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Update: The campaign is now over. Thank you all so much for your support!

Missed the deadline? Premium CraftStudio accounts are now available at http://craftstud.io/

Previous Update: It would appear that WE HAVE REACHED OUR FUNDING GOAL!!! Thank you all for your support, the months ahead are going to be packed with lots of fun and a quite a bit of work too! :D

You can still donate and spread the word, every penny will help us make CraftStudio and Project Waffle bigger, better and faster.

You can take CraftStudio for a spin by grabbing a pre-alpha build at craftstud.io

Games with user-generated content like Minecraft, Little Big Planet or Trackmania have made it clear that lots of gamers are creative at their heart and that, provided with the right tools, you guys can and want to build awesome stuff.

User-made maps are great, but we can do better! Introducing...

Real-time collaborative game-making, for the masses

CraftStudio is a multiplayer platform to create games and interactive movies. It's about empowering gamers and blurring the line between playing and creating.

It makes a few trade-offs (a low-poly, pixel-arty look) to allow gamers with no particular experience to:

  • Create, paint and animate 3D models (characters, objects) out of blocks.
  • Craft infinite maps (think Minecraft’s creative mode), painting your own blocks to create whatever universe you want.
  • Give life to their worlds using a visual scripting system.

It’s all real-time, you can collaborate with friends or strangers over the Internet. You can set up your own server or join an existing project.

CraftStudio - New interface design mockup
Mockup of the new user interface for CraftStudio Alpha (click for full version)

The Platform

  • It just works: Choose a name for your game project, send a link to your friends, you're up and running!
  • Simple, straight-forward editing tools, rethought to be usable by mere mortals.
  • Community of people to partner with and projects to contribute to.
  • A store to find and publish models, maps, behaviors or entire games. The idea is that you'll be able to share stuff on the store for free or charge for it. Note that you don't have to use the store. You will be able to export your game and distribute / sell it without owing me anything!
  • Much more:
    • Built-in revision system, you can go back in time and restore old versions of your assets. (already implemented)
    • Collaborative rich-text document editing à la Google Docs for laying out your game's story or gameplay mechanics (already implemented)
    • Project access policies & moderation features so you can choose whether your project is private or anyone can join and help. No text files editing, it's all part of the main client. (partly implemented)
    • It will run on Windows / MacOS X / Linux when finished (currently Windows-only)
By removing the technical hurdles and connecting people with one another, I hope CraftStudio will start a revolution in how games are built. Instead of closed teams, games could be made by random people joining forces over the Internet, learning from one another and tapping into their previously under-used creativity. Through a simple, cohesive and affordable platform, I want to foster cooperation and exchange.

How will the money be used?

The funds will go towards:
  • Keeping me working full-time on CraftStudio for the coming months, so I can fulfill my original vision and integrate your feedback!
  • Paying server, bandwidth, hardware & other day-to-day costs. Right now the costs are pretty low but they will increase as more people start using CraftStudio. Also porting to MacOS X might require that I buy a Mac.
  • Funding the development of the first CraftStudio game, codename "Project Waffle". If the fundraising goal is reached, 2D / 3D artist Thomas Frick will join me to create a dungeon crawler with CraftStudio. Making this game will allow me to improve the editing tools along the way, benefiting the entire community.
A dungeon - Project Waffle

Do I own the stuff I make with CraftStudio?

Everything you'll make with CraftStudio is yours. Various export options are planned. You don't have to publish using the built-in store, you can take your game / movie, export it and do whatever you want with it, even publish it on your own and make money off it.
If you decide to use the built-in store (which has yet to be designed), I'll take a cut for hosting and to be able to keep improving CraftStudio. But if you don't want to use the store, you can sell your games on your own website or whatever and you owe me nothing. Also, there won't be any mandatory watermarking or anything.
The Luggage from Discworld by Rémy Maetz
The Luggage from Discworld by Rémy Maetz (click for a timelapse video of its creation)

Some background

My name's Elisée Maurer, I'm a 22-years-old game developer from Strasbourg, France. I picked up programming when I was 8 and have worked on countless games & apps ever since, learning along the way. I spent 3 years as a programmer at Creative Patterns working on several titles including QuadSmash.
Making games and movies is awesome and I want people to do it and have fun. Having someone play something you made with your little hands is an amazing feeling. You shouldn't be held back because the tools suck, and that's why I'm building better tools!
You can check out my one-man company's website here: http://sparklinlabs.com/
Moar videos, screenshots, pre-alpha build
If you want to see more CraftStudio action, check out the following links:


Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at elisee at craftstud.io if you have any questions or just want to say hi!
You can also find us on Twitter: @elisee and @ThomasFrick

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