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Corbing™ is a core and balance-intensive functional training program based on the interconnection of compatible movements.
Daniel Weiland
Denver, Colorado
United States
1 Team Member

Short Summary 

By utilizing state of the art balance equipment from Bosu® to challenge you in ways traditional training cannot, Corbing™ teaches individuals to execute core and balance-intensive dynamic movements and static hold initiated and controlled from the core on three different surfaces: the floor, the Bosu® Balance Trainer, and the Bosu® Ballast® Ball. What makes this form of training so unique are the seamless interconnections and fluid nature made possible by what we call "transitional" movements. However, this program can also be approached from a more traditional training structure with a specified number of sets, repetitions, and rest periods to allow you to focus on specific exercises.

Corbing™ can help you:

     -Increase core strength and control

     -Increase all aspects of body strength

     -Increase athletic performance

     -Improve all aspects of balance

     -Improve coordination

     -Improve reaction speeds/abilities

     -Improve body awareness and control

     -Improve functional movements

     -Increase mind-body connection/awareness

Exercise is not just for athletes looking to increase performance. It is a way to train our bodies and minds to respond appropriately and effectively to the constantly changing environment that is our world. When most people think of "traditional" exercise, they often picture a row of machines and a very rigidly structured exercise program that lacks creativity and imagination. While this "traditional" approach does have its various health benefits, its application to real-life activities is often very limited.

In athletics as well as everyday life, having the ability to move our bodies in an effective, efficient, and synergistic manner translates to better performance and reduced risk for injury. When we teach our bodies to work as one complete unit, we begin to truly unleash our full athletic potential. When combined with other forms of exercise and sport-specific training, Corbing™ can provide the avenue all athletes are searching for to gain an edge on their competition. For the non-athlete, Corbing™ can provide the training to increase all aspects of fitness so you can increase your quality of life.

The Material

I have written a 560 page instructional training manual for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert levels of Corbing™. However, gaining a strong understanding as to the mechanics and the execution  of some the more complex movements can be difficult to ascertain just through descriptions and pictures. It is for this reason that many of the more complex movements will also need to be explained through a visual demonstration in the form of a short video. A corresponding DVD will come with the training manual to help participants successfully learn to execute the movements safely and properly. 

As participants learn the various movements, there is a section in the  instructional manual to help individuals construct their own workouts. We have listed hundreds of suggested compatible exercise sequences listed in the back of the manual to help people get started building fun, creative, and challenging workouts. 

Having successfully written the instructional manual and chosen the exercises that will be explained on the corresponding instructional DVD, we need to come up with the funding to:

     -Publish the manual in both hardcopy and electronic form through a Publishing company (Bookmasters).

-Hire a small film crew to film, edit, and create an interactive DVD for the list of chosen Corbing™ movements that are to be explained through visual demonstration (Paper Star Productions).

It is my goal to change the way people look at exercise. I want to inspire people to move their bodies and improve their health. Exercise is my passion and it is a great way to improve your quality of life. Corbing™ is simply a new, unique, creative, and challenging way to increase your fitness level, whether it be for a specific sport or better overall health. Indiegogo....help us make Corbing™ a success!!! 

What We Need & What You Get 

Since the Corbing™ instructional manual is already written, the list of exercises to be explained through visual demonstrations on the corresponding DVD have already been selected, and I will be performing the demonstrations, the only real hurdle left is raising the capital to fund the publishing of the project. The publisher (Bookmasters) already gave us a quote for both the hardcopy and electronic publishing, as did the Film Crew (Paper Star Productions).

Once the capital is raised, the actual filming of the corresponding DVD will only take 2 days to film and a week to edit and format into an interactive DVD. The publishing for the hardcopy as well as electronic manual will take about two weeks to have products in hand.

Paper Star Productions has quoted us at $6450.00 for the entire interactive DVD production. The itemized list is as follows:

Crew of 3 for shoot- 2 days= $3000.00 
Equipment rental- 2 days= $500.00 
Gym/Space rental- 2 days= $600.00 
VO recording- 1/2 day= $250.00 
Editing- 4 days= $2000.00 
misc materials- $100.00 
Grand Total= $6450.00

The quote for the electronic and hardcopy publishing of the Corbing™ manual from Bookmasters is as follows: 
-$11.60 per book for 100 copies of the black and white version of physical manual. 
-$720 for the conversion of both the ePUB and ePDF file types. 
The start-up cost for the E-book distribution service that distributes to various Online E-book retailers is normally $395 with a monthly fee of $22.95 x12 months. 
So the grand total for 100 hardcopies, both electronic versions, and E-book distribution option is $2,550.40

This plus the DVD production quote puts us at a grand total of 9,000.40. We are anticipating a few unexpected expenses along the way to get this fully published and launched so we are asking for an additional $1,000 buffer money to ensure that these unexpected expenses can be dealt with swiftly to ensure fast delivery of the finished product. If successful, Indiegogo will take a percentage of the project. This is partly what the extra money is for. So in order for us to get the full $9,000, we are setting the fundraiser goal for $10,000.

I believe the most challenging aspect is going to be the 2 full days it takes to film the movements for the instructional DVD and doing the audio voice-over narration for the actual descriptions. There are always setbacks that occur with any major project. Any setbacks that do occur, however major or minor, will be dealt with swiftly and effectively with the same dedication and determination I put into developing this entire Corbing™ method, manual, and Indiegogo project. I will be honest and transparent with all my backers and keep them informed every step of this process.

The Impact

I have spent the last two years of my life living with my parents so that I could devote all of my time and energy to developing this new and exciting method of exercise. I'm Attention Deficit, so this was not the easiest task in the world. The downside of this is that I didn't work full-time and thus have no money to fund this enterprise. That being said, I will stop at nothing to make Corbing™ successful. 

Getting the funding from Indiegogo will make this process exponentially faster and easier, but be clear that I will do everything in my power to make Corbing™ a success whether this fundraising project succeeds or not. For the past two years, I have poured my heart, soul, and limited funds into this endeavor to get to where I'm at right now. Should this fundraiser be successful, rest assured that I will back my end of the deal as quickly and professionally as possible with complete transparency. I am extremely passionate about this and with your help, we can make Corbing™ a success and change the way people exercise!

Corbing™ is the first of its kind with regard to exercise. It is a new, unique, creative, challenging, and fun way to stimulate the body and mind through physical movement. In a country where obesity has become an epidemic, coming up with new ways to inspire people to improve their health is invaluable. We have done a number of Corbing™ demonstrations at various fitness conventions and the response is overwhelmingly positive! People get excited when they discover this new and stimulating method of exercise! They express genuine interest in wanting to learn to develop new levels of core strength and balance through this new method of training. So help me take my passion for exercise and inspire people to improve their health because health is the foundation for a happy life:)

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you cannot contribute you can still help Corbing™ succeed. Help spread the word that there is a new and exciting method of training out there for people of all ability levels. Share our video, share this campaign page, share anything because we want to reach as many people as possible not only to make this fundraiser successful, but to help increase awareness that will hopefully inspire more people to improve their health!

Extensive Description of Corbing™ philosophy, objectives, and equipment

The Future of Exercise

There are many factors that contribute to better performance. Corbing™ chooses to focus on what we believe to be the most important factors for better performance in athletics as well as life. These factors are balance, core strength and control, dynamic full-body movement, reaction abilities/coordination, flexibility, and mind-body connection. Corbing™ is not intended to monopolize your exercise routine. It is intended to be used in conjunction with other forms of exercise and sport-specific training to provide you the opportunity to develop your strongest and most balanced self.

The Core

Your core is the foundation of all movement. Your core is what connects your upper and lower body together. All of your physical movement originates from your core. The name says it all. It is the core of your body. It is involved in everything from everyday living activities to elite level athletics. Thus a stronger core allows your movements to become more powerful and effective. In athletics, this translates to better performance. In life, this translates to an improvement in your everyday life tasks and reduced risk for injury. By creating a strong core foundation, we set the base for developing our most athletic self.

The Importance of Balance

Balance, or proprioception, is essentially your awareness of where your body is in relation to space. Being able to remain stable and in control in a constantly changing environment is the foundation for successful movement not only in sports, but also life. The more control you have over your balance, the more efficient and safe you will be in your movements. Executing movements on unstable surfaces (Bosu® equipment) forces our bodies to adapt to this instability by cultivating stability. This translates to better balance, strength, and performance. It is not enough to simply build strong muscles anymore. We must also create smart muscles that work in a synergistic manner with the rest of our bodies.

Connecting the Mind to the Body

For most of us, exercise is a tool that is meant to enrich our lives outside of the gym by providing us with better health. Whether it is a sports-related goal or simply a desire to increase fitness for everyday living, exercise is a great means by which to achieve these things. As a child who was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder at the age of 5, I struggled my entire life with focus. Exercise was the vehicle that taught me how to focus by connecting my mind to my body. 

Surprisingly enough, many people who exercise focus solely on the body and forget to incorporate the mind. In a world filled with stressful stimuli, it is inconceivable that most people do not allocate time and energy toward strengthening their minds like they do their bodies. When you are Corbing™, you are focusing on many different aspects of fitness ranging from coordination, core strength, to breath awareness. More importantly, you are cultivating the ability to cope with emotions such as frustration, disappointment, doubt in your own capabilities, feelings of failure, and other such adverse emotions. By using exercise, in this case Corbing™, as a medium to overcome these obstacles in the fitness arena, you will develop confidence in your ability to deal with similar obstacles in other areas of your life.

If your mind is not on the same page as your body, your training will likely suffer. However, when you obtain strong mental and physical engagement, your training will be much more enjoyable and effective. Balance training requires a significant amount of focus, much more so than simply getting onto a stationary bike for an hour. It can be extremely frustrating at times, but this required level of intense focus provides the environment to overcome these various mental and physical obstacles. 

As your proficiency increases, you will slowly begin to experience a mind-body phenomenon we call "flow." This is the state where your mind becomes completely connected to your body and time slows to only the present. You are completely engaged in the now. It is a powerful state of mind that requires focus, persistence, and dedication to attain. 


Ballast® Ball-based Corbing™ is more difficult to learn initially, so we have broken down the movements to their most basic forms so they can be performed on more forgiving surfaces and equipment including floor mats and the Bosu® Balance Trainer. This natural progression from floor to Balance Trainer to Ballast® Ball allows your body and mind the adequate time and repetition to safely learn and execute the movements. Should you choose to never progress to the Ballast® Ball, there are still endless possibilities for challenging workouts on the floor and Balance Trainer.

Corbing™ Philosophy

Corbing™ is difficult. There is a learning curve, and the higher level movements can involve some risk. As you progress into these intermediate and advanced level exercises, you will fall down. If it were easy, the rewards would be small. As infants, we all progressed from crawling to walking, but what we must remember is that the period in between those two points was filled with countless stumbles and falls. As stated earlier, the mental battles you will face and conquer are just as important as the physical ones. 

With dedication and determination, you can and will progress to levels you never thought you could achieve both mentally and physically. Use this confidence to then achieve success in all other areas of your life. The only way you can fail in this program is by quitting. Every slip, stumble, and fall is one step closer to stabilization. The path to success in this program is filled with many mistakes, plenty of frustration, and humility. When you fall, pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

Remember that Corbing™ stresses the importance of balance in all aspects of your training not only physically but metaphorically as well. Part of any successful exercise program lies in the balance of its variety. As stated earlier, Corbing™ is not meant to monopolize your training. It is intended to be used in conjunction with other forms of training. When used in this manner, it will add a new and stimulating element to your training that will help you develop your strongest and most balanced self.

The Balance Trainer

The Bosu® Pro Balance Trainer is one of the most versatile pieces of balance equipment in the fitness industry. Although it appears small and simple, when utilized properly this piece of equipment can become a catalyst for serious fitness gains. Its design allows individuals from all athletic abilities to utilize it at various levels of difficulty. Because it can also be utilized on both sides by simply turning the device over, you can dramatically alter the way your body is challenged. In addition, it is safer than a stability ball for reasons related to potential fall height. Its profile is low enough to the floor that in the event of a loss of balance, an individual can simply step down onto solid ground to safety. Whether one is a beginner level participant improving his/her ability to simply stand and balance, or an advanced level participant executing high degree difficulty maneuvers, the Balance Trainer is usable by everyone in the exercise population. Due to the stationary nature of the Balance Trainer, it is more compatible from a classic workout structure with sets and repetitions. While it is possible to execute many transitions on the Balance Trainer, it is difficult to attain the true interconnected and seamless transitions that you can attain on dry-land and Ballast® Ball Pro surfaces. That being said, it is quite possibly the most versatile piece of equipment in this manual.

The Ballast® Ball

At first glance, the Bosu® Ballast® Ball Pro resembles your typical stability ball. Upon further inspection, one quickly comes to the realization that there is nothing “typical” about this piece of equipment. In contrast to other stability balls on the market, the Bosu® Ballast® Ball Pro is constructed from high-quality, burst-resistant material. It has proven significantly more durable than other stability balls on the market. It is also filled with a synthetic sand-like material that serves multiple

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