Crazy Rebel Productions presents EL GUEY

A short horror film with a modern twist on mexican folktales


Our Story

We are a group of Digital video students at the Art Institute (Ai) of Dallas preparing for one of the most amazing horror race franchises in all Ai Dallas history. Never before has there been a story told about La Llorona and El Chupacabra the way Crazy Rebel Productions wants to tell it. Our film is about an anti-hero named EL GÜEY, who is a renegade luchador hired by the gorgeous dancer, LA LLORONA to bring EL CHUPACABRA to justice and get him to confess that he killed her children.  WE need your help to make this film a reality. We are trying to raise funds by the first day of shooting. Help us out and become part of an amazing story and future series. Crazy Rebel Productions presents EL GÜEY!!!!

The Impact

This film is the first in the series and puts a modern twist on the old horror stories my parents would tell me to keep me out of trouble. By helping us out you will become part of a growing sub-culture and contribute to spreading it in Dallas/FortWorth. We want to showcase our creative talents in this awesome film and hope to grab the attention of the film community in Dallas/ForthWorth. 

What We Need & What You Get

We are trying to raise $2500 dollars by the first shooting day. If our goal is not met, every dollar donated will be used to fund the film. We are not looking to make a profit with this movie, we just want to make it and showcase it to everyone possible. In order to do so we will need to have a great cast and crew. I am also wanting to produce a comic that will go along with the story in the film that will cost $500 to produce. I am wanting to pay the cast for their awesome talent $600. $400 will be used to feed the crew for 4 days.  We are going to be shooting on DSLR cameras and would need $300 for power and media.  $500 will be needed for rental equipment, lights, grip equipment, costume, props, makeup, etc. $200 will be needed to produce the DVD's.

So there's our budget, and here's how you can help out. 

Donate $5  and you will get a signed copy of the comic book.

Donate $10 and you will get a signed poster along with your comic book, and a special thank you in the credits.

Donate $20 and you will get a signed copy of the DVD, with your poster, comic book, and a special thank you in the credits . 

Donate $25+  you get all of the above and you will be credited in the film as an executive producer.

Donate $100 and you will get all of the above and we will name a character after you in the next El GÜEY film/comic book.

Donate $500+  all of the above and I will offer a free video service for any event of your choosing. (commercial, web video, Wedding,etc.)

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