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A revolutionary resource, built by musicians, for musicians, to create, collaborate, and share their music. BETA available
Ron Karroll
Louisville, Kentucky
United States
6 Team Members

It all started...Ron and Ariel

...when Co-Founders, Ron Karroll and Ariel Caplan met up to jam after work, it didn’t take long for a musical relationship to blossom and they started a band but found they were missing critical pieces.

The quest for a like-minded Bassist was long, and wrought with challenges; where could they find musical-peers, to create, collaborate, and share in their adventure.

Development Team

After many long, bass-less nights, but just when they thought their musical fate was sealed, the skies illuminated and the creative clouds cleared. They found an answer in their vision of Collabra Music.

Collabra Music was truly a dream, a revolutionary step toward a rebirth of freedom in the modern production of music.  In their trials and tribulations to create, collaborate, and share, Ron and Ariel founded Collabra Music, built by musicians for musicians, to span the physical divide of creative collaboration.

From the heart of Ron’s apartment, amidst a sea of LCDs, a band of dedicated developers went to work building the software-foundation that has been carefully cultivated into the powerful tool that is Collabra Music.  

The Missing Bass
Since its birth, Collabra has taken on a life of its own, evolving rapidly from a shared space to an cutting-edge collaboration tool, capable of vast creative potential. 

Record direct through our online DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), OR upload from your favorite recording software. 

A unique tool that exponentially magnifies your creative potential abilities, Collabra tears down the limitations of the physical world.  

A member can contribute to a musical-project from any place on the planet and at their option, can incorporate fan feedback from personal social networks on songs or variations of songs. 

Collabra Music has truly innovated the next revolution of music, empowering independent musicians to drive their vision and own their success.

Ron and Ariel still haven’t found the bass player we are all looking for; for now they’re content to be launching the next phase in creating, collaborating, and sharing music. (Bass Players Apply Here)

Our Musical Vision:

Collabra-Music SlidersMusicians take great pride in producing their music; it’s their sound and vision. Collabra enables the creation and collaboration of a musical project, from the first track to the final mixing.

Where else can a Guitarist and Drummer from Kentucky collaborate with a vocalist in Portugal, a Californian Bassist, and a Trumpet player from Australia?

Collabra tears down the barriers to creative collaboration AND creates the potential for fan feedback and fan participation in the collaboration of a musical project.

Collaborating in music is more than just working towards a common musical end; the creative process envelopes the artists in an energized environment, rich in artistic breakthrough.

We are creating a revolution by putting the power back in the hands of the artist, creating, collaborating, sharing and promoting their music to the world in a way never before imagined. 

Collabra is...

  • An easy recording suite for creating and editing your music.

  • A unique mixing-platform where musicians can mix and match instruments to create limitless song arrangements and variations.

  • Slider Panels with built in heat-mapping. The more positive feedback the hotter the track.

  • Diverse networking opportunities and exponentially customizable mixes.

  • Share and build peer-networks through private and public musical projects.

  • A unique Digital Artist Profile that allows like-minded musicians to explore the musical portfolio of peer artists and cultivate creative and collaborative relationships.

  • Essential landing page in Collabra-motional outreach; musicians can share their ongoing projects and encourage inspiration through fan feedback. 

Collabra’s revolution is built on encouraging creativity and providing the opportunity to engage your fans in the creative process. Its design allows for nearly limitless variation in a personalized music experience.

Collabra Music Profile PageWhy IndieGoGo Matters:

Our journey has been long, and not without its share of challenges; we’ve tightened our belts, rolled up our sleeves, and laced up the bootstraps.


There’s a developer on every couch and our parents are starting to wonder if this wasn’t just another carefully crafted rent-free scheme.

All of our progress has been carried forward by the dedicated support of our close personal network.  Creating the next revolution is something we need your support in realizing; we humbly ask that you support through any promotional means or with a direct contribution.

With Your Support We Pledge to:

  • Create a shared community for musicians to promote and profit with their music.
  • Develop the stand-alone Collabra media/radio for fast-track communal promotion.
  • Upgrade site performance, providing for rapid track uploads.
  • Increase existing security models to protect your cloud-based musical projects.

From all of us on the ground at Collabra Music, we sincerely appreciate any and all support.  At this critical time every dollar is crucial; be it $1.00 or $1 million. Your contribution is essential in helping our team shape the future of independent music.

Contact us: 
Collabra Music-Ron Karroll
Questions, comments, or concerns?  Reach out and share your suggestions with us through any of our contact means...

Twitter: @collabramusic
Facebook: CollabraMusic

Risks & Challenges:

With or without the realization of full-funding, our major challenge is spreading the word about the incredible opportunities available with Collabra Music.  If you care about music and want to get involved, all you need to do is let us know; help us cultivate the most creative, collaborative online community of musicians.

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    Collabra Music-VIP

    All of the above + special recognition of your first TEN completed Collabra Music tracks on our front page! What could be better than reckless promotion to your musical peers? ONLY 99 more generous supporters like you will crush our goal!

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    Collabra Music-Founder

    All of the above + a LIMITED EDITION Collabra Music branded guitar strap! These limited edition instrument support systems are LIMITED - make sure you rescue it from the ashes of your broken axe after you exceed the safety limits of rocking.

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  • $1,000USD
    Collabra Music-C.E.M.

    As a Chief Executive Musician we will do what it takes to please you, on top of all of the above and after we get to know each other better, Team Collabra Music will record a song just for you! What can we say, at this point you've stepped in at the ground level- time to sign your own deals and launch your musical success!

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  • $5,000USD
    Collabra Music- Venture Shark

    As a verified Collabra Music Venture Shark you will hold an honored place forever among our dedicated team. All of the above + YOUR song will be incubated into an amazing music video starring Team Collabra Music! It's hard to be at ease with you in the water- we're swimming a top speed to keep ahead!

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    Collabra Music-Super Star

    As a Super Star you earn the ultimate thanks and after all the above, what more could we do but drive your treasures to your door and deliver an in person "Thank you" from all of us at Collabra Music. It's your world and we're just making music in it, and hopefully collaborating with you!

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  • $30,000USD
    Collabra Music-VIP Entourage

    There's no better way to show your part of the team than by knocking out our goal in one shot- how could we ever repay you? For the few who commit at this level we will fly you to the heart of Collabra Music, Louisville, KY for a week-long ride with our Team. Your on the ground, your in the pit- a once in a lifetime chance for the face time you always wanted with Collabra Music

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    Estimated delivery: September 2013
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