Code, store and manage your Arduino sketches on the cloud, and even compile them and flash them to your Arduino. Right from your browser.
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Short Summary

Hi! We are Vasilis Georgitzikis, Maria Kousta, Markellos Orfanos, Stelios Tsampas and Dimitris Amaxilatis, and we are the team behind codebender. In the past, each of us has worked on quite a few projects you might know, like MacPorts, Growl, the Arduino TFTP bootloader and we even had a project featured on hackaday. None of it comes close to our work on codebender though.

codebender comes to fill the need for reliable and easy to use tools for makers. A need that from our own experience could not be totally fulfilled by any of the existing solutions. Things like installing libraries, updating the software or installing the IDE can be quite a painful process.

In addition to the above, the limited features provided (e.g. insufficient highlighting, indentation and autocompletion) got us starting building codebender, a completely web-based IDE, that requires no installation and offers a great code editor. It also stores your sketches on the cloud.

That way, you can still access your sketches safely even if your laptop is stolen or your hard drive fails! codebender also takes care of compilation, giving you extremely descriptive warnings on terrible code. On top of that, when you are done, you can upload your code to your Arduino straight from the browser without installing anything.

What We Need & What You Get

Alright, so we need you to help us get started. We want to keep codebender open to everyone, with no restrictions, no fees or subscriptions. We need your help to raise at least $ 5000 to cover our hosting and operating costs for the first year. If we raise more, all the extra funds will go to further improvements on our infrastructure and features. If we raise less, it will still go to covering our hosting and operational costs for as long as possible, and we will try to find alternate methods to keep going. We are not going to give up that easy.

We'll be offering exclusive access for the first couple of months, to see what people think, and iron out any rough spots. You will also get a monthly update of the status of the project, behind-the-scenes, new features and info on the development process. Be the first one to use codebender and the first one to hear the news!

We are also offering exclusive, limited edition t-shirts with the codebender logo (available only to the codebender developers and you), never to be printed again! Get yours today! For the pioneers among you, we offer an Arduino Ethernet pre-loaded with our next-gen bootloader which lets you upload sketches not only from the USB but also using TFTP to flash your projects through the network to any Internet connected Arduino.

For our biggest supporters, we are offering a place of eternal glory on our website! Donate $500 and you will be listed as a supporter on our About page, or donate $1000 and you or your company will be listed on our front page! Let the whole world know how cool you are!

The Impact

codebender does all of the above (and we will do more in the near future as we are working on some more cool stuff) while being completely open source and free to use! We deeply believe in the open source philosophy and we embrace it in everything we do. codebender, the compiler, the bootloader and the Java Applet we use to talk to the Arduino are all completely open.

The Arduino bootloader we are working on will enable you to program your Arduino Ethernet or Arduino /w Ethernet Shield remotely through the network. That means you will be able to program any Arduino through the network using standard tools or straight from codebender, without the need to pull your project apart or connect it to your computer, from anywhere in the world!

But that's not all. We're taking it a step further. We would like to improve collaboration between makers, so we are building tools to help the maker community grow and collaborate easier. You can search for projects, clone them and exchange ideas with each other. Together, we can make this a reality. You can help us build a collaboration hub for the maker community, and we can help you breathe life to your next awesome project faster and easier!

Other Ways You Can Help

You can also help us by spreading the word for codebender to friends, family and colleagues. As a reward for your help we will be offering exclusive access to some of you as well. For twitter lovers, we'll be giving away 10 beta invites per day for the next week. Follow us,send a tweet containing @codebender_cc or #codebender and get a chance to win one of the 10 daily invites! If you are more of the facebook type, like our facebook page and get another chance to win one of 10 daily invites!

  • Update 20/08/2012

Our campaign has ended! With your help we were able to gather $6,881, reaching our main goal of $5000 and almost reaching our first stretch goal of $7000.

We want to thank you one last time for your financial support and for spreading the word about codebender across the Internet, to blogs, news sites and social sites. We also want to thank you for your kinds words of support in the comments and the emails we received. We feel honored and extremely happy that we have you with us in this attempt to push the maker movement one step forward and revolutionize the way we program and develop our embedded devices.

We guess a lot of you are wondering about the perks.
We are currently negotiating a deal with a US distributor for the Ariadne preloaded Arduino Ethernet so that you get them in the best possible way and as fast as possible, since we are based in Greece and shipping them ourselves is out of the question. We hope to start shipping them in one or two weeks. Either way we will keep you updated.

We are also working on getting those fancy T-shirts printed for you. Of course we will need from all of you that claimed a perk that included a T-shirt, to send us your size. You can expect an email about that soon, and hopefully we’ll have them printed within the week. We will try to get an estimated shipping date for them too and we will keep you informed as we get all that sorted out.

Your codebender team 

  • Update 24/07/2012

We are glad to say, we have reached our target! We want to thank everybody that contributed to the project. We are also happy to announce that we have two major supporters.Our “Ultimate SupporterWyolum LLC  and Fab Lab Barcelona! We are really grateful for their donation that helped us reach our goal and keep codebender free!

It is now time to set our next goal. We have 6 days left to reach $7000. If we manage to raise 7000$, we will be able to work full-time on our Remote Flashing feature on codebender which will allows us to add Remote Flashing right after the campaign ends. Help us reach $7000 and you could be flashing your Arduino remotely in 6 days from now!

The Remote Uploading is something a lot of people have been waiting for. We think it’s time to give you an update. We are excited to announce that as of today, we are officially releasing the Ariadne-Bootloader, an updated version of Arduino's team TFTP-Bootloader, that will enable you to program your internet-connected Arduino through the network. You can watch the teaser video in our blog while we update the documentation with instructions on how to use it.

You can grab and compile the code from github or you can claim the Pioneer perk and get an Arduino preloaded with our bootloader delivered straight to your door. Grab them while they are still available and get started right away!

  • Update 18/07/2012

We’d like to share some news with you guys. We are working very hard to squash bugs you reported and add the new features that you requested. We have improved our compiler, added a temporary library-management system (until our final version is complete) along with some commonly-used libraries, improved our TFTP-Bootloader, improved our infrastructure and squashed many an inconceivable bug.

We feel the need to thank you for making codebender a reality with your donations. Keep spreading the word and our link to the indiegogo campaign and main site. With your help, we can reach our goal and ensure that codebender will stay free, up and running.

Talking about advancing the maker movement, we have some more great news. We are joining forces with the ArduSat project to help them make their project a reality as well. Space exploration for everyone on a budget! Together, we are certain we can do that. We are very excited to work with them and we will keep you updated. We will also be back with more cool updates really soon (hint:TFTP-Bootloader!)

Q) I am a blogger, a journalist. I need more information.
A) If you are going to write about our service but the information is not enough, contact us at We would love to answer your questions.


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