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A revolutionary resource, built by musicians, for musicians, to create, collaborate, and share their music. BETA available www.collabramusic.com
Ron Karroll
Louisville, Kentucky
United States
6 Team Members
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raised in 2 months
8% funded
No time left
$30,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on July 4, 2013
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Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Collabra Music-Meme

    Who could say "No" to a personal video "Thank You" across all our social networks? We applaud you digitally!

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $20USD
    Collabra Music-Super Fan

    All of the above AND a Limited Edition "IndieGoGo" Badge for your Collabra Music Member Page AND Collabra Music guitar pick. Show your support while you share your music!

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $30USD
    Collabra Music-Beta Bandmember

    "All of the above + EARLY Beta access: Be among the first to the front of the line. Get in good and early on the best of Collabra Music Beta!"

    2 out of 200 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $50USD
    Collabra-I knew them when

    All of the above + an exclusive Collabra Music branded aluminum beverage carrier, because sometimes you need something stronger than water.

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $75USD
    Collabra Music- Super Groupie

    All of the above + an exclusive Collabro or Collabrette t-shirt. We all need a style, don't be afraid to rock out in some fresh Collabra gear!

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $100USD

    All of the above + a Collabra Music branded spiral notebook. Where else are you going to write your best lyrics and beatnik poetry?

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $125USD

    "All of the above + the sweetest pair of Collabra Music drumsticks. Air drummers UNITE!"

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $200USD
    Love music,will travel

    "All of the above + a Collabra Music branded backpack to carry your sick collection of swag! Perfect for drumsticks, guitar picks, beverage containers; and did we mention spiral notebooks? "

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $300USD
    Collabra Music-VIP

    All of the above + special recognition of your first TEN completed Collabra Music tracks on our front page! What could be better than reckless promotion to your musical peers? ONLY 99 more generous supporters like you will crush our goal!

    1 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $500USD
    Collabra Music-Founder

    All of the above + a LIMITED EDITION Collabra Music branded guitar strap! These limited edition instrument support systems are LIMITED - make sure you rescue it from the ashes of your broken axe after you exceed the safety limits of rocking.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $1,000USD
    Collabra Music-C.E.M.

    As a Chief Executive Musician we will do what it takes to please you, on top of all of the above and after we get to know each other better, Team Collabra Music will record a song just for you! What can we say, at this point you've stepped in at the ground level- time to sign your own deals and launch your musical success!

    0 out of 30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $5,000USD
    Collabra Music- Venture Shark

    As a verified Collabra Music Venture Shark you will hold an honored place forever among our dedicated team. All of the above + YOUR song will be incubated into an amazing music video starring Team Collabra Music! It's hard to be at ease with you in the water- we're swimming a top speed to keep ahead!

    0 out of 6 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Collabra Music-Super Star

    As a Super Star you earn the ultimate thanks and after all the above, what more could we do but drive your treasures to your door and deliver an in person "Thank you" from all of us at Collabra Music. It's your world and we're just making music in it, and hopefully collaborating with you!

    0 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $30,000USD
    Collabra Music-VIP Entourage

    There's no better way to show your part of the team than by knocking out our goal in one shot- how could we ever repay you? For the few who commit at this level we will fly you to the heart of Collabra Music, Louisville, KY for a week-long ride with our Team. Your on the ground, your in the pit- a once in a lifetime chance for the face time you always wanted with Collabra Music

    0 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
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