Creating affordable drinking water through smart technology

Smart technology that uses 85% less energy and creates drinking water for two cents per liter.
Jeffrey Bagley
San Jose, California
United States
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We build environmentally friendly water generators for those without clean drinking water. Our new smart technology, Dew Point Intelligence™, will make creating water from the air energy-efficient. Under the right conditions, our water can cost as little as two cents (USD) a liter.

It will take approximately three to four months for us to build a working prototype of our new smart technology. We know this technology will work but are lacking the funds to complete it. We have put together this campaign to help raise the $200,000 we need to do this.


Benefits of Dew Point Intelligence

To quote, “Without water, life would not exist. It is a prerequisite for all human and economic development. Yet today, 780 million people – about one in nine – lack access to clean water. More than twice that many, 2.5 billion people, don’t have access to a toilet.”

We do not claim to be “the” one solution to the world’s water crisis but we know we can help if we are given a chance to complete our prototype.

By helping provide drinking water to people whose only water source is badly polluted or in scarce supply, we can help save lives. How pure is our water? Check out a water report from our ten-year-old prototype here.

Under the right conditions, our water can cost as little as two cents (USD) per liter. How much of a financial savings is this over current technology? The infographic below illustrates the savings from Dew Point Technology.

What makes Dew Point Intelligence awesome?

For a larger PDF version of this infographic, please click here.  

Our Dew Point Intelligence insures energy efficient water production by carefully tuning and controlling the refrigeration unit. Here are four ways it does this:

  • Dew point is maintained on the coil, which means water is being consistently created in an economical manner.
  • We are able to operate at much lower ambient temperature than current technology.
  • The coils will not freeze causing costly damage.
  • The compressors do not operate unless needed, sparing them from unnecessary wear. Energy savings can be up to 92% of the compressor energy (85% of the entire unit) at high humidity (90-95% humidity) and, this is at any operating ambient temperature when compared to existing refrigeration technology.

When natural disasters occur, bringing in one of our portable units can save lives. Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and even floods can destroy water mains and pollute existing water supplies.

Below you will see an artist's rendering of how our Atmospheric Water Generator will be made mobile and transported to disaster zones. This unit is totally self-contained and ready to operate. For more information about our mobile unit, please visit our website here.

ATWT Mobile Unit


Environmentally friendly alternate energy sources are compatible with our water generators. Our machines are custom built and can be adapted to any adequate power source. Solar, wind, hydro-electricity, geo-thermal, and biomass power sources can all power our generators.

Unlike reverse osmosis and desalinization (more info here), we do not harm the environment. The only byproduct we produce is slightly warmer and cleaner air exiting the machine. And, when the water filters are periodically flushed with water, the resulting water can be used to water plants. 

Our water does not require bottling; it can be piped directly to a spigot in a home or a central location for many. Delivering water in this manner removes the need for manufacturing plastic water bottles, another process that causes harm to the environment.

Our water generators are manufactured in the United States (Gilroy, California). Completing our working prototype will lead to us being able to employ more people and will create a jobs for the people monitoring the water machine on location.


Dew Point Intelligence features remote monitoring. Our engineers can monitor and in many cases, reprogram the machine remotely via internet or satellite.

Dew Point Intelligence extends the lifespan of the compressors, adding longevity to the unit.


Where is the money going?

Our Goal:  $200,000

Indiegogo & PayPal fees:  $14,000

Hardware (A custom made stainless steel frame to hold the new compressors and new refrigeration components, copper piping, a new controller, miscelaneous sensors, wiring and refrigeration): $110,000        

Labor to install hardware:  $12,000

Extensive Programming:  $7,000          

Patent Work:  $18,000

Campaign gift costs with shipping:  $10,000

Campaign expenses:  $3,000    

Donation to  $10,000

Remaining balance:  $16,000        

The remaing balance will cover additional costs of the campaign and project. The power costs alone (for running tests and operating) will use at least half of the remaing balance.

The company directors are not being paid. There is no profit taking at all. Funds are being used to strictly to reimburse real costs of the project and the campaign. Our help is contracted help.

All present internal hardware on our existing unit will be removed with the exception of the coils. 


How do you create water from the air?

Air and its humidity are drawn into a custom-built refrigeration unit through its air filters. The filtered air is then pulled to the refrigeration coils. At the correct dew point, newly created water will condense on the coils. 

The water is then collected, passed through a water filter and treated with ozone to keep it bacteria free during storage. In our sealed system, ozone will not allow any bacteria to grow.


How do we get water from the air?

For a larger PDF version of this infographic, please click here. 


What does Dew Point Intelligence do?

Atmospheric water generation varies with temperature and humidity just as solar and wind technologies vary with environmental changes. Temperatures can soar during the day lowering the humidity. And, temperatures cool off during the night causing the humidity to climb quite high. 

So, it is necessary to carefully program and adjust the atmospheric water generator to follow the changes in temperature and humidity that create dew point. Our smart technology expands the range of atmospheric water generation (from just above freezing to about 130° F/54.44°C) that is possible without deicing via hot gas by-pass technology. 

Are you curious about at what temperature and humidity dew point occurs? The chart below shows exactly when dew point occurs and water can be created on the fins of our coils. 

For a larger PDF view of this graphic, please click here.


We will be installing the new smart technology and testing it on our large machine located in Gilroy, California. The machine presently is a 60-ton refrigeration unit, with two independent refrigeration circuits utilizing two 15-ton compressors in tandem per independent circuit. It will be completely upgraded internally to install Dew Point Intelligence. For more information about the unit, please click here.

Gilroy Water Machine


Below you will find a projected water production chart showing how much water can be produced after we install our Dew Point Intelligence on this unit.

Accuracy is within 10%, which is based on software accepted by the United States Department of Energy. For a larger PDF view of this graphic, please click here.


What happens if we raise more than $200,000?

Our initial goal is to raise $200,000. When we reach this goal, we will be able to install our Dew Point Intelligence along with the needed new hardware on our atmospheric water generator located in Gilroy, California. And, we will donate 5% of the funds we raise to

If we raise $1,000,000 or more we plan to build and donate water machines to those in need. Donating these machines will not only provide clean water to those in need, it will provide us with massive amounts of data to further improve our systems.

We will provide more information as our campaign progresses.



How do we calculate the energy savings from Dew Point Intelligence?

When an atmospheric water generator is operating at 100°F/37.77°C and 30% relative humidity, it requires 4 compressors at 100 amps /460 volts to reach a dew point of 63°F/17.22°C plus an additional 5°F (now 58°F/14.44°C) to insure proper temperature throughout the coil. Therefore 42°F (100° – 58° = 42°) of refrigeration is needed.

If the same generator is operating at 100°F/37.77°C and 85% relative humidity, one compressor is needed at 24 amps/460 volts to reach a dew point of at 95°F/17.22°C plus an additional 5°F (now 90°F/32.22°C) to insure proper temperature throughout the coil. Therefore only 10°F (100°F – 90°F = 10°F) of refrigeration is needed.

Dew Point Intelligence has created an energy savings of 76.2% or is using 23.8% (10 divided by 42 = .238) of full power at 30% humidity.


What is the average energy savings and how much would it cost for our DPI 18-21 to produce water in Thailand?


What is the average energy savings and how much would it cost for our DPI 18-21 to produce water in South Africa?


Our Dew Point Intelligence water costs explained

Water costs per gallon/liter are based on the following assumptions:

  • The cost and size of the atmospheric water generator with a ten-year amortization. We amortize for ten years even though the generator may last twenty-five years.
  • The cost of power (three phase commercial ratings only) per kWh at the unit’s location.
  • The temperature and humidity averages of the area for at least one year (hourly averages if available). High temperatures with low humidity are taken out of the formula because the atmospheric water generator is programmed to turn off and restart when humidity increases.

Low humidity happens predominately during peak energy costs (hot dry afternoons)...which is why the analysis needs to be done by the hour. The machine is programmed to cut out costly low humidity water production. The lower the humidity at any temperature, the less water the atmospheric water generator will produce (see the water production chart above) as well as having higher power costs.

At 25-30% humidity the atmospheric water generator is running at full power to meet dew point requirements. But, when humidity goes up, the refrigeration can be cut back considerably and to still meet dew point requirements to condense water. The client and our engineers decide upon the unit’s humidity cut off point.

An excellent example of how this works is found in the report we put together for Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is an excellent location for atmospheric water generation based not only on temperature and humidity but some of the best power costs we have seen to date. Below you will find an analysis chart showing the energy costs and water production based on a unit with a limited 19-hour water production schedule. The 19 hour water production schedule was agreed upon not just because of low humidity but the schedule also coincided with off-peak energy costs of $0.04 (USD).

The chart below is based on more than just energy cost differences. When we examined the past year’s temperatures and humidity, we discovered that approximately 26% of the year has very high temperatures with less than 29.5% humidity. We recommend that the unit be turned off during these times of high temperatures and low humidity.

The chart below clearly shows how choosing your operating schedule affects the final cost of water.


Additional Uses for Dew Point Intelligence

Our pending patent is for using refrigeration to remove condensation from the air. This smart technology works well for any dehumidification need. It minimizes energy use by tightly controlling the refrigeration system and reducing unnecessary compressor usage. Higher humidity at any temperature will also lower costs and the noise level.

The dehumidification process will mean significant energy savings for not just atmospheric water but also controlling humidity in commercial buildings, drying out water damaged homes and buildings, and much more.


Our Team

In 1998 (Incorporated in 2002), we started developing air to water generators. Unlike the dot-com organizations that were prevalent at that time, we did not want to grow the business only on an idea and the sale of stock. We wanted to serve our fellow human beings throughout the world. To that end, founders Jeffrey Bagley and Dick Corso have worked to develop technology that will help as many as possible.

Jeffrey W. Bagley, Co-Founder

Jeffrey is concurrently the President of The Gold Torch, a thriving jewelry manufacturing firm that he founded almost 30 years ago in San Jose, California.  Serving both domestic and international customers, earnings for The Gold Torch have grown three-fold over the last 10 years. Jeffrey directs product design, operations and all business development activities for the company. Over the past 40 years Mr. Bagley has owned several firms in the manufacturing and retail industries, taking concepts (such as a pivoting and locking clamp) from the idea stage and shepherding them into flourishing business ventures. Jeffrey also co-invented a liquid cooling system for computers and an optical on-demand defrost system for refrigeration with his brother, Alan Bagley.

Richard “Dick” Corso, Co-Founder

With over 40 years experience in Sales, Executive Management and Business Development, Dick has owned his own business for 30 years. His sales and entrepreneurial skills have ranked him in the top 1% of people in each of the three industries that he has been involved.  In his early sales career, he was a top producer in three different companies each of which had sales representatives in the thousands. Since founding Midwest LMI (Leadership Management Inc.) over 30 years ago, he has worked with start-up companies, Fortune 100 companies and the range of sizes in between. Some of his more noted clients are General Electric, Allstate, Sears, Abbott Labs, AT&T, The U.S. Postal Service, General Motors as well as other Governmental Agencies and Utility Companies and many more. Dick has personally been involved with the motivation training of several Olympic figure skaters. Dick has served on numerous Boards of Directors for both charitable and for-profit organizations. Some of the Boards that he served are The Boy Scouts of America, Cancer Treatment Research Foundation, International Organization of Women Executives and many more. He has also taught Management and Marketing classes at several Colleges and Universities such as Harper College and The University of Northeastern Illinois. 

Alan Bagley, Co-Founder

As an electrical and mechanical engineer, Alan was responsible for the introduction and design of Air to Water Technologies' atmospheric water generators. He was a valued advisor until he passed away in 2012.

Keith Lucia, Chief Refrigeration Guru

Keith has over 30 years of experience in the refrigeration industry. He has worked on refrigeration applications for both supermarkets and industrial projects. 

Alan Heinzen, Strategic Partner (Heinzen Manufacturing)

As company founder of Heinzen Manufacturing International, Alan has been at the leading edge of technical innovation in the fresh-cut industry for more than 30 years. His engineering experience and manufacturing background have enabled him to focus on designing quality equipment and processing lines with emphasis on production, maintenance and food safety issues. Alan has managed all facets of the design, production and installation of processing plants from the ground up, from value-added broccoli plants to complete lettuce processing lines. His experience includes working with customers such as Mann Packing, Gilroy Foods, Christopher Ranch, D’Arrigo Bros., Dixie Produce & Packaging, Fresh Express and Tanimura & Antle. Alan received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Gregory Smith, Patent Attorney

Gregory has over 18 years of experience providing patent preparation and prosecution services in technical areas including but not limited to nanotechnology, medical devices, mechanical arts, chemistry, data storage technologies, biotechnology, agricultural technologies, integrated circuit devices, and manufacturing processes. Additional expertise includes over 16 years experience providing strategic guidance to companies and inventors in the areas of patents, trademarks, joint development agreements, and technology licensing. 


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