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The FIRST Self-Development Community Website Where You Can Compare The Best Self-Development Materials And Change The World By Achieving YOUR Goals!
Patrique Burgersdijk
Small Business
2 Team Members

Final Indiegogo Update!

A BIG thank you for all our supporters!

As you can see we did not achieve our Indiegogo goal. Fortunately, this is no reason for us stopping the creation of this new service. We believe that offering this portal of knowledge can be of great service of many and can help contribute to a better world.

Sure, creating Get Self-Development will take much hard work and a big investment but if this can help change people’s lives?
What else can we do than work even harder, smarter and more efficient creating this portal of knowledge.

Do you want to do your part? Help us by signing up and make it happen!

Dedicated to Your Self-Development,
Patrique Burgersdijk | Founder | Get Self-Development |
(EDIT: removed funding details because is not relevant anymore)

STOP Wasting Your Time & Money On Self-Development That Doesn’t Work! Find & Compare The BEST Self-Development Materials To Effectively Achieve Your Goals.

Get Self-Development is all about the improvement of the lives of others. We intend to do this by helping to provide the most valuable articles, idea’s, programs, events plus many other materials.

Whether You Are Looking For A Program That Helps You To Lose 30 Pounds In 90 Days That Actually Works, Or If You Are Looking For Effective Ways To Earn Between $3000 Or $30.000 A Month. 'Get Self-Development' Will Be The Resource To Look At!

These days the amount of information is growing exponentially each year, that makes it almost impossible to know what really works and what doesn’t.

Here’s where "Get Self-Development" can help.

  • COMPARE your favorite Personal Growth products or services and learn what works best for you.
  • View public ratings of your favorite Self Improvement products and services.
  • View and subscribe to personal development events.
  • Review personal training products and services of your choice.
  • Comment on various articles like how to get self-confidence or how to double your income
  • Get in touch with like-minded people who want to lose 27pounds in 90 days or want to learn how to become an effective leader.
  • Vote for your favorite self-development books like “Think And Grow Rich”, “The Secret” or “The 4-Hour Workweek”.
  • And much, much more.

You might know a few of these "experts" but how do you know who you can trust? At Get Self-Development you can read more about these Experts and share your experiences.

Now learn which expert fits your style!


This is a sneakpreview of the homepage of Get Self-Development.
We will update our gallery so you can learn more about each component / feature.

We would LOVE you to help us help yourself and many others but NOT before we tell you more about our Charity program...

Our thoughts in the creation of "Get Self-Development" are:

Why shouldn’t we Practice What We Preach in the broadest sense and start being an example for others!

This is one of the reasons why we also created our "W6 Gratitude Charity Program." In this charity program we’ve selected various charities in 6 different categories to make an even BIGGER impact in CHANGING the world.

Because our believe is that LIFE IS absolutely AMAZING and learning new ways that help achieve your goals should be a FUN thing to do, therefore we want to help you to take action without being afraid of making the wrong decision.

NOW is the time that investing in yourself and starting on your path to personal growth is directly connected with our charity program. This combination makes the process of changing and improving yourself, even more connected with directly changing our world and contributing to create a better world.

When you decide to take the next step towards developing yourself and you buy your favorite self-development program, from our “Self-Help Compare” feature on the website. Then we make sure that part of the contribution from the expert will be donated to these charities in the W6 Gratitude Charity Program!

One of the GEMS that "Get Self-Development" offers is you can compare all kinds of self-improvement materials, divided in 6 main categories and their relevant sub categories. You can sort and filter within each category on Price, Rating, Product Type, Expert and much, much more.

Find the best products that will improve your Speed-reading skill or learn how to become Yoga Master. Learn about the opinions of others so you almost cannot make a wrong decision!

About Educate!

Educate is a growing Charity who are contributing their time, effort and energyt to educating the youth to an entrepreneurial level, so they can start contributing to their own community.

Why "Get Self-Development" decided working together with a charity like Educate!

Our believe is that all change begins with something little as thought. With the right thoughts (mindset) everyone can make a change in the world. Since Africa is one of the many places on earth that could make use of better circumstances, we decided to focus part of our attention there.

We also figured that the local people in Africa know their environment and culture far better than any foreigner does. If Educate! can help growing the youth to an Entrepreneurial level, this youth can contribute to their own community much better than everyone else! 

Another thought why we want to help EDUCATE! is...

If you GIVE them a fish you FEED them for a DAY.
If you TEACH them how to fish you FEED them for a LIFETIME.

These young people know exactly what the people of Africa are going through because they live in it too. If we can help by offering a foundation with the success principles that life offers, the long-lasting change will have a better chance of happening.

Youth is the foundation of the new world. Why not make this the best foundation we possibly can!

Here is a quote of an Educate! Mentor:

"What our students learn in the classroom doesn’t stop there. It goes out of the doors and windows, straight into the community."

We want to offer you the most valuable services that are available, to help you start on your path of PERSONAL GROWTH and have a LONG-LASTING successful life, where you also can help and contribute to make a better world.

While offering these services we will also focus on our charity program and help the ones that need it the most.

NOT by only donating money but by gathering a team of experts that can help these charities grow and become successful of their own, to achieve their charity vision. Working together as a community will help to create the change around the world we all so desperately crave for.

The first goal we try to achieve with the help of the community from Indiegogo is to raise enough money for phase one to complete.

The second goal we have for "Get Self-Development" is to  create a (charity)team of people, who will also use their expertise to help the charities in the W6 Gratitude program to grow. With good marketing, an AMAZING Community and combined expertise we will try to make some CHANGE!

The third (stretched) goal we will focus on the further development of the charity team and it’s charities. Funding will be used wisely to achieve the most IMPORTANT GOALS of the specific charities.

Incomes that will be generated from www.getselfdevelopment.com will also be used to further fund the charity team.

Our goal in this phase is to use and expand expertise to start helping and investing in plans that will benefit the world to become a better place.

"Get Self-Development" is founded by Patrique Burgersdijk in The Netherlands.

When I still was in my teenage years, I got in contact with self-development materials and EXPERIENCED the indescribable value that improving your personality using self-development materials gives.

After more than 10 years later on my personal journey, an EPIPHANY helped me realize to start creating "Get Self-Development". More than thousands of hours of personal training later, on how to grow a business and intensive personal development has now got me ready for this very exciting moment.

My team and myself would like to present the "Get Self-Development" website, which will help you solving your personal problems and achieve your personal goals!

Other ways you can HELP is by buying one of these products below.
The commission that we receive will be used for the creation of the webportal "Get Self-Development."

If you buy one of these products you can be confident that these ACTUALLY WORK!

  • Now, Wouldn't it be awesome if you can see the public ratings and comments of what other people think of these products?

This is the more reason for you, to support us by buying one of these product below.

How To Kiss A Woman Without Rejection


Whether or not you are able to donate, if you like our ideas on creating these AMAZING services, where you can COMPARE self-development materials. If you like how "Get Self-Development" is really integrated with charity and the contributions to make the world a better place, then please share in our campaign as much as you can by 'liking,' 'sharing', emailing or shouting it from the rooftops! You can really make a difference to!

It would be really helpful if you could help us spread the word and encourage others to make this AWESOME project happen.

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