CloudPhone 3G: Revolutionize how you care.

CloudPhone by ollo mobile is a voice controlled 3G cell phone & smart care system that constantly monitors your loved one's well being. Talk, Share, Live.
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Everything is always better in COLOUR!!!
We are setting a stretch goal on our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign @ $75,000
If we reach this, we will release the CloudPhone 3G in an additional limited edition colour that you select as most popular!
It's up to you to decide which one, so leave a comment with your favourite colour and remember to support our campaign:
Charcoal, Baby Blue, Hot Pink, Tangerine OR Raspberry

*** UPDATE *** UPDATE ***

Introducing the CloudPhone 3G. 

The next generation of wearable smartphones for healthier, safer, families has arrived.

Designed to keep seniors & children connected, and deliver powerful insights into your family's health.

To our international friends, we're sorry but initially CloudPhone will only work in the above regions. We're 'coming soon' everywhere else. Become a Supporter to let us know we should come to your country!



Use natural speech to call family or call for help. Just press the button and say who you want to call. It’s easy to talk to anyone in seconds!

‘Call my daughter’  ‘Call a taxi’  ‘I need help!’

Create your own commands based on relationship, name, nickname, or keyword to suit your loved ones preferences. It’s how smarter families connect.

More than just voice calls: Coming Soon!

We're also working on a range of other voice commands that we'll announce in the coming months. We're experimenting with things like voice notifications, automatic callbacks, or voice to text message and text message to voice. As a Supporter, your feedback will help determine what features make the cut.

Your voice in the Cloud

Unqiue to CloudPhone, voice translation is done in the cloud. Unlike the most popular voice assistant (by a company that rhymes with snapple), CloudPhone's voice control still works in areas with little or no data coverage. 

And if the system doesn't understand who the wearer wants to call, they're instantly connected to another nominated number. 

Calls Never Go Unanswered

The cloud platform ensures your loved one will ALWAYS get through to a human. It's 10x faster than a regular phone, and will keep calling everyone until it reaches a real person (not voicemail!). If no one in your family is available, you can choose it to divert to emergency services (e.g. 911)  or a service provider of your choice.

You have complete control of who it calls and when, via the companion application.

Update or change contacts from anywhere

All of your contacts and call groups are managed from the companion app, and saved to the cloud. Update details from anywhere, anytime, and the changes take effect instantly.

No Voice? No Problem!

CloudPhone also works without Voice Control. Press and Hold the button to call 5 contacts and share location simultaneously (Family Call). 

Checkout the VOICE CONTROL FAQ at the bottom of this page for details. 


Discover illness before disaster strikes! CloudPhone 3G monitors your loved ones physical activity and provides powerful insight into their health.

With Lifestyle Analytics, you'll have never before seen insight into the impact of changes in care, medication, or behavior on your loved ones health.

Powerful information, easy to use dashboard

A multi-axis accelerometer tracks physical activity throughout the day. This information is combined with a range of information including travel, time outdoors and health information, and displayed on an easy to use dashboard on your phone or tablet.

With Lifestyle Analytics, you'll see the smallest changes in activity and know to ask the right questions.

"You haven't been getting out much lately mom. Are you feeling ok?"

"Dad, how's your new medication going?"

Communicate better. Prevent small health problems from growing into big ones.


Checkout the LIFESTYLE ANALYTICS FAQ at the bottom of this page for details. 

3. Safe Path - Transit Monitoring

Safe path automatically monitors regular transit activity – like going to and from school, or other regular appointments. You set the route and schedule, CloudPhone lets you know if things go wrong.

Geolocation works indoors (WiFi) and outdoors (WiFi/GPS). CloudPhone can find your loved one even in large shopping centers or other dense urban environments where traditional GPS fails.

You can’t be everywhere all the time, but CloudPhone can. Features include:

  • Automatic Check-in Notification: “Sally has left School” or “Dad has arrived home” 
  • Running Late Notification: “Sally is late. Expected Home @8:30am” 
  • Unapproved Path: “Sally has left the approved Path”

Notifications are sent to your phone via SMS or via email. A secure link shows you where your loved one is in real time, even indoors. 

Checkout the SAFE PATH FAQ at the bottom of this page for details. 


Bad things happen fast. Timely intervention is critical, but what if Mom can’t reach her phone?

CloudPhone 3G phone is worn all the time, even in the shower. If it detects a fall or a lack of motion, it asks the wearer ‘Are you ok?’

If they’re not ok, it calls for help and shares its location.

Not Just Falls, Lack of Motion too!

Create regular motion alerts based on time of day. For example:

Mom is always up by 9am, so let me know if she isn’t.

CloudPhone can constantly monitor activity and alert you to an unusual lack of movement. For example:

If dad doesn't move for 10 hours, let me know.

If an alert is triggered, you'll receive it on your phone and/or via email, and can see the real-time location of the wearer.

It's polite to ask.

CloudPhone is discrete and clever too. Your loved one might have just slept in, or forgot to wear the device. So, before creating a fuss, the device asks 'Are you OK?'. If they respond that they’re fine, we do not alert you.

Checkout the FALL & MOTION FAQ at the bottom of this page for details.


Now everyone can talk to grandma... at the same time!

CloudPhone 3G can create an instant conference call with your whole family. It’s as easy as pressing a button.

Use Family Calls to talk and share as a family, or to coordinate a response in an emergency.There is no faster way to call for help.

Create your own 'panic words' that trigger instant emergency calls and share the wearer's location.

Talk Grandma through a crisis

If you're helping a family member with medical emergency, just 'swipe' to add 911 or emergency services. They're added to the conference call with just one touch, so you can stay on the line the whole time.

Checkout the FALL & MOTION FAQ at the bottom of this page for details.


CloudPhone lives in a charge dock when it's not being used.

It lasts for 10 days+ of normal operation without charge, so it's no problem if the wearer forgets to charge it occasionally. If the battery is low, you will receive a warning notification on your smartphone via the companion app.

No configuration, works right out of the box

It's the perfect gift for distant relatives, as the device needs no configuration. All your loved one needs to do is take it out of the box and put it on. 

You can manage the service from anywhere in the world!


The following is a description of rewards available to our awesome supporters. Check out the FAQs at the bottom of the page for more info.

We have some very cool stretch goals in the pipes that we'll unveil once our initial target is achieved. Colors? Machine Learning? Arm bands? Flying Monkeys? Watch this space!


In 2011 we started in a basement with just a desire to improve the quality of life for an older member of our family. 

Since then, dozens have joined our cause. We're extremely grateful for the the tremendous support and recognition we've received from the community. After exiting 'stealth mode' 8 months ago, we have won or been a finalist in nearly a dozen innovation and technology awards. Google us and see, everyone is talking.

  • Finalist Tech23 Innovation Awards: Tech23 celebrates Australia’s finest early stage technology companies. 
  • Winner: Rackspace Australia Small Teams, Big Impact (STBI). At this event we competed with 10 of Australia's best start-ups, all trying to change the world. We were privileged to be voted no.1 by an experienced panel lead by Robert Scoble and Australian entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan.
  • International Nomination to Represent Australia at APICTA (Startup Category). The Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards is an international Awards Program recognizing innovation throughout Asia.
  • iAwards National Finalist: Research and Development. We were named a category finalist (R&D) in the 2013 National iAwards. Our 3 person team ranked alongside billion dollar research firms. 
  • iAwards National Finalist: Startup. We were named a category finalist (Startup) in the 2013 National iAwards. This nomination recognized us as one of Australia’s top startups. 
  • TiE 'Go Asia' Event Winner. Selected by an international panel of investors and entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, and Singapore, for innovation and our life changing technology.
  • 2013 CeBit Australia Startup Winner. The ollo mobile team edged out 19 awesome finalists to win the first ever CeBit Australia Startup Competition. 
  • iAwards Winner: QLD Merit Recipient for R&D. iAwards are the leading technology industry awards, recognizing Australian innovation and technology. This award recognized our R&D as amongst the most innovative in the State of Queensland in 2013.
  • Anthill Smart 100 Innovation Award. ollo mobile was selected by a panel of judges and industry experts as one of the Top 100 Australian innovations in 2013.

We're well known in Australia and we love our home, but we've come to San Francisco because there's no better place to change the world with great technology. 


We’re developing a high quality product, using fully licensed and certified components. The following section has the general technical parameters of the CloudPhone 3G hardware, software, and cloud platform.

NOTE ON LTE / 4G: We aren't supporting 4G / LTE at this stage. Coverage is terrible, it's more expensive, battery life is shorter, and the extra bandwidth is not needed. 


The CloudPhone is a fully functional cellular phone. It requires a SIM card (supplied) and 3G or 2G cellular network access to function. 

There is no lock-in contract. Included with every CloudPhone 3G is a SIM card which gives you access to the Cloud Platform and services we've described.

Each month of coverage (Cloud Cover) includes:

  • 20mins free talk from the device to cell phones and domestic land lines (not international). Includes family and conference calls.  
  • 2G/3G data sufficient to deliver location and activity monitoring services
  • You can call the device like a regular cell phone.

Cloud Cover also includes automatic fall and lack of motion monitoring, Safe Path monitoring, complete access to the Lifestyle Analytics healthy insights platform, and unlimited installs of the companion application for the whole family. 

Additional talk time will be billed at an estimated 0.70c per minute, and you can disable extra time billing in your account. This is subject to change, we're working with carriers and datacentre providers to drive this cost down. Support this campaign, get your friends onboard. With more pre-orders, we can get better supply deals and we'll pass the savings on to you.

See the Cloud Cover FAQs for more information.


The following is a brief overview of how the CloudPhone has evolved.

It started with an exciting idea, and some sketches way back in 2011 after a family member was injured in a fall. What would it look like? How would it work?

Version 1

Then we started building. This first one worked great, but had some issues. It wasn't super portable. It fit nicely in a suitcase, not so well in your pocket :) It may also permanently entangle household pets or young children. We became fearful of a tangled cat meme involving our CloudPhone. So we kept working…

First Board Production

With a little help from our friends, we iterated several electrical designs. First batch had yield issues. The issue was that production didn't yield any working prototypes. Muppets or gremlins poorly placed the GSM module. Busted PCBs are cool for nerd cred & make great conversation pieces… But we kept working.

The ugly protuberance is the programming header, this is only present on the prototypes. It makes Ken’s life a little easier, uploading new firmware, testing new components, and running diagnostics.

Happy with the prototype board, Ken designed a 3D model, and then later a shell. For the first time it started looking like a real device. This confirmed our dimension expectations, and allowed us to put it into the hands of real users. 3D printed shells are quite fragile, and definitely not waterproof. But they’re fast, cheap and great for testing.

CloudPhone: The Next Generation.

We’ve conducted thousands of calls in different network conditions and conducted around 100 000 location tests in all kinds of situations (malls, houses, cars, buses, trains, office towers). We’re confident that our platform is robust and stable, even as a prototype.

Our crowdfunding campaign is to support delivery of the commercial version. The following are computer rendered drawings of the device we are currently developing. These are proportionally correct drawings, based on the next design iteration. We’ve included these to give you an understanding of where the design is going.

If you've got some great ideas to share, support the project and let us know. Your input can make real changes.

What are we doing with your money?

The ollo mobile team aren’t eating your money. We are self-sustaining organisms that thrive on hopes, dreams, and cloud puns! We tried to think of more cloud jokes but we mist.

But 'cirrus-iously' (cloud pun), you’re not funding our hobby. You’re not paying our rent. 100% of your contribution is going towards the development of the CloudPhone 3G. 

We’re doing this because we want to work with you to fix a very real, very important problem. Your support is great, your feedback is awesome.

We all believe very passionately that this project will change lives. Our long suffering wives, partners, and friends, support our dream, and are very graciously keeping the lights on at home and food on the table. We couldn’t have gotten this far without their ongoing support over the past 2 years.

Can you really build the CloudPhone for $50K? (The short answer)

Short answer is ‘no’, but the longer answer is ‘yes’. Read on.

It takes millions of dollars to launch a cutting edge piece of tech like CloudPhone with the build quality you expect and deserve. 

Your pledge helps us secure the funding needed to deliver your CloudPhone. 

Why we NEED your support (The longer answer)

We need awesome early adopters. 

Those of you that think their family deserves the best possible care


Those of you in the vanguard of cool tech, the mavericks of innovation. 


Those of you that love the newest and the greatest, and shun Best Buy... except if the deal is really sweet...


Those of you that have the gumption to click the pledge button...


You, our early adopters are proof that the CloudPhone 3G is useful and cool. Your engagement proves to our investors that this is an investment worth making. They don't want us to tell them it's awesome, they want you to hear it from you!

For sharing our dream and joining us on this journey, you’ll have the coolest piece of family tech first, and at cost price

You'll also know that you helped create something special that would not have existed without you.

Your support is absolutely critical. With you behind us, we’ve got the other stuff covered. 

Together, we’ll launch a system that might save the life of someone you love.  


Project Schedule:

The major costs come from more hardware design iterations (Beta, Pre-Production, and Production) and then government certification. We also need to finalize housing design. The prototype shown in the videos is using a 3D printed shell, the commercial version will be smaller, water and impact resistant. 

Then we need to create tooling for mass production of the plastics, create test jigs for quality checking the units, secure bulk lots of components, and conduct a test production run. All of this costs many thousands of dollars.

During this time we’re also paying tens of thousands in fees associated with government certification and emissions testing (FCC, PTCRB, SAR, etc.). See Risks below for deeper explanation.

Lots of hoops to jump through, but we believe this is a life changing device and a journey worth taking!


We've worked hard for 2 years to de-risk this project. We've built a great team with exceptional experience, and we've worked together for a long time. It’s taken 7000+ man hours and many thousands of dollars to get this far.

In various roles, our team has built numerous software systems and cellular devices in the past (stalk us on Linkedin!). We understand how to manage scope, how to keep projects under control, and how to provide meaningful updates and advice to you, our stakeholders. We are all technology professionals, with years of experience.

We're committed to keeping you informed every step of the way. Below we've outlined the key risks in delivering the CloudPhone 3G on time to your door. This is provided to give you insight into where we see the challenges ahead.

Ship Date: 
We have selected high availability components and have kept the hardware spec. simple. We aren’t reinventing wheels or doing anything a polite engineer would term ‘technically adventurous’,

Product Changes: 
We have a very high level of confidence in delivering the CloudPhone as described. We’re confident because we’ve already built it a few times, and have been testing the live platform for 12 months. We have a few things we want to add (if schedule permits) and we’ll be asking our backers what extra functions they’d like most as we progress through the project. Keep an eye on the stretch goals, there's some fun stuff coming that we'll add if budget permits!

Commercialization of the prototype: 
We need a few more revisions of the electrical design. Based on the testing we've done, we want to add things like haptic (vibration) and voice feedback that will make the user experience truly amazing. We plan our design work thoroughly and keep things simple. So far, things have been very smooth, but gremlins can get in despite our best efforts. Gremlins cause budgets to bleed and timelines to creep.

Supplier / Component Difficulty: 
There is always a risk that a supplier will let us down or that there is a spontaneous global shortage of a much needed widget. We’ve avoided custom made components, and are using widely available parts that can be readily switched to a different equivalent brand wherever possible to lower this risk. If we encounter a component shortage, delivery could be delayed if we cannot find a viable alternative quickly.

Certification and Compliance: 
Turnaround times on some certifications can be 10+ weeks. We’ve factored this into our schedule, but if we fail to comply on first attempt, we’ll have to make changes and re-submit. Yep, ouch. Fortunately, we have our own test facilities and our component supplier is offering us free ‘pre-compliance’ testing. This means that when it comes time to submit to Uncle Sam, we’ll be very confident of getting over the line the first time. The major compliance regimes we are pursuing are PTCRB, FCC, SAR, CE, and A-Tick. Your CloudPhone will be fully compliant with government regulations and safe to use.

And as we said before, you'll be kept in the loop the whole time. Good or bad, you'll know what we're up to.

Thank you for your support!

======  FAQS:  ======


What is Cloud Cover & what’s included?

Cloud Cover is the service plan associated with your CloudPhone 3G. Each month, you receive 20 minutes of calls from the CloudPhone and 2G/3G data access for streaming activity and location data from the device. Calls to local and cellular numbers are supported, International dialling is barred at this time (but may be available under a future plan).

It also includes automatic fall and lack of motion monitoring, Safe Path monitoring, complete access to the Lifestyle Analytics healthy insights platform, and unlimited installs of the companion application for the whole family.

Does CloudPhone 3G work with no Cell coverage?

No, CloudPhone requires 2G, 3G, or 3.5G network coverage. The good news is that we’re using a high sensitivity antenna, and it will generally work even with weak network coverage.

What happens when Cloud Cover expires?

Think of CloudPhone as a very specialized cell phone. Cloud Cover is like the service plan you have with your normal cell. If your service expires, your device stops working. You can setup automatic renewals and alerts, and you can choose casual or contract payment arrangements after your initial Cloud Cover expires.

For our *Supporters Only*, you will be able to purchase future access for $20 month without any lock in contract (this will not be available to the general public). It’s just $0.66c a day to know a family member safe and well. I would pay that in a second to save my aunt the trauma she experienced.

How will I Activate the service?

You’ll receive the CloudPhone 3G in the mail. No assembly or configuration of the device is required. Just press the button to turn it on. It will need to be charged at for at least 24 hours prior to use.

When you receive it, we’ll give instructions to login to our website and activate the service. You’ll be prompted to supply or import the relevant information. Once you click “activate”, the CloudPhone is active and working. You do not need to be in physical possession of the device to activate, so you can buy it for your grandparents, and set it up from home.

You need to have either a Credit Card or an approved PayPal account to activate your account.

SIM Activation

The device needs an active SIM card. We’ll supply you with the SIM, but its activation and use are subject to the laws in your jurisdiction/country.

Do I need to have a Smartphone for CloudPhone to Work?

Nope! CloudPhone is not Bluetooth dongle- it’s a standalone cellular phone, designed to be awesome for the elderly and young kids.

Does it use a SIM Card?

Yes. Each CloudPhone is a fully functioning cellular phone. We supply you with the SIM card, each device is configured to work specifically with our Cloud Platform.

CloudPhone 3G is only available in USA, UK, and Australia. SIM cards will be supplied for these regions.

Can I bring my own SIM?

No, not at this stage. Our system is configured to work specifically with the SIM card we supply you. BYO is something we are considering, but have no immediate plans to do it. Allowing people to use whatever SIM card complicates the system quite a lot, and our mantra is keep it simple.

Can I use the SIM card for something else?

No. The SIM we provide you works specifically with our platform. It’s barred from calling anything but our system, and placing it in another device will be a breach of our terms of service (which we’ll provide to you prior to activation).

How do I update contact or other information?

Contact numbers and other personal information can be updated via the companion smartphone application or via our website.


What happens if I miss a call?

You set your own rules. If you miss the call, you can set the system to refer the call to others in your family, or nominate a call answering service (like 911 or a managed service provider). The CloudPhone companion application will show you who answered so you’re not left in the dark.

Why does it use the cloud, why not do it on the device?

Transforming calls and data in the cloud lets us do some very cool and helpful things.

Our voice control doesn’t need a data connection, and you can create your own custom voice profiles.

Pushing calls to the cloud means a call from CloudPhone is never missed. It’s also 5-10x faster than normal phone dialling because we contact many people simultaneously (based on your preferences). It detects humans too, we won’t hand your loved one to voice mail.

The CloudPhone design also keeps the device simple and stable, extends battery life (services are turned on and off as needed). It lets you control any aspect of your loved one’s service remotely via your smartphone. Changes take effect instantly.

Call handling in the cloud?

Call handling from the device is done in real time via our cloud platform. We make sure a call from a CloudPhone is ALWAYS connected to a human. If you miss a call, our system keeps trying different numbers (you’ve nominated) until someone else answers. We recommend you set a 911 / 999 / 000 or a managed service provider as your contact of last resort.

Cloud based call handling also means you can do cool stuff like ‘swipe to add’ people to existing calls (up to 5), and create rules based on time and location, like ‘between 1am and 5am, call 911 not me!’

For information about how we handle your data and what happens to it, check out the Priv


Can I DISABLE Voice Control?

The device works without Voice Control. If you disable it, the device will always create a family conference call and share its location whenever the button is pressed.

This is much simpler, but a little less flexible. Great for Grandma if she doesn’t like fussing around, and just wants to use it to talk to you and live safely.

What speech recognition are you using?

We’re using a very prominent provider. We can’t say more. It works great.

Is it listening to me like the Motorola Moto X?

No, you need to press the button first.

What controls are available?

At launch, you will be able to call someone by referring to their name (first and/or surname), their relationship to you (e.g. son/daughter), or by a special title or key word (e.g. doctor).

You can also create a conference call with voice. You create a call group (e.g. My Family) and nominated the members. Then when the user says ‘call my family’, a call to the whole family is created and whoever is available will join the conversation.

This is also a useful method of creating a ‘panic word’ like ‘help’. If the wearer presses it and says ‘I need help’ everyone is connected in an instant conference and the location of the wearer is shared with the family.

In future, we expect to have a range of commands available for more advanced users like safety call backs, and voice to text messages.

What happens if it doesn’t understand the command?

You control how it works. If it doesn’t understand, it will tell the wearer and suggest most likely best fit. You can set it to ask the wearer to repeat their instruction, or have it automatically call you or another nominated number.

Does it recognize strong accents?

It’s hard to say, try out voice control on your smartphone. Some accents are fine, others not so much.


What is Lifestyle Analytics?

It’s the feature we’re most excited about! It measures a range of activity information to help you and your loved one better understand their health.

It lets you and her see the impact of changes in medication, care, or other life events.

Want to set fitness plan to help her recover from an injury? 

Has she been getting out enough lately? 

CloudPhone gives you and her the tools she needs to live better.

Plus, if you save medication and other information in the application we’ll send you regular reminders to help keep it up to date.

The tools you see in the video are just the start.

Can I disable Lifestyle Analytics?

You can disable it in the companion application.


How does it monitor falls?

CloudPhone uses a multi-axis accelerometer to detect falls and motion.

Can I set Lack of Motion Alarms?

Yes. You can set it based on time of day e.g. mom is always up by 9am, so let me know if she isn’t.

Or base it on periods of inactivity. E.g. if dad hasn’t moved for 10 hours, let me know.

Your loved one might just have slept in, or forgot to wear the device. So, before creating a fuss, the device asks the user if they’re OK. If they respond that they’re fine, we do not alert you.

What happens if they’re not ok or the device doesn’t understand them?

We create a family call (an instant conference call), or call any number or numbers you nominate, and share the location of the wearer. You’ll be talking to the wearer and seeing them on the map in just a few moments.

Do they have to press a button after a fall?

No, the device will call automatically if they’re not OK.

Can I turn off fall and motion detection?

Yes, via the companion application.


Can I create my own Safe Paths?

Yes. Via the companion application, you’ll just tap out the path, set when and how you want it monitored, and tap save. Changes are instant.

What is Safe Path used for?

It’s been designed to take the hassle out of regular travel. It works great to and from school. Other regular events like weekly shopping or travel for medical care, regular social outings or even regular exercise or circuits.

Does it work indoors?

Yes. It will work whever you have cell coverage and there are WiFi hotspots around (you don’t need to connect to the hotspot, they just have to be around). This means it works very well in urban environments like shopping malls.

Can I monitor more than 1 device?

Yes, you can have as many as you like. Each can have it’s own Safe Paths.



I’m not from the US, UK, or Australia. Why won’t it work in my country?

We’ve imposed this limitation to make the launch more manageable. We need to deploy and support cloud software in each region and we need to comply with local government regulations.

As a startup, 3 countries is extremely ambitious, we can’t stretch any further without seriously risking the quality of the service we provide to you. To tell us to hurry up and come to your country, pledge $5 and we’ll make sure you’re first to know. If we get enough pledges from a new region, we’ll add it as a stretch goal.


Does the device show when it’s sharing location?

Yes. The blue LED pulses constantly when it’s sharing location. This cannot be disabled.

Can I turn off Location Sharing?

Yes. The account holder can partially or totally disable location sharing. For example, you may set the CloudPhone to only share its location during an emergency event, or you might elect to have it share its location periodically throughout the day. Or you might disable location sharing entirely. It’s up to you.

Is my information encrypted?

We’re using 512bit encryption to secure your information.

Do I have to provide medical or other sensitive information?

No. The service works just fine without it.

We’ve made it possible to securely save this information because in our own families, we have real problems remembering and keeping track of our grandparent’s medications, allergies, ailments and the like.

In an emergency, the companion application lets you share it instantly and securely with paramedics or other first responders. The link it generates automatically expires after 3 hours, so you don’t have to share login information or worry about people snooping later.

The only information required to use the service is names, email addresses, and contact numbers of the people you want to have the CloudPhone to call or notify.

Can I turn off location tracking?

Yes. This is managed within the companion app. The device pulses blue when it is reporting it’s location.

We know protecting the privacy of your information is critical. Here is an outline of how we’re managing it. A complete disclosure statement will be provided prior to you activating your service. It will be in plain English, and comply completely with the laws in your country.

What is Personal Information?

This is all the information you provide us that personally describes you. Phone numbers, names, date of birth etc. Anything that can be used to work out who you are. We use this information to deliver and manage the service. We will not sell it to third parties, or use it for any other reason than to provide you with great service. You can delete it at anytime. This is just a summary of our privacy policy, we take it very seriously.

Where will it be stored?

Your personal data will be kept in your country of origin. If you register from the US, your data will remain in the US, likewise if you’re an Aussie, it stays down-under. Each region has its own instance of our software, hosted in local datacentres. Personal data will not be shared or moved between regions. 

We use a reputable US based email provider to manage external communications, such as automated ‘alert’ notifications. Name, email address and your notification preferences will be physically stored in datacentres in the US.

What will we do with it?

We use it to deliver a personalised service to you and your family. Such as who’s calling, what their contact details are, and whether to display options relevant to an older person or a child. You decide when and to whom your information is shared, the application gives you complete control. That’s it, nothing tricky. As mentioned before, we will not sell your personal information to third parties.

Can you delete it?

Yes. In the unlikely event that you want to your account deleted, just let us know you want it gone and we’ll permanently delete your information.

Location Information

Our device and software may collect location information from GPS, Cell tower, and WiFi hotspots. This can be disabled and managed via your account preferences. We only ever collect location information to support your use of the service, we do not collect it without your explicit permission. The device DOES NOT constantly share its’ location with you. It shares only when you set it to do so. The following describes how we handle your location information.

Where does it live?

We store identifiable location information reported by the device in your country of origin. It’s kept for a maximum of 72hrs. We use a highly reputable US based 3rd party service to assist in working out where the device is. They do not retain the information, they process it and send it back to us.

What will we do with it?

Location information is securely shared with your family via our software for a number of reasons that you will configure.

As part of an emergency alert we share the real-time location of the device for 3 hours. After this time, tracking automatically stops and current and historical location is hidden.

Our Safe Path route monitoring collects location info during the periods you set it to be active. As above, during the active period you can see the location of the device via your account. 3 hours after the end of this tracking period, the historical location information is hidden.

As an account holder, you may also poll the device remotely. This information is handled in the same way as an emergency alert- collected for 3 hours then stopped unless polled again.

IMPORTANT: COPPA Regulation (USA only)

If you are buying a CloudPhone for use by a child aged 13 or under located in the US, we need your explicit consent to collect personal and location information about the child. This consent will be captured when you activate your device. Additionally, you must have a valid credit card which we will charge for $1.00 at the time of activation, to prove that you are an adult capable of providing consent.  These actions are necessary to comply with US law. 

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  • $5USD
    CloudPhone Supporter

    Changing the world is a team sport, thanks for joining in! Exclusive access to ‘Supporter Only’ updates. Your name in our "You made this possible" 3D cloud of fame on our website (coming soon, it's cool).

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    **Super Early ** Care Package

    A massive discount and a huge thanks to our friends and earliest supporters. Your support made this possible! 1 x CloudPhone 3G (^choice of color) 1 x Wireless Charging Dock 1 x Silicone Lanyard 3 x Months 'Cloud Cover' + SIM card **Unlimited App Installs Free postage in the USA, $30 everywhere else. ^Onyx or Pearl. Help us to unlock more. **Each Care Package comes with the companion smartphone application for the whole family to use (iOS/Android).

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $249USD
    Super 6 Care Package

    Double is always better. Get 6 months 'Cloud Cover' and save. Stratospheric value! 1 x CloudPhone 3G (^choice of color) 1 x Wireless Charging Dock 1 x Silicone Lanyard 6 x Months 'Cloud Cover' ** Unlimited App Installs Free postage in the USA, $30 everywhere else. ^Onyx or Pearl. Help us to unlock more. **All Care Packages come with the companion smartphone application for the whole family to use (iOS/Android).

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $449USD
    Family Care Package

    Hate choosing which parent you love more? We do too :) Keep them both safe and connected with the family pack. Perfect for your grandparents! Includes 2 of everything you need: 2 x CloudPhone 3G (^choice of color) 2 x Wireless Charging Dock 2 x Silicone Lanyard 2 x (6 x Months 'Cloud Cover') + 2 SIM Cards ** Unlimited App Installs Free postage in the USA, $40 everywhere else. ^Onyx or Pearl. Others may become available.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $849USD
    RAIN MAKERS (Developers+)

    Are you 'cirrus' about building your own app for the CloudPhone 3G? Want precipitate access? Limited to enthusiasts! Work with our team to finalize the API and device controls, and get early access and support. 1 x Pre-Production CloudPhone 3G (UNCERTIFIED) - API access, and input into the design & integration - Exclusive beta tester access and support ****PLUS**** 1 x Super 3 Care Package at commercial launch. Free postage in the USA, $40 everywhere else.

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $5,499USD
    Storm Front (25 Pack)

    Do you operate a business or care facility that could use a few CloudPhones? Want a common dashboard for multiple wearers? Coverage discounts for larger fleets, contact us. This pack contains: 25 x CloudPhone 3Gs (^choice of color) 25 x Wireless Charging Docks 25 x Silicone Lanyards 25 x 6 Months 'Cloud Cover' ** Unlimited App Installs Free postage in the USA, $75 elsewhere. ^Onyx or Pearl. **All Care Packages come with unlimited companion application installs (iOS/Android).

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
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