CLOAQ APPAREL® is a revolutionary clothing company protecting our customers from harmful (EMF)Electromagnetic Fields that electronics and mobile devices emit.

Where Fashion meets Technology.     
Behind the Seams...

I'm extremely excited to share the CLOAQ w/RadiaShield® cap with you on IndieGoGo!  I have been a television camera operator for 20 years.  My job requires me to use electronic devices and microwave transmitters 10-14 hours daily.  Just like cell phones these microwaves emit harmful EMF(Electromagnetic Fields).  I was experiencing severe headaches, insomnia and some hearing loss from these electronics.  So I decided to develop CLOAQ APPAREL®.  CLOAQ is a revolutionary, cutting edge clothing company bridging the gaps between fashion, protection, & technology.  I am committed to protecting ALL who use electronic and mobile devices from the harmful radiation these devices can emit. 

I have partnered with RadiaShield® Technologies, the makers of BellyArmor®, who have carefully developed and designed an advanced technological fabric that shields Electromagnetic fields(EMF) which many scientists and doctors around the world report could be the cause of some forms of cancer and illnesses. 

RadiaShield® Fabric (Click to see test report)

VIDEO TESTSOver the past 5 years I have researched, tested and built this amazing prototype.  The craftsmanship of each trim detail & every protective stitch of thread are results of hours and days of thought and careful application.  Every product of CLOAQ APPAREL® is meticulously planned and expertly executed to achieve maximum protection to its user. Our durable, quality caps have RadiaShield® Fabric invisibly embedded inside.  You won’t notice you are being protected.  You have been “CLOAQ’d”. 

My initial goal was to protect myself and my coworkers from the harmful radiation we were being exposed to daily.  But in the process I realized that my product could not only be useful for myself but for anyone who uses cell phones and electronics.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Our CLOAQ APPAREL IndieGoGo project provides you the chance to pre-order the CLOAQ with RadiaShield cap. The funds you pledge will be used to directly fund the completion of this project; purchasing the materials needed to manufacture your hats as well as buy equipment needed to manufacture efficiently and at a large scale.  It will also allow us to produce the apparel at our manufacturing facility minutes from downtown Los Angeles.  With your help in the near future we will offer more colors and also bring you fitted caps, hoodies, underwear & jeans.  We can’t tell you how excited and proud we are to produce a quality "MADE IN THE USA” product.  THANK YOU for taking the time to view our product!  We look forward to getting started!


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