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Let’s build a brand spankin’ new water well in Ethiopia!
Good Neighbors USA
6 Team Members



We want to build a BRAND NEW WATER WELL for the people of Ethiopia.  Watch our Water For Life video below to see us building a new well in Tchouloumari, Chad - we want to do the same thing in Ethiopia, and we need your help!  Let's build a water well, people!  Thanks for your support! :)

You read that right!  Thanks to your support, we reached our first goal to repair 22 broken water wells in Sidama!

But we’re a little ambitious over here, so we’ve set up a NEW goal for ourselves.  We want to raise an additional $10,000 to build one BRAND NEW water well in Ethiopia that will provide clean water to hundreds more.  Please help us reach a grand total of $15,500!

P.S. Read below for the full story about our original goal to repair the broken wells in Sidama.  Thanks again!


Hey, you! Holding the coffee mug! Thanks for stopping by and visiting our COFFEE MEETS WATER campaign. The idea for this campaign is pretty simple: we want to fix broken water wells in Sidama, Ethiopia, the leading coffee-producing region in the country. 

It’s hard to believe, but out of 38 water wells that we found in Sidama, a staggering 22 are broken. That means little to no access to clean water for the people of Sidama - people who are working on the coffee farms and in the community where your coffee beans come from… no clean water for men, women, children and babies. We’re not cool with that!  We all know how important water is for great tasting coffee (and also, for life!), so our goal is to restore clean, fresh water back to Sidama. 

Broken well in Dobe, Sidama

One of the ways children collect dirty drinking water when they have no access to working water wells

Good Neighbors is an international humanitarian organization and we’ve been working in Ethiopia for 17 years. We’ve launched a number of community development projects throughout the country, including building schools and running health clinics. With our partner, professional skateboarder Nyjah Huston and his organization, Let It Flow, we’re heading to Ethiopia this November with a mission to fix all 22 broken wells in Sidama, Ethiopia.

Watch how Cody from Let It Flow fixes broken wells around the world below:

You can help us get clean water flowing again for the people of Sidama. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us fix the currently broken wells AND provide the labor, tools, parts, training, and education to teach local community members how to maintain and fix the well in the future.  

Each well costs an average US$250 to repair. Some wells could have a simple fix like replacing a rusted bolt or pipe, but others might be more costly or time-consuming repairs, such as replacing a broken or missing pump handle. The average number of wells fixed in one day could vary depending on why they're broken (for example, we plan to fix 3-4 wells in one day if they're simple fixes, but if it's a larger issue, it could take a full day to fix just one). Unfortunately, we won’t know the magnitude until we get there, so we're trying to prepare for this situation to hopefully fix all 22. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that we'll be able to fix all of them while we're there...and of course we'll be keeping you updated along the way.

Broken well (missing handle) in Dongora, Sidama. (Please see the "Gallery" tab for more photos of the broken wells in Sidama that we're hoping to fix through this campaign.)

Since we exceeded our original goal (yay!), the money raised above $5,500 will go toward building brand-new water wells in Sidama or another one of our community development project sites in Ethiopia.  Each new well costs approximately $10,000, so the extra money raised is still in line with our overall mission to provide clean water to the people of Ethiopia. Every dollar counts so we appreciate any love you can send our way.

As a gesture of sincere gratitude for contributing to COFFEE MEETS WATER, please select from the following perks. You are insanely awesome for helping us out! Here they are in a nutshell (please read full descriptions, located on the right): 



We can't wait to get back home after the trip and share photos and videos with you so you can see the direct impact of your support.

BIG THANK YOU to our amazing partners for COFFEE MEETS WATER!  We appreciate your support and everything you're doing to help us reach our goal. 




If you’ve read this far, we’re sending you a virtual hug and high five! Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about our campaign. 

It would be awesome if you could share this page with your friends, family, co-workers, fellow coffee-lovers, or strangers on the street by copying and pasting this direct link wherever you'd like: http://igg.me/at/coffeemeetswater 

+Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our blog.  You can also contact us via email at pr@goodneighbors.org if you have any questions or want more info on how you can get involved with this campaign!

Amesege'nallo means thank you in Amharic (Ethiopian), and we truly mean it! Thank you for supporting our efforts to fix broken wells for the people who help us get our morning fix! 

Some of the kids in Sidama who are going to be so grateful for your support!

Our dear colleague Mesele Seyoum from Good Neighbors Ethiopia has a message for you on behalf of all the people in Sidama who will benefit from your support.

Watch the video here: 

Please visit Good Neighbors and Let It Flow to see what else we're doing in the world!

And please support our Coffee Meets Water partners here:

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