Collective BFA Thesis Exhibition

This is the collective campaign page for the BFA Thesis Exhibiton and works of: Sarah Abts, Sarah Adams, Sarah Doremus, and Kasia Nowik.
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Short Summary

This is the campaign page for the BFA Thesis Exhibiton and works of: Sarah Abts, Sarah Adams, Sarah Doremus, and Kasia Nowik. Our collective thesis show will take place at UMass Amherst's Student Union Art Gallery from April 21-25, 2014. The opening reception will be April 24th from 5pm-7pm.

As our projects get bigger, our money gets tighter. Most of us have part time jobs outside of being full time students so that we can provide a living and to provide for our love of the arts.

What we are asking for is help. All four of us are last semester seniors at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst, but more importantly we are aspiring artists that want to make the best series of work for our thesis. We can unfortunately only do that with money, money that is tough to come by.

*To view our individual statements, please scroll down to the bottom of the description page!*

What We Need

All four of us have provided a list of what resources that we will be needing for each of our individual projects as well as a list of what we will be needing for our exhibition.

Sarah Abts:

Blockout tape: $20
Clear flat base: $60
Two Screens:$50 ($25 each)
Paper: $100
Estimated Total:$230

Sarah Adams:
Masonite boards x4: $28
Primer: $10
Brushes: $35
Back/brace boards: $20
Canvas: $10
Various installation elements (high heels, Barbies, make up, etc): $40
Screws: $6
Oil Paints: $50
Spray paint: $10
More tba
Estimated total: $221

Sarah Doremus:
Expenses to Date
Item Price

50 vials $5.00
2 pcks ribs, 3 pcks verts
mink bones $27.00
mink bones $27.00
chicken, cat, snake bones $30.00
rat bones $18.97
rat skulls $16.99
glass dome $20.95
wicker suitcase $5.00
coat rack $20.00
Total $230.91

Future Expenses
Item Price

mink bones $27.00
mink bones $27.00
paint $35.00
30 12ml Glass vials $15.99
ribs and vertebrae $60.00
vertebrae $30.00
6 Pieces of Baseboard Molding $14.34
Estimated Total $209.33

Kasia Nowik:
My project is very complex and requires a wide variety of supplies; however, as most of the supplies listed below can be described as “everyday art expenses” I will only be asking for grant aid to cover the last five items on this list to help me achieve the most beautiful and highest possible quality digital images.

Materials that have already been paid for:
Calumet 4X5 Monorail Large Format Camera,, $190.00 plus $29.99 shipping
8 bags of DAP 25 lb. White Plaster of Paris Dry Mix, Home Depot, $15.98 each
2.5 lb. 570 PGV alginate for hand and feet casting,, $18.13 plus shipping
¾ in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft. Medium Density Fiberboard, Home Depot, $8.84

Materials for which I ask for grant support:
1 yard black felt, Joanne Fabrics, $2.99/yd.
50 lb. Genesis X Alginate for body casting,, $185 plus shipping
Ilford Multigrade IV RC Deluxe MGD.44M Black & White Variable Contrast Paper (20 x 24",
Pearl, 50 Sheets),, $205.19
Ilford HP5 PLUS 4x5" Black & White Print Film 400 ISO (25 Sheets),,
$32.95 + UPS Ground Shipping $5.75
Fujifilm 4x5" Neopan Acros 100 ISO Black and White Negative Film (20 Sheets),, $56.50
2 gallons Alumilite clear casting resin,, $160.00
Printing costs for 6 prints at 24 x 20 on 24" Archival Coated Rag Paper, University of
Massachusetts Digital Print Center, (price for 24" x 12” print= $25) 6 prints at 24 x 20= $250 printing cost.
Mounting of works on paper onto 6 mm black or white Sintra using archival adhesives,
University of Massachusetts Digital Print Center, 4’ x 8’ = $130
250 full-color post cards for advertising,, $115.00

For the Show:
• Four orders of 250 Promotional Color Postcard Packages………………………...$460.00
• UMass Catering……………………………………………………………………$310.00
• Extension Cords…………………………………………………………………....$35.00
• Set-up Equipment (tools, putty, paint)……………………………………………..$34.00
• Tableware…………………………………………………………………………..$38.50
• Guestbook………………………………………………………………………….$8.20
• Total Expenses…………………………………………………………………….$885.70

The Impact

For people not directly connected to us or our work, we admit that you might not find any personal reason to donate any of your money. What will happen for us if we do obtain this money is that we will be able to push our projects to the maximum potential without the worry of not being able to find the right medium to get the job done. Nothing is worse for an artist but being denied the ability to create something that he/she has envisioned for a long time.

With your help, our projects will be funded so that we can make one last impact before heading out into the art world without the support of an institutional setting around us.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you do not have the means to donate, please spread the word about our campaign. We only have about 45 days to do this and we are going to need as much exposure as possible so that we can have the means to make our projects and put on an outstanding show.

So if you like any of our works, any of us, or our cause please share this campaign any way you can (facebook, twitter, instagram, blogspot, tumblr, etc).

We appreciate every amount of help that we get and every one taking the time to read this and support us!

-Sarah Abts, Sarah Adams, Sarah Doremus, Kasia Nowik

Individual Projects

Sarah Abts

  What are we if not the sum total of our memories? What are we without them? How can one navigate through existence with an inconsistent and often terrifying view of reality?
  My BFA thesis exhibition will deal with the visual representation of the decay and distortion of memory brought on by mental illness and old age. This series also explores how old memories are altered and destroyed the more a memory is recalled. To represent these concepts visually I will be using collage techniques and old photos with images of rips and tears. The majority of the images will feature outdated technology. I choose to use these objects not only to represent a very distinct style from the past, but to use them as a metaphor for an older individual who's perception of memory has begun to break down over time in the same way an outdated piece of technology does.

Sarah Adams

  My intent from this thesis project is to express my concerns with society and the media on the claustrophobic culture that dictates how women should look and act. By creating a model of exaggerated femininity while exploiting sexuality, the culture of this generation is setting up a bad example for young women as well as placing pressure on men and women of all ages. By encouraging these new female standards, young women are getting the wrong idea of how to become successful and make their place in the world. This kind of moral dilemma is the same kind of pressure that I had growing up and is the same pressure that I see be enforced on some of the younger women in my life.
  The emotional struggles from societies new standard pushes girls towards the idea that only by sexual allure can they succeed. Seeing the young girls in my life having to battle these standards every day repulses me as I remember the same battles that I had growing up as a tomboy. Through this thesis, I plan to exploit these models of the female mind and body for the negativity that they bring to the world.Sarah Doremus

  For this BFA show titled “The Living Room”, I will be displaying an installation that the viewer will be fully immersed in. There will be three walls to create a room, with furniture that fills up most of the space. There will be a small dining table with chairs in the center of the room. Along the back wall will be a smaller side table with different trinkets and collectibles adorning it. A rocking chair and a lamp standing next to it will be lined up next to the side table. Framed pictures, curtains, and baseboard moldings will adorn the walls. A record player will be in the corner playing soft music the entire time of the show. All of these aspects will come together to create a domestic environment. Upon all of these pieces of furniture will be an infestation of plants that are created out of animal bones. These are small, intricate pieces modeled after different aspects of plants and fungus. The pieces will appear to be growing out of the nooks and niches in the furniture, the way a mushroom would grow out of a log. Viewers will be able to walk into the room and walk about the furniture to be able to closely inspect, but not touch, the plants and collection of trinkets.

These invading species bring the question of life versus death, rebirth, and transformation to mind. What was once dead and inanimate, has now been reborn into something completely new and alive. By placing these plants into a domestic space, it reminds the viewer of a familiar place in their own lives, and makes the invasion of the bone plants even more evident.

Kasia Nowik

  For my BFA thesis project entitled Land of Plenty taking place at the Student Union Gallery, I will be creating a series of landscape photographs/ tableaus in both digital and analog forms that illustrate a metaphor for the way humans interact with and effect the environment. The photographs will represent staged landscapes – or tableaus – in which products of human activity such as plastic bags, bottles; etc will be constructed into masses that visibly affect the landscape they will inhabit. Some of the tableaus will have the plastic bags, or given material, be constructed to appear as if this material is infiltrating the landscape much in the same way a virus infiltrates the body. In other examples the material will be present within the landscape in a subtle but a visibly out of the ordinary fashion. My goal for this series of photographs to is to create a visual metaphor that creates a consciousness for the way that these materials and the lifestyle that comes from them do, in fact, have a huge impact on the landscape although it is not an impact that is always immediately visible to the naked eye. The formations within the photographs will be modeled from close studies of the activities the viruses, bacteria, and other invaders of the human body effect their hosts and those activities will be mirrored by the plastic bag and waste formations within the landscape. Many of the photographs will be shot using a 4 x 5 large format view camera using the “zone system” to create a “perfect negative”. This process will be crucial to the project because it will make darkroom activity as effective as possible by eliminating excess water waste and photo paper waste. This was a method used by land conservation photographer Ansel Adams who was famous for capturing the magnificent beauty of the American frontier with the utmost crisp and clear photographs illustrating great darkroom finesse and technicality. Ansel Adams’ work was instrumental in conservation efforts and by using large format film and the zone system I aim to nod to his legacy. Other influences for this work include the sculpture of Tara Donovan who uses mass produced everyday objects to create huge sculptures that create awareness about the given objects plenty, and the work of Ana Mendiata who creates landscape photographs in which the female body is embedded in the landscape in unexpected ways.

  My intent for this project is create a body of work that shows not just the members of the University of Massachusetts campus but anyone who sees the work that they have a role as inhabitants of earth which is to be responsible citizens of the world who are aware that their presence and decisions impact every single living thing on the planet. We do not own nature, but are instead one with nature and it is crucial that we understand our roles within the earthly economy. We have the power to try something new to create a better, healthier, more habitable future.

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