Come Darkly Near

We are producing a short film about the disappearance of a teenage girl and the effect this event has on five very different characters in the community.

Who We Are

Lostcat Productions is a team of highly motivated student filmmakers on a mission to produce our most ambitious film yet. We have worked extremely well together on projects in the past, and are looking forward to fully utilizing each of our specific talents to successfully share this provocative and poetic story with the world. 

Unfortunately, as student filmmakers, we are going to need a little help funding this. That's where you come in!

The Story

Come Darkly Near follows the lives of 5 different people in a small town community as they struggle with the loss of a kidnapped teenage girl, Harper Lewis. We first see through the eyes of her younger sibling, Addison, on the night Harper is announced missing. Next, we follow the confused emotions of a teacher at Harper's school who never had her as a student. Then, her best friend, her father, and finally the kidnapper himself. 

What We Need & What You Get 

The money we raise will be going to: 

  • Paying our talented actors 
  • Renting cinema lenses and additional production equipment
  • Feeding our beautiful cast and crew (craft services)
  • Fueling our production 
  • Wardrobe and makeup expenses
  • Art direction and set design
  • Film festival entry fees
  • Data storage and post production expenses

And check the sidebar to the right to find out what perks you'll get for supporting Come Darkly Near!

The Impact

By helping us raise funds for this project, you are doing so much more than simply ensuring we produce a short film. You are supporting our passions and helping us share a vision we feel so strongly about with the world. With the conclusion of production, we will send Come Darkly Near to as many film festivals as we can, which your support will facilitate.

Other Ways You Can Help

Obviously, not everyone can contribute financially, but spreading the word about who Lostcat Productions is is just as important to us as raising the money. So please tell your friends and family to check out this link!  

Team on This Campaign: