with over 3.5 Million views of our videos on YouTube and nearly 1000 followers on Facebook. Everyone involved from the most junior to the most senior have offered their time for free and always gone the extra mile to make sure we deliver the goods.

We've also used every project to take on junior crew to help them find out more about working on an efficient film set, and have offered stereoscopic 3D training and tools all free of charge to the filmmaking community.

It's now time for us to tackle our most ambitious project yet: CRIME SQUAD a multi-part stereo 3D comedy web series. Each episode will run between 4 and 10 minutes and will feature a range of local talent delivering another stereoscopic first for the UK, a free to view scripted 3D comedy series.

Your support will help us to pay the cast and crew's travel expenses plus cover food and beverages for the duration of the shoot. It will also go towards equipment hire so we can improve on the already award winning production standards. Finally the cash will be used to secure locations where we cannot get them for free.

Apart from the amazing support of the cast and crew we have already secured Glasses Free Android Tablet Manufacturer NEO3DO as our founding corporate sponsor who are providing us with funding, promotional support and hardware for the show. Their Autostereoscopic Tablet computer has been garnering some great coverage and we're super-proud to be working in conjunction with David Briggs and his team!

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Each episode requires a team of ten people in order to write, film, feed, etc and each of these has to travel to the filming location and be catered for on the day. Additionally as the series is set in the 1970s we also require a suitable wardrobe and if the budget stretches to it the hire of a classic car.

As you can see the requirements are very specific to delivering the best production we can!

So the budget breaks down as such:

Travel & Catering - £1000
Equipment Hire - £750
Location Fees - £750
Costumes & Props - £500

And what are we offering in return? Well apart from a whole heap of free entertainment our perks include everything from Meet & Greet set visits with the cast and crew, formal Executive Producer credits, an exclusive 70's style TV ad for your product or service, down to DVD/Blu Rays, T-Shirts and postcards... and of course an overwhelmingly big thank you.



If you can't afford to support us financially please share our information every bit of support is genuinely appreciated.

You can share links to this Indiegogo campaign from the site itself or head on over to our Facebook page and give us a like and share with several thousand of your closest friends.


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  • £1GBP
    Look The Other Way

    Give us a pound and we'll look the other way. Make sure you don't do it again!

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  • £10GBP
    The Caution

    For ten of your hard earned british pounds we'll not only let you off with a caution but we'll also give you: 1) An official thanks on the Crime Squad Website 2) Access to all the episodes in 2D and 3D in digital download formats.

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  • £15GBP

    As well as a thank you on the Crime Squad Web site you will get the following: 1) Digital downloads of the series in 2D and 3D when complete. 2) A Free copy of Screen Candy 3D.* (Normally $19.99) 3) A Free Copy of RockCandy 3D Singlez 01 – Rock Crest 01 Pro* (Normally $11.95) 4) A Free Copy of RockCandy 3D Singlez 02 – Pink Strip Show Pro* (Normally $11.95) Now that's value! (*Download link will be mailed within 24 hours.)

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  • £20GBP
    The Line Up

    Want to feature in the series but don't fancy getting in front of the camera. Well this is the perk for you! For this level of support you'll receive: 1) a character in the series will be named after you 2) access to the digital downloads 3) a thank you in the website and series credits Fame awaits!

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  • £25GBP
    A Night in The Cells

    You've been a very naughty person! However to help you rehabilitate for this reward on top of the Caution rewards above we'll give you the following: 1) Limited Edition DVD or BluRay disc (3D is Blu Ray only) 2) A thank you, on both the website and in the DVD/BluRay Credits 3) Exclusive 3D Postcard Set

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  • £35GBP
    The Look Out

    Any good lookout knows... you gotta look sharp! What better way to look sharp than with a pair of the most stylish 3D glasses around? No more of those throw away 10 cent 3D glasses for you! This perk offers: 1) A pair of INGRI:DAHL Designer 3D Glasses 2) Limited Edition DVD or BluRay disc (3D is Blu Ray only) 3) A thank you, on both the website and in the DVD/BluRay Credits

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    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • £50GBP

    Let's not even discuss your criminal record! First thing you'll need to get out of jail is the extra rewards we'll give you for this level of perk. On top of everything above you'll get: 1) An exclusive Enhanced Dimensions Film Collection bluray 2) A Crime Squad Poster signed by the cast and crew

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  • £100GBP

    Want to feature in a 3D Web Series? Well now's your chance. For this perk we're not only offering the exclusive Blu Ray or DVD and signed poster but we're offering you the chance to feature as a bad guy/gal extra in an episode of the series plus you'll get to keep your disguise! (Transport to Edinburgh is not included and you must be available on the date of filming. Date will be fixed upon production schedule completion)

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  • £250GBP
    Wipe Your Record Clean

    A New Beginning! For this perk you will receive: 1) A meet and greet with the cast and crew (Excluding travel costs of getting to Edinburgh) 2) An Associate Producer Credit 3) An Exclusive Crime Squad Crew T Shirt 5) Unique Promotional Pack of DVD/Blu Ray plus USB stick of all episodes presented in an original VHS Tape Box

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  • £750GBP
    Off The Grid - Series Sponsor

    This is ideal for a corporate sponsor. For this level we will offer the following: 1) Executive Producer Credit 2) Your product or service will be promoted with a spoof 70's style ad in the Advert break of each episode of the first series. 3) Promotion of you or your products via the Crime Squad Website and on Enhanced

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