Creamers - Animated Short

The Longest Day Has An End

About Creamers

Creamers is a 14 minute 2D classically animated film. It is a traditional narrative with lots of dialogue and a dash of eye candy. Coloured on TV Paint with digital ‘oil brushes’ I have worked hard to give Creamers a unique hand crafted look. The final coloured animation is composited in After Effects with the odd bit of particle fx. All the voice talent has been recorded and represents the cream of Vancouver’s voice actors – Rondel Reynoldson, Alistair Abell, Brian Dobson to name a few.

State of Affairs

Right now, Creamers is a solo project. All the artwork, animation, editing, administrative and producing tasks are done by me. I am hoping to change this with your help. The goal funds raised will go to an animation assistant’s wage. This means I half the time estimated to finish my film and regain my sanity at the same time. Its win/win and would be a dream come true.

Currently I am sharing Creamers time with some development work I am doing for the National Film Board of Canada. Meeting my funding goal will mean that that wonderful, mythical super artist I can hire will be keeping Creamers moving forward while my freelance work helps me pay my rent. I have a detailed budget available upon request.

Spread the Word

With little or no arts funding available to me I am relying heavily on my online presence to spread interest in my project. Anything you can do by referring friends and colleagues to my project will go along way to helping me achieve my goals. Comments and feedback are gratefully received. Please visit my Creamers blog and keep an eye out for regular updates and new images on my profile page. Thanks for reading!

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