Creation Nation Art and Peace Parade

Sustain the Creation Nation Art & Peace Parade, a Newark tradition featuring student made public art, celebrating community unity & creative collaboration.

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Please help support the upcoming 6th Annual Creation Nation Art and Peace Parade on October 20th in Newark, NJ. The parade will unite thousands of students, community organizations and businesses in a march celebrating creativity and the promise of our youth. The parade's giant colorful Animodule™ sculptures, Newark's "Official Peace Ambassadors", accompany their student creators, marching bands, and local/international artists to celebrate Art and Peace in the city. 

You will be joining our supporters, who include: The Newark City Council, Newark Public Schools, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, the Victoria Foundation, Essex County College, Essex County Freeholders, RBH Associates (Teacher’s Village), the Thomas Edison Foundation, Rutgers Newark, Edison Properties, United Way, Especialito Magazine, Save Latin America, Prevent Child Abuse, and others. You will be in good company but we need your help. Arts budgets have been slashed.  

We need to raise an additional $15,000 for the 2013 Annual Parade.  Funds will be used for:

  • Busses to bring thousands of children to the heart of the city from their neighborhoods and towns.
  • A healthy breakfast for all marchers
  • City Permits
  • Marching Band Honorariums
  • Artist Stipends
  • Art Materials
  • Float Rentals
  • Stage and Sound System
  • Security

WHO WE ARE:  A founder-run, not for profit 501(C) 3 corporation in Newark begun in 2000 as a summer arts, culture and French language immersion program in the South of France; the Barat Foundation has grown to one of the largest arts education providers in Newark.  We are dedicated to inspiring Newark’s students to become productive members of their schools, communities, and society by engaging them directly in the renaissance of their city through public participatory arts programs, arts education initiatives, and entrepreneurship training in the arts. 

OUR MISSION:  Transforming young lives through the arts and innovation to create positive and productive agents of change.


Animodules™ are an original Newark art-form that has become synonymous with self-expression, creativity, and community.  Testifying to their popularity, the Animodules™ have been proclaimed by Mayor Cory Booker as the “Official Peace Ambassadors” for the City of Newark.  With humble beginnings in cardboard and glue, Animodules were born telling the stories of the children of Newark, and are a catalyst for community revitalization, and a vehicle to bring together generations in a common expression of the power of art to transform lives.

To date, the Barat Foundation has produced over 50 Animodule sculptures that stand on permanent display in the schools and community organizations that created them.  Each Animodule represents a community, and approximately 40 hours of arts education with a dedicated professional artist in residence.  Once a year, all the Animodules come joyously together in the Creation Nation Art and Peace Parade, supported by numerous marching bands, local and international artists.  The parade represents an entire year of art making in neighborhood schools and communities.  Thousands of young people are brought directly into the renaissance of their city, marching together in a celebration of their creative potential.

DRAGON ANIMODULE above was created as a Campus Sharing Program with students from Bard College Early High School, People's Preparatory Charter School, and Bridges High School in Newark. The Dragon's fire and water aspects represent both Western and Eastern Cultures.

WHOM WE SERVE:  We serve an estimated 3,000 Newark children and youth annually in 47 schools, 63% of whom live below the national poverty line (under $23,000 for a family of 4), 18% of whom live in a family where neither parent nor guardian has a job, and most shocking, 50% of whom do not graduate high school.  The Barat Foundation is dedicated to changing these statistics. 

HOW OUR ARTS EDUCATION PROGRAMS IMPACT THE CHILDREN WE SERVE Barat Foundation arts in education programs create opportunities for students to build skills that enhance their ability to learn and are easily transferred from the classroom to life. Programs encourage problem solving and critical thinking and expose students to a wide variety of artistic methods that enhance and encourage real-life applications, including job skills. Students develop invaluable tools for everyday living including imagination, observation, and critical problem solving skills in a supportive environment where all participants succeed. Most of the children we serve come from below poverty-line households; are not being encouraged or challenged academically at home; and are told by their school system that they are failures by the time they are 7 or 8 years old. The negative impact of this is incalculable on these young minds.

At the Barat Foundation our children are welcomed into art programs where they have the opportunity to succeed, sometimes for the first times in their lives. They have the opportunity to work directly with professional artists, who are there to inspire them, and to encourage them to be successful. The children are challenged, encouraged, and allowed to express themselves artistically in a disciplined atmosphere dedicated to their well-being and personal growth. They are also being introduced to a Youth Entrepreneurship Education Initiative affording students an experiential learning opportunity to identify, develop and monetize artistic creative ideas.

Newark children are also directly involved with large scale community art projects directed by the Barat Foundation. These large scale public art projects bring the children directly into the center of the city’s art community where they become participants rather than spectators in the magic of Newark’s artistic renaissance. We have brought well over 3,000 children into these special Community Art Projects, both at our center and at a series of workshops on site at various locations.

Please take advantage of our incredible perks:

                  ANIMODULES POSTER




Please note: Each Animodule will be unique, signed by the artist and numbered.


Please note: Each Animodule will be unique, signed by the artist and numbered.



Please note: Each Animodule will be unique, signed by the artist and numbered.


Please note: Each Animodule will be unique, signed by the artist and numbered.


•Messages Through Murals Campaign :  The PEACE mural – Newark’s largest collaborative artwork, painted by 500 Newark children in 14 schools, numerous community organizations and his honor Mayor Cory Booker, to greet the Dalai Lama and the International Peace Education Summit to the city.  The PEACE mural was featured on page 1 of the Star Ledger on May 9, with the headline:  “To Welcome Dalai Lama, Newark Pictures Peace.”

The STEPS mural – In collaboration with the Newark City Mural Program and  City Without Walls – a realistic depiction of the everyday heroes at NJCRI – an AIDS/HIV support center at the corner of First and Central Avenues in Newark.

•The Creation Nation Newark Art Parade, Newark’s largest collaborative youth art festival, now entering its 6th year, bringing thousands of artists, youth, schools and community organizations to Newark to march together to promote art and peace, led by Barat Foundation signature “Animodule™ sculptures.

•Creation of a Newark original artform, the “Animodules™”, giant 8 foot high mobile sculptures created by artists in residence working with schools and communities: modern totems and Peace Ambassadors for the city which come together annually to march for Art and Peace in the Creation Nation Parade. Based upon their success as symbols of urban renewal and community collaboration, the Animodule™ sculptures were invited to lead a Peace Parade on Governor’s island in New York City last summer, were invited to Art Basel Miami, the largest and most prestigious art show in the country, and represent the City of Newark as peace ambassadors at community events including Bloomfest, Turtle Back Zoo, the Harlem Book Fair, etc.

•Creator’s Club Arts Entrepreneurship Initiative:  empowering youth to monetize their creative talents.

•The Rebranding of Newark and her next generation as positive agents of change and “Creation Nation” builders.

Here's what people are saying about us:

Newark Mayor Cory Booker:

"This project is making history in educational reform as we invite the "village" back into the raising of our children and collaborate for art in education, peace and our future."

Please see the Mayor's Proclamation below:

Charlie Adler, Founder Big Picture Schools

“The Creation Nation is a project which can lead an entire city such as Newark past the tipping point where the entire community begins to see education as something beyond the classroom and a responsibility of every person in the city. This project has the potential to serve as a jumping-off point for a new level of collaboration between the business, civic, artistic, and education communities in Newark that will have a far reaching and long-term effect on the city of Newark. From an educator’s point of view, I cannot stress the importance of this project enough and encourage you to support it and serve an instrumental role in this renaissance of Newark.” 

Wade Davis, National Geographic Head Explorer in Residence and Author
"I so admire your energy and spirit.  You are such a force of good in the world."

Brian Hayes, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

"Looking at our students' faces of determination was remarkable.  I know they have gained so much from this experience.  Of all the projects I have funded, this is by far the best."

Chris Daggett, President & Chief Executive Officer, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
"Thank you for the amazing engagement experience you created.  It is a testament to your organizational ingenuity and vision for arts as a driver for social change."

Please help us by spreading the word. Please share this campaign with friends & family via social networks and help us spread your word. Remember to express your voice using the hashtag #CreationNationParade on twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.

Thanks in advance for the support!

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