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"The world’s first travel ready punching bag & it won’t disturb the neighbors"
Thomas Iglehart
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Houston, Texas
United States
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"The world’s first travel ready punching bag & it won’t disturb the neighbors"

Our objective is to engineer the improvements from our previous two prototypes into a final market ready model, after which we will tour the nation filming the reaction of people testing out the Corner Bag. The results will be posted on Youtube. Interest and support will confirm the consumer base needed to help bring the Corner Bag to the market place.

The market ready prototype will allow Corner Bag to acquire the funding needed to make it a reality.



*Marketing tour will consist of a National Corner Bag challenge of people putting the product to the test with the video results posted on Youtube.


Corner Bag is the first travel ready punching bag. It uses the inner or outer corner of walls for support. It is lightweight, sets-up or stows away in seconds, and it won’t disturb your neighbors.

If you are familiar with punching bags there are no products on the market that are user friendly in places like apartments, condominiums or small homes. The Corner Bag was specifically engineered to fill that void. Corner Bag makes it possible to exercise using a punching bag that can handle more than you can dish out without disturbing the person in the room next to you. Once you have finished exercising you can leave it up or stow it in less than a minute. We have created a full contact, truly portable and user friendly punching bag which will offer more versatility, quality and features but at the same price of its competition.

Are you:

  • A parent with a child engaged in self-defense classes?
  • Unable to use a punching bag because you have limited space?
  • A personal trainer that could use a travel punching bag with your clients?
  • A professional athlete that would like to train on the go?
Unable to use a punching bag because you live in a condo or apartment?

Then you'll be interested in what the Corner Bag can do!


Light weight & portable (35 – 40 lbs)

No attachments to structure

Reduces joint stress

No gloves or wraps needed

Quiet – won’t disturb the neighbors


Prototype #1


Prototype #2










The Corner Bag evolves the home use punching bag and the commercial gym punching bags into an exercise tool that makes use of the smallest of dwellings. It includes features that make a professional but lightweight portable tool making punching bags available to everyone. If your home, office or place of travel has an inner or outer corner there is a place for the Corner Bag.


Corner Bag future projects include:

  •  Speed bag attachment
  •  Multiple form configurations for specialty practices
  •  Corner Bag for kids
  • Interactive training applications
  • A few first to the market services and modifications that need to be kept under wraps


    Where are we now?

    In the last 12 months, we completed our second prototype. We have a semi-production-quality prototype with all the functions tested and verified. We are very excited about the results!

    What do we need the funds for?

    Bringing a streamline product to the market involves a huge initial investment. We have been financing the development ourselves until now, but we need support for:

    • Manufacturing Engineer design time
    • Computer simulated design testing
    • Market quality prototype


    July - Aug       

    Integrate improvements into design
    Computer simulated test of new design
    Finalize design

    Sep - Oct

    Contract prototype fabrication
    Test finished product
    Create product demo video


    National Marketing tour


First and foremost, all help is appreciated. All support, small or big, is welcomed. 

If you can, help spread the word!
Make the combat sports enthusiasts that you know happy by telling them about the campaign. Show that you don't only think of them when you need protecting! :)

Give us feedback!
We are happy about any kind of feedback you may have. There's still time to get your ideas into the product.

Use the comments form on here or drop us an email at: indiegogo@cornerbag.com



What is a Corner Bag?

Answer: A Corner Bag is a truly portable punching bag.


Why would anybody want a Corner Bag?

Answer: For years the trend in exercise equipment has been towards providing a product that is portable and compact for home use, contact sport equipment included. The Corner Bag has a space saving design that allows it to use both the inner or outer corner within a room for support. This product also has the ability to be disassembled within seconds without the use of tools so that it can then be placed within its own duffle bag for easy transport in the trunk of any compact car or to be placed in any conventional closet for out of the way storage.


Will this product disturb others and damage my walls?

Answer: No the product will not disturb others because it is engineered to collapse in upon itself which cushions the users punch absorbing the energy within the Corner Bag and with minimal energy transfer reaching the wall. The energy transfer would best be described as the impact effect created if someone were to hit a wall with a semi firm sofa cushion. Due to the cushioning attribute of the Corner Bag it can be used rigorously without causing structural or aesthetic damage to one’s home, office or etc.


What if I have some questions / feedback for you?

Answer: Great! Feel free to drop us an email at Indiegogo@cornerbag.com


Any risks along the road?

Answer: Hardware projects need careful planning for getting the supply chain and manufacturing process right. In fact, that's almost as much work as developing the actual features of a device.




Team on This Campaign:

Team Lead: Timothy Shelton


Team Tech: Oscar Diaz


Inventor: Trahelgi




Magnetic Thank you



16 oz Mug









Thank you for your Support! 




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