CommBadge: Star Trek-Style Communicator for iPhone and Android

Bluetooth access to Siri or Google Now to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. All while your phone is in your pocket or charging!

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Nick Martin said 1 month ago

Why are you running a Project for the CommBadge on Kickstarter now with a JULY DELIVERY Date? Don’t you think you it would of been polite to tell us here first instead of giving us the run around with your last Update!? Not very professional! Cheers – Thanks for looking after the people that have been patiently backing you for over a year!

I look forward to hearing a prompt response.

Nick Martin said 1 month ago

Hey Guys,

Is there any chance you could give us an Update please? My pleas seem to fall on deaf ears – I’m not looking to hassle you but merely find out what’s happening after a YEAR since you received $30K & being 10 months late on CommBadge’s delivery?! – It’s not too much to ask, is it?

Good News~ Bad News – Whichever I’d still appreciate some communication from you, before we start to think you’ve run off with our money! Haha!

Many Thanks – Best Regards – Nick

Nick Martin said 2 months ago


It’s been a month (28 days) since the last Update – is there any chance that you could please give us a new one? How were the results of the efforts you spoke about in your last Update? There must be much to tell or did the Chinese Spring Festival bring things to a halt?

We’ve not only pledged for a reward at then of this but we are also genuinely interested how you are moving this Project from the drawing board to its final iteration. Just a few words would suffice.

Many Thanks.

Nick Martin said 3 months ago

Hi There, Is there any chance of a quick update please? It’s almost February, the month that you told us shipping will start – are you still on track for that delivery time?

I just worry that with China now ‘closed’ for 14/18 days, for the Spring Festival (AKA Chinese New Year) do you have everything you need to fulfil your orders still? Or will it be the end of Feb?

Any News would be great – I appreciate it.

Best Regards,