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Coated is just a project done by one person. It started as mini game in an event called (10daysGame), but after that lots of people asked for a full version.
Muhammad A.Moniem
1 Team Member

Coated Story Of a 10days game

Coated is a Unique puzzle game as you can see in the video of the available demo. you can play it yourself if you wish to test it before reading, the web demo version link is under the video description.
My name is "Muhammad A.Moniem", am a Lead programmer from Egypt. Traveled a lot and have worked in different countries, now am taking the lead of programming in a (American-French) IOS/Android company in Shanghai, China. I used to work i any thing associated with programming or 3d as am very passionate about this two major things.
I have +10 years experience in working in games, 3d and cartoons. But in the last couple of years i started to think about the most hard part in anyone's life, the part where you need to fund your self & your own projects to be your own Manager. So, to reach that goal i started to focus all my free tim in making my own games, not small games, but big stuff. Stuff i can market and make it a start point. After lots of projects, trial and error in that way, i ended up with Coated(done in 10 days) in the last month of 2012 and since that time i got lots of feedback from players and the indie community, that what makes me think about Coated the the big project i had to complete now.
As am in the stage that am working so hard to fund my self, i like to work in parallel in different projects & after the Coated free version i started another 3 games, but to be able to work in Coated i need to stop working in all of that and focus 100% in Coated, even if i had to quit from my job, i will do. And this is why am looking for some interest from the community & players, i need to stop working in all my projects, switch my self to full time worker in Coated. And all that happens if i got successfully funded.

What We Need & What You Get

All what Coated need from you to get successfully funded is the amount of 10000 USD. In fact the game need more, but i was saving money the last couple of years to be able to start up a game i can publish to myself. The full version of Coated will run on PC / Mac / Linux & IOS.
Where am going to use this 10000 ?
- Artists Part :
In the last 13 years i have learned lots and lots of art stuff beside my programming skills. I have learned how to make 3d characters or models and shade them, skin & put skeleton and get them animated. But what i did not learn is how to make an art style. Coated looks nice for now, but it definitely need a freelancer artist to define lots of the art style. It need a composer to make a music instead of the current (free from youtube) music theme.
- Software Part :
Back to the old school, i was used to write my games using DirecX or OpenGL. But i stopped using this stuff since the dawn of the pre-made engines. This engines save you the time & make you focus more in the game itself. So, instead of start building an engine from scratch, i will be using a pre-made one, and nothing better i used to use than Unity3d, to be able to build the game and do small minor fixes to make it match different platform, and unity licensing is little expensive. Also i need to purchase a full version of Autodesk Maya to use in building the assets, Animations and make the game trailer. This is the major licenses i really need to finish Coated, the other part of softwares are small packages, free softwares or open source ones.
- Hardware Part :
Am a Windows and Mac User, i have both at home, to be able to build games for both platforms, But in that project i will need a parallel Linux computer to use to be able to develop a Linux version for the precious Linux users. Plus i will need to have more devices to test the game. In fact i can test in my iPhone4G & iPad1, but the game needed to be tested in lots of devices specially for the Windows build. So, in that case i will need to hire/deal with some people to test in their computers.

What Makes you special

Ok, here the most intreating part. how ever you pay to fund Coated, the game will give you back. What i mean normally if you help Coateee (the main character) to appear to the world in nice look, all your names will be inside the game. Yea this is not a big deal. So, what else ?
OK, lets count the benefits :
- An access to all the testing versions.
- A special edition of Coated(PC, in case it is launched) which contain extra features and cheat mode.
- A free version of the game soundtrack.
- Coateee Toys.
- Coated t-Shirts & Cups.
- Coateee winter slippers (to wear at home in winter).

The Impact

Coated is not just a normal game. Coated is very Unique game, what made Coated have this nice fan base till now, is the idea of the game & how simple it is but no one tried to did it before. Coated is not just a stealth game, casual game or even puzzle game. Coated is just a Unique experience. Where you need to think quickly and sole the situation you have to make it as quick as possible.

So, what happens if the funds are more or less than the goal ?
After lots of thinking and calculations, i found that if i reach that 10000 USD, i will switch my main job from full time to part time, to have more time to work in Coated. But if the funds became more than what i expected. I'll quit my job, because that's not mean the project have more moony to help finishing it, but means there is lots and lots of people waiting the release date & i had to work fast for that.But if it is too hight than my expectations, i will word so hard trying to get a deal with PlayStation, XBox or Wii. Because in that case they can accept the game because it have a massive fan base. Also in that situation i may start to add some extra stuff to the game like multiplayer mode & map editor.
If the funds are less than the goal, i will continue working in Coated but not full time. In that case , i had to keep working in my job & also i had to share my free time between Coated and all other 3 Games am working in, in parallax. And in that situation too, coated will be released for IOS or PC(max Linux & windows), but not for both platforms. Because i will not have enough time or money.

Other Ways You Can Help

In case you have no enough money to fund projects in on the internet and you can not help this game to be done soon by funding it. Don't feel bad or sorry, you still can help Coated (may be more than mony) by sharing Coated videos & it's indiegogo campaign every where. If you are a writer & you like the game why not you start to write about it. If you are a player or tester you can visit the website for the game updates to be a part of it. If you know some guys can help, why not tell them hoe cool it is Coated. If you know someone can push it to a console, it will helps it a lot. It is not all about money, even if you are a tester and you helped the game and pushed it forward, your name might be inside the game !

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$10,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on April 7, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    A Coteee thanks

    Coateee will thank you in the game creadits screen

    0 claimed
  • $5USD
    A pre Order

    It will be considered as a pre order of Coated and you will have an access to only one beta version

    0 claimed
  • $10USD
    The Desktop Guy

    You will have access to any version of the desktop platforms

    0 claimed
  • $20USD
    The IOS Guy

    you will have access to all the IOS builds of Coated

    0 claimed
  • $50USD
    Happy Listener

    you will have a free copy of Coated Soundtrack, and you are free to use in your personal stuff

    0 claimed
  • $100USD
    Drink with Coateee

    you will get the special Cup of Coteee when the game (and the cup) released + all the previous stuff

    0 claimed
  • $150USD
    Am a Coated Guy

    With all previous stuff, you will get a Coated Special and amazing T-Shirt

    0 claimed
  • $200USD
    The versions Guy

    you will recieve a working versions for all the platforms (Win,Mac,Linux & IOS) with your own name in the main screen with the Main developer

    0 claimed
  • $300USD
    Play with Coateee

    with all previous Perks, you will get the special coateee toy.

    0 claimed
  • $350USD
    The Happy winter with Coteee

    With all previous stuff you will have a unique Slipper to wear in winter, it is shaped in Coateee shape. It will be avaliable with the game release

    0 claimed
  • $500USD
    Coateee Lover

    You will recieve all the previous stuff plus a special version of Coated with Cheat mode.

    0 claimed
  • $750USD
    Coated godfather

    with all previous stuff you will get a full free version of the next game

    0 claimed
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