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Viva La (3D) Revolucion! The new revolution is 3D designing and 3D printing. Join our creative uprising...
United Kingdom
1 Team Member


The 3D printing trend is RED HOT! Yes, even you can join in with the right 3D modelling software - and here it is. Read on. 

The new manufacturing revolution is 3D designing and 3D printing. This new-wave of making stuff will affect you. Whether you're an artist, designer or just simply interested in exciting opportunities, get involved and help us make the most of this new creative uprising.

Currently your access to digital 3D designing is dominated by engineering-led packages. This is unsatisfactory if you prefer to work in a more fluid and intuitive way. 

In response we have created Cloud9 - artist-led software for 3D modelling with easy access in to 3D printing. Designed for 3D touch-based technology, both affordable and accessible, Cloud9 is a unique haptic package.

What is 3D printing? more…
What is haptics? more…

The perks we have for your contributions include these amazing technologies or things created using them. We need this finance to progress Cloud9 beyond the existing limitations of version 2 to a truly marketable version 3.

With your support, we will also build an open community of like-minded people to help, engage and encourage creative development (ensuring Cloud9 remains a package developed by designers for designers).

I am Ann Marie Shillito – a internationally recognised contemporary jeweller, and as CEO and founder of Anarkik3D, a technologist and entrepreneur as well. To really understand why our software is designed to be different and warrants your support, perhaps I should explain a few things first.

To print in 3D you need a digital model, and to create a 3D model you need software to model in. Pretty obvious, right!

But the process of designing in conventional “CAD” does not correspond to the way studio artists and designer makers prefer to work. Frustrated with complex interfaces and prescriptive functions that block creative flow, many are put off or give up.

Whereas when using Cloud9 and its haptic companion you actually touch your virtual design and manipulate it in a familiar 3 dimensional environment. The haptic force feed-back provides a tactile, fluid and organic way of working which reflects the natural interactions experienced with real things, tools and processes.

“It lets me think in a way that I was used to thinking, in a physical sense. Cloud9
allows you to bring all of that knowledge with you.”

                                                                Farah Bandookwala - Award winning artist

As a virtual sketchbook and workbench, Cloud9 affords you all the benefit of working digitally, yet enables you to tap into the tacit knowledge and inherent skills you have accumulated through your physical studio practice.

Our background (and our future) is firmly rooted in craftsmanship and we believe in making better tools. Supporting us through IndieGoGo will enable us to do this.

To the uninitiated out there, 3D printing is a concept firmly rooted in the world of science fiction; to the rest of us it is a comprehensible and game-changing technology that you can access now.

The principle of 3D printing is essentially slicing up a virtual model. These digital cross-sections are then sent to machines that reproduce each unique layer, one on top of the other, gradually adding more material to recreate the virtual form.

The range of materials that can now be 3D printed include plastics (ABS, polypropylene, clear acrylic), metals (steel, stainless-steel, titanium, sliver and gold), composites (ceramic, glass), rubber, paper, sugar, vegetable starch, wax, sand, foods, chocolate, human tissue....

And now with desktop printers, it is possible to print simple objects at home in almost the same way you print photos and documents.
This is a Haptic Device, so called after the Greek Haptikos meaning touch.

It could be described as a 3D mouse, but what makes this odd-looking little robot so very special is something called force feed-back.

Force feed-back is a mechanical resistance provided by the arms of the device that allow and restrict its movement. Force feed-back gives the user is a powerful sensation of touch by actually feeling a virtual object in 3D.

It also provides movement in three dimensions - X, Y and Z - just as in the real world!

Words are just so inadequate when trying to describe this virtual tactile sensation. In this case feeling really is believing!
Cloud9 is at version 2 stage and already a valued tool for many artists and designers across the UK and as far away as New Zealand. It is limited and limiting. We need your help to develop and enhanced Cloud9 fast, to boost awareness and increase revenue from sales for the next round of development.

We have set an ambitious but realistic target of £120,000  to do all this and launch version 3, re-branded as Anarkik 3D Design to a truly international market.

We will take on more programmers and train them in haptics. We will go on building a supportive community of users whose feedback will ensure Cloud9 continues to be built for designers by designers. This focus on designers is key to our business model and the IndieGoGo crowdfunding route is the best way we know of to continue our autonomy over the creative direction of Cloud9.

We crowdfunded in a very small way in 2008 to start Cloud9 rolling and look what we have achieved! Investment through banks and business angels has not been forthcoming. However we believe strongly and passionately about Cloud9. Using my own savings (which I have now exhausted) and with support from family, friends and my founder colleague we have thus far achieved a good but limited product. We now need your support!

To make Cloud9 an invaluable and accessible creative digital tool, your support will enable Anarkik3D to continue to walk the talk. We share a strong ethos with those drawn to crowdfunding and with the IndieGoGo community. We too are passionate about achieving our goals.

For more detailed information please read on….

Our main objective:

  • to have 2 full-time software programmers trained in haptics and qualified in mesh development 

Key improvements:

  • comprehensively improve the platform re. mesh manipulation and functionality
  • optimise the existing beta stage Boolean functions of subtraction etc
  • add new functions from designers' wish list plus more shortcut keys
  • improve the ‘line’ function: change width, add construction line
  • 1 click support to 3D printing services and support for printing colours
  • build up a Library of objects: shapes, forms, things
  • create a digital protractor and haptic plane
  • release the optimised programme as v3 (launched as Anarkik 3D Design)

Any shortfall in reaching the campaign goal will significantly delay completing these improvements longer than the 9 months anticipated. It is then likely we would have to launch another campaign to raise additional funding.

We are passionate about the exciting opportunities that Cloud9 offers. From children to professional designers, everyone can get involved in 3D designing and 3D printing.

We have a great range of perks specially designed and selected for this campaign. As inscentive to support us now, we're offering you Cloud9 v3 (Anarkik 3D Design) at the price of v2 (perks 5, 7, 8 & 9). Thank you for your generosity in supporting our project. No contribution is too small. All donations will be greatly appreciated and go directly to improve Anarkik3D's software.

Help us grow the GoGo factor of our campaign by:
  • donate, donate, donate and thank you!
  • sharing with your virtual contacts, tweet and re-tweet
  • do PLEASE drop us a line in the Comments page above with any thoughts, feedback and encouragement
  • adding Likes and recommendations to our Blog and Facebook page
  • emailing those who may be interested in supporting our development
  • generally being an AnarkikAdvocate by spreading the word for the campaign's duration
  • We would be delighted to have your support in whatever way you feel you can contribute

For further information about all aspects of this campaign visit: www.anarkik3D.co.uk/IndieGoGo

Perk 1: Have your name proudly displayed as an ‘anarkikangel’ on Anarkik3D’s website. All contributors who wish will have their names displayed or can choose to be anonymous.

Perk 2: Get involved in a fun and exciting process of having a model 3D printed. Choosing from any of the objects (A to F). We will email you for your choice and then send you the file for 3D printing plus information to help you to find a company. You select a material and price level and pay for 3D printing and shipping.

Perk 3: This is for those of you who would really enjoy owning a 3D printed model. Having this object will make it easy to explain how 3D printing works and great to intrigue your family, friends and colleagues. Or it makes a perfect gift. Select a custom designed 3D model from objects A, B, or C. We get it 3D printed and shipped to you.*

Perk 4: Choose from a wider selection of objects (A,B,C,D,E and F), to enjoy owning, explaining the wonders of 3D printing, or as a gift to give. We do all the hard work for you: get it 3D printed and shipped to you.*

*Once you have paid for your perk we will email you for your choice of object. Please see our gallery for detailed photos.

All the objects have been designed by Anarkik3D's CEO Ann Marie Shillito who is an internationally well-known award-winning designer. Almost all have been specially designed for this campaign.

Perk 5: Many people globally already own a Falcon Haptic device and use it for playing the video games that exploit its force feedback for a more immersive sensation. To complement your game play, you can get just Cloud9 v2.1 software plus all upgrades to v3 to design and construct models and get them 3D printed.

Perk 6: This BUNDLE includes Cloud9 v2.1, PLUS a Falcon Haptic device. With no time limit on the software’s License you can enjoy 3D modelling forever without any hassle from anyone pushing you to download the latest version. From Novint you can also get hapticated games to play with the Falcon - an extra benefit for all the family! Please be aware that Vat & Import duty for the Falcon and shipping are not included.

Perk 7: This is Anarkik 3D Design BUNDLE: Cloud9, PLUS a Falcon Haptic Device PLUS all upgrades to V3 and thereafter no time limit on the license. From Novint you can also get hapticated games to play with the Falcon – an extra benefit for all the family! Please be aware that Vat & Import duty for the Falcon and shipping are not included.

Perk 8: ‘Creative Anarky in a Box': this intensive two day course and workshop is bundled with Cloud9, PLUS a Falcon Haptic Device, PLUS all upgrades to v3 (no time limit on the license) and is designed for you to hit the ground running!. The course covers all Cloud9 features and functions plus modelling for 3D printing, with plenty of hands on time to get to grips with this new intuitive way of working. The course is demo and tutorial led, taught by Anarkik3D's CEO, Ann Marie Shillito, in Edinburgh the beautiful capital city of Scotland. Courses are limited to 5 people for individual help and attention. Thank you for backing Anarkik3D and see you in Edinburgh! Please be aware that Vat & Import duty for the Falcon and shipping are not included.

Perk 9: Two day intensive workshop for a group of up to 5 participants, taught by Anarkik3D's CEO, Ann Marie Shillito anywhere in the world, covering everything in Perk 8 including the one full bundle. Thank you for backing Anarkik3D and I look forward to meeting you on your home ground! Please be aware that Vat & Import duty for the Falcon and shipping are not included.

For more details about the software, haptics, 3D printing, course programmes and company info see: http://anarkik3D.co.uk

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3% funded
No time left
$120,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on June 27, 2012
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Name recognition

    Perk 1 - your name as an ‘anarkikangel’ on Anarkik3D’s website in recognition of your contribution. Thank you!

    7 claimed
  • $25USD
    3D print a model

    Perk 2 - a 3D model for YOU to get 3D printed. Select a design, upload to a 3D print company, choose the material, price level and pay to go. Enjoy the process and many thanks for backing us! 3D printing & shipping NOT included in this perk. Perk no.1 is also included.

    0 claimed
  • $50USD
    Receive a 3D printed model

    Perk 3 - select a custom designed 3D printed object created by Anarkik3D's designer CEO (shipping and handling incl). Choose from 3 designs and enjoy showing off your 3D printed piece! Thank you so much for backing Anarkik3D! Perk no.1 is also included.

    3 claimed
  • $100USD
    Receive a 3D printed model

    Perk 4 - select a custom designed 3D printed object created by Anarkik3D's designer CEO (shipping and handling incl). Choose from 6 designs and enjoy owning a 3D printed thing. Thank you very much for backing us at Anarkik3D! Perk no.1 is also included.

    3 claimed
  • $500USD
    Cloud9 software

    Perk 5 - Cloud9 (v2.1) sketch/modelling software plus all updates and v3 (when it's ready!). This perk is especially for owners of the Falcon Haptic device. Thank you for buying into our product. Enjoy! Perk no.1 is also included.

    2 claimed
  • $800USD
    Cloud9 + Falcon haptic device

    Perk 6 - the Cloud9 BUNDLE: Cloud9 v2.1 PLUS a Falcon Haptic device (shipping and handling incl). The no hassle option and no time limit on License. Enjoy forever and thank you so much for your support. Perk no.1 is also included but NOT Vat & Import duty.

    0 claimed
  • $800USD
    Cloud9, updates + Falcon

    Perk 7 - the Cloud9 BUNDLE: Cloud9 v2.1 PLUS a Falcon Haptic Device (shipping and handling incl) plus all updates and v3. Enjoy the creativity - and 3D printing your models. Thank you for backing Anarkik3D! Perk no.1 is also included.

    2 claimed
  • $1,350USD
    Cloud9, Falcon, 2 day course

    Perk 8 - two day intensive workshop plus the Anarkik 3D Design BUNDLE: Cloud9 v2.1 (and v3 when released) PLUS a Falcon Haptic Device. Workshop taught by Anarkik's CEO, Ann Marie Shillito, in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland. The courses (June and Sept) cover Cloud9/Falcon interface, creating and modelling, designing for 3D printing. Thank you for backing Anarkik3D! Perks no.1 is Included but NOT Vat & Import duty.

    0 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Bespoke course, Cloud9, Falcon

    Perk 9 - two day intensive workshop anywhere in the world for up to 5 people plus the Anarkik 3D Design BUNDLE: Cloud9 v2.1 (and v3 when released) PLUS a Falcon Haptic Device. Workshop taught by Anarkik's CEO, Ann Marie Shillito. The course covers Cloud9/Falcon interface, creating and modelling, designing for 3D printing. Big thank you for backing Anarkik3D! Perks no.1 is also included but NOT Vat & Import duty.

    0 claimed
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