Cold War Grand Strategy: Project Kennedy

We want to create the BEST Cold War Grand strategy wargame.
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Short Summary

We're an international team from Germany, Sweden, United-States, Poland and Australia that has a great amount of background knowledge and experience in creating these games, respectivly in the era of World War 2. Now we want to push to a higher level and bring a new era into gameplay: Cold War. 

In the past we worked on the Hearts of Iron 2 engine, building the strategy hit Arsenal of Democracy. Part of our team then switched to develop on the Hearts of Iron 3 engine.

We think we can deliver a great Cold War game with Project Kennedy, the codename of our planned grand strategy title. Our primary goal is that we want to merge the best elements of HoI 2 with those of HoI 3 on a new and own engine and then add a couple of exciting cold war elements to the mix. 

Please watch the  video presentation for a quick introduction:

    What We Need & What You Get

    A reasonable estimation is that we will require around 480.000,- USD in the long run for all technology, manpower, licences and development expenses to build a game from scratch. We esitmate the development period for the full game to last at least 3 to 4 years whereby we will publicy release every 6 to 9 months a new revision of the game that will include mayor additions. Therefore you will be able to play the game already in early stages whereby we add new features on a continous basis. We already started a couple of weeks ago with coding a rough sketch on the interface and are currently in the stage of setting up the basic essentials of the game. 

    Vision for the Game

    How we intend the game to be: The two super-powers NATO and CCCP battled each other by all means: Direct warfare, indirect warfare, diplomacy, economy, espionage. 

    As the player you will have full control on a nation of your choice and guide it through a individual scenario that is settled in the timeframe from 1950 to 1990.

    This picture is showing our concept on Zones of Influence and indirect warfare via partisans and proxy wars. The cold war approach we go is a mixed one of direct and indirect elements where you compete for strategic resources and locations. 

    As game time passes and nuclear capacity increases, we estimate the elements will change. Therefore you will be able to conquer in a kind of "Hearts of Iron" style in the early game whereby you will neccessarly need to switch to more indirect combat in later stages.

    Eventually we envision three victory types: One classic through conquest, one nuclear by atomic supremacy and one "soft" via combined factors of economy, technolgy and diplomacy.

    The Plan

    This is a flexible funding campaign, meaning we will collect all the funds we can get and just continue our current work. If neccessary, we will start on a second or even third seeding round.

    As contributor, we give you our personal promise that you will get your hands on the final game, no matter which route the development may take. We know in life there is eventually no "100% guarantee",- but we are honestly dedicated to make this happen and will move heaven and earth to do so.

    Who we are

    Alex: Co-developed Hearts of Iron: Arsenal of Democracy. After his leave in 2011 he completed his studies and started his own consultancy. 

    Oliver: A hardcore gamer and former Management Consultant. He knows how to build games, has the financial background knowledge and advised several gaming companies in the past. A real pro in the field, he ensures the project is managed properly and will be completed.

    Konrad: He was involved in later stages of the East vs. West development, working on the Hearts of Iron 3 engine. After leaving the project with lots of expertise under his belt, he now knows the mechanics of grand strategy war games from A to Z. 

    Danny: Our expert on marketing and sales knows what gamers want and how to get things done. A hardcore gamer himself, he knows the gaming scene and is an excellent manager.

    We are a team that knows how to build games: To keep it entertaining and fun, to build complexity, yet deliver it easily. We will create interfaces that are reduced to the essential, yet deliver optimum performance.With Project Kennedy, we want to build a great game that you can easily access and that you will like to play.

    Everyone that donates at least 10 US$'s will get a digital copy of the game on the first planned release day as well as completely and unconditional access to all updates and further revisions. The earlier you contribute the earlier you will get your hands on the game.

    Check out some of our long-term blueprints here and see for yourself that we know the about the complexity of grand strategy wargames.

    In a Nutshell

    This is what we are going to do:

    The Impact

    We want to build the best Cold War Grandsrategy wargame. We know there are currently no good titles out there on this subject. Everything that is at the moment available simple does not have the quality and appeal true hardcore gamers desire. We have the experience, vision, resources and competency to get such a game done. We will make this vision real and deliver a high quality gaming experience.

    We will build:

    • A sophisticated land, air & sea HoI-style combat system
    • An effective economy, diplomacy and espionage model
    • Useful & well-designed cold war features

    We are comitted to build the game. To make this happen, we will either find a way or make one.

    Development Roadmap

    In-detail description of the First Release Version "Primitive".

    Long Term Release Plan

    Development Approach

    As laid out, we expect to achieve a base level that is equivalent to what is covered by HoI2 / HoI 3 in later development stages. After that we intend to enhance it by adding  new hot war mechanics like Ballistic Systems. These are especially important in the post 1950 era. In addition to these new hot war items, we also add the mentioned cold war gameplay features like Proxy Wars or the Nuclear Triad, consiting of subs, strategic bombers and ICBM's.

    We know, to be able to create a lasting product that people want to play we need to focus on ease, simplicity and of course the essential elements. We aim to design a comprehensible and clear user interface that adds value to you while playing the game.

    When it comes to the actual game design we know: Complex is good, complicated not. Yet, sometimes complicated mechanism just arise out of the desired complexity. We will take care that you dont see that in game by layering the depth of the graphical user interface you interact with.

    Current Final Stage Blueprints

    Displaying a mix of HoI2 & HoI3 elements in a photoshop mockup, this is how we envision a perfectly optimized Interface for trade, politics, diplomacy and intelligence: All in one place, easy to use and reduced to the essential options that impact the game.The above screen shows our photoshop mockup of the new cold war element, called the "Nuclear Map Mode". We got heavily inspired by the ease of the game DEFCON and how they handled this topic. We want to include/copy these simple mechanics for nuclear war.Another mockup of combined Hearts of Iron 2 and 3 elements, this time showing strategic effects and decisions. This is how we envision a approach upon integrating the best ideas from these titles in our games.

    When will it be done?

    It's done when its done. It will take time. But we will not delay it indefinitly. We are setting a clear focus on getting a first clean, error free and playable version out as soon as possible. We wont take any extra routes, sidetracks or add in unneccessary stuff. We will concentrate on the basics and what we have planned. Then we will deliver. No complicated experiments.

    For us it's most important to get this first working release out and published. We are convinced that a proper cold war grand strategy wargame is a huge market niche that has not been taken. We plan to extend and build on the first release and add subsequent layers to the game, increasing its complexity piece by piece.

    How you can contribute

    If you're unsure if you should back this campaign at this time;- but still think this has some potential worth- just spread the word and share this site. The more attention we can get, the better - everything helps.

    Legal Background

    The game will be developed & pulled off through Northstone Ltd. :

    Visit Northstone at

    Project Website at

    Stay tuned for Updates via Facebook:

    We are in no way associated with Paradox Interactive: This is an independent project. It is our ambition to work towards a future co-operation with Paradox Interactive.

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