Coma: a mind adventure

First Person Puzzler game about life and overcoming adversity in mind-blowing environments and featuring innovating gameplay mechanics

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What is Coma: a mind adventure?

In Coma, the main character (you, the player) is in a deep coma after a terrible accident, and the scenarios, humans and entities you encounter are a representation of the feelings of the character; everything in Coma happens in his head. He did something terrible in the past (many years ago) and to get out of the coma he will have to forgive himself by finally accepting who he is and what he did.

The player has the ability to change the climate and the weather, and to solve the puzzles you will have to use that! You are the one who decides if it’s nightime, daytime, ifit  rains, if the skies are clear, if there is a terrible fog, and in any one of these states the environment changes radically. There are zones in the environment (the environment is the puzzle) that are sensible to the player and certain objects, and the player must use the characteristics of each macro climatic state to combine them and solve the puzzles.


Who we are?

We are the main team behind Warcelona,  one of the most renowned campaigns for Left 4 Dead 2, with more than 160.000 downloads and a score of 96/100 after more than 150 reviews. But this time we’re not making a mod, now we are ready to make a game!

Coma is a combination of many ideas we have for new videogame mechanics that now we are ready to make a reality. The game will be an FPP (first person puzzler, not first person shooter) with puzzles and a deep and personal story behind it. You won't find Space Marines or meaningless violence in Coma, as opposed to most First Person Shooters. You will find a mature adult story about life; sadness, violence, remorse, guilt, hope, and what is more important;  self-accomplishment

If you want to think in terms of reference, Coma is a mix of games like Dear Esther, Portal 2, Shadow of the Colossus or Journey.



When will Coma be ready for release?

Although we don’t dare set a deadline just yet, we can assure you that it won’t be launched in less than a year, but we won’t take more than two years for it either. It all depends on the amount of income we get from the donations. The more people that contribute, the easier we’ll have it to develop and finish key aspects of the game.

What will the money be used for?

We will use the money gotten from the donations to pay for three main things: the specialists (animators, programmers, musicians, web designers and others) we will hire, the licenses we will have to pay, and the tools and applications that will help us hugely to speed up the development of Coma.

Why Flexible Funding?

We devised Coma to be a project flexible to the amount of contributions obtained, from the very beginning. If we get more than a dollar we’ll release the complete game with a coherent story, but not the depth and length we had initially hoped it to have. To achieve the level of quality and polishment (in that regard) we have set ourselves, we calculate we require a minimum of 7400$. If we get less than that the game will probably lack somehow, but if we surpass that amount then it will be even more detailed and polished than expected.

Will the game be available through Steam?

Yes. We have read the Steamwork “rules” and this project fulfills all requirements to be a part of Steam.

Which platforms will Coma be available on?

PC and Mac

Will there be achievements?

Only if we get to 10,000$. There are other, more important things we want to invest the money in before we start working on the achievements

Will the game include scorelists, time-related challenges, and such?

No. We haven’t imagined Coma: A mind adventure as a competitive game

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much do we contributors influence the videogame?

Depending on the level of access to the viral game, between 6 and 10.

How much will the final release of Coma cost?

We don’t know yet, the only thing we know for sure is that paying for the lowest perk (10$) is going to be cheaper than waiting for the final release.



If you want to see some gameplay, check our gameplay video and our tutorial, that’s the best way to know how Coma works, but here are some specific hints:

We are planning to do different environments like a forest, a volcanic zone, badlands, an infinite beach, and many other abstract ,natural and huuuuuuge environments (about 12 different kind of environments). In each of these environments and in all the game the player will be able to play with the climate:

  • Fog: the enemies won’t see you unless you’re very close to them and the mist also disables certain elements as force fields (and way more!)
  • Night: the night activates portals (non bidirectional) and light objects that will only exist during the night
  • Rain: the rain makes some elements grow and it also floods some areas. The rain is perfect to create new paths or go to high areas.

And waaay more! We are planning to make other climatic states such as tornadoes, burning Sun, eclipse, sand storm, and others, but we will need funding to do that! Aside from that, there will be 4 levels that will have a very different and unique gameplay (how can you beat a colossus using the climate? :D, for example)

How will the narrative work?

The game will have a slow non frantic rhythm, but it won’t be just an aesthetic experience, because the most important part of the game is solving the puzzles and traveling through the mind of the main character.
Various narrators will join us for the adventure, but the environmental narrative will be the most important one. These narrators will be relatives, doctors, friends, and others that are in the room where the main character lays in the deep coma, and we will listen to what they say. That will be very important because the mind of the main character will pick up these words and will transform them into environments and puzzles full of metaphors. But the most interesting part is that, as a backer of this proyect, you will be able to influence what these narrators say (among many other things) thanks to the viral alternative reality game (ARG) that will happen during development!

Viral Game (ARG) during development

We need the help of your pledge for making this project a reality, and we've got awesome news for the Backers: aside from getting the game for free when it's done, getting concept art and other surprises you will participate in a viral game during the development process of the game that will determine the destiny of the main character in Coma -and this won't be standalone-  so everyone will get the consequences of the events in the viral game.

The more you pledge, the more power you will have to affect the game! But this is not the only thing you can do in the viral game. Anyone that's in the viral game will know more about the character, the context, his work, his past and more so when you play the game you will recognize every detail, every metaphor, every hint.

This viral game will be done though the internet; viral facebook accounts, viral characters, viral websites, viral newspapers, and others. Here is a hint about one thing that will happend in the viral game: it is said that when you're in a coma, you can listen to the real word and this affects you. Imagine that somebody goes to visit the character, and tells him word for word exactly what you have written with the other backers, and in the game, when the player listens to this voice, this will create a scenario surrounding him in real time (like in Inception); in ther words, the entire scenario/level will be metaphor based on what YOU have written.

Viral Game Levels

The levels are acumulative, so if you have level 4, you can also access the content of level 1, 2 and 3.

  • Level 0: acces to the viral webs, viral accounts and more secrets.
  • Level 1: Access to the community, forums, and the viral news we will send you every week. Access to the votes about the ending of the game and the final destiny of the character.
  • Level 2: access to the votes and private forums where you will decide about certain secondary elements with a high emotive burden of the main plot.
  • Level 3: access to the votes and private forums where you will decide about a lot of elements of the main plot.
  • level4: access to the forums where you will decide the design and appearance of an entire level (1 hour of gameplay).
  • level5: Roleplay a character of the game, based on your own experience and feedback. Put your face and memories in the game.
  • level6: only you will be able to judge the main character.



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