Climate Justice Hub: A Basecamp For Building The Climate Movement This Summer

A dedicated space for planning campaigns, hosting community meetings, holding trainings and teach-ins, making art, bringing people together, & much more.
Climate Justice Hub
Boston, Massachusetts
United States
2 Team Members

“The beauty of this whole thing is that because it’s the greatest challenge that we’re facing, it’s also the greatest opportunity to come together and reclaim community” Dorian Williams, SJSF 

Our Vision for the Climate Justice Hub

This summer, we want to launch a project called “the Climate Justice Hub,” a student-run community space in Boston to intensify the climate movement in New England. The Hub will be active 7-days-a-week from June through August of 2013, in Somerville, MA.

The space will help maintain the momentum among local students in Boston, who have been leading incredible direct actions all year. From locking themselves in TransCanada’s corporate office to organizing thousands to attend the Forward on our Future march in Washington, DC, students and young people in New England are putting their time and bodies on the line to build a climate justice movement.

Students participate in nonviolent direct action protesting the Keystone XL pipeline

Students participate in nonviolent direct action protesting the Keystone XL pipeline

Students Rally for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Students Rally for Fossil Fuel Divestment


What Will Happen at the Hub?

Six student staff will facilitate the space, with an explicit focus on four key areas: leadership development, campaign planning, creative direct actions, and relationship-building.


Leadership Development

To ensure the Hub has an impact that lasts beyond the summer, the student staff will focus on developing leadership and building capacity within the Boston-area climate justice movement. 

Student staff will work with community organizations to host organizing trainings and workshops throughout the summer. Cultural diversity trainings and exercises will be held throughout the summer, incorporating inclusive values into the ongoing activities at the space. The student staff will also bring in leaders from communities directly impacted by fossil fuels, academia and local social justice organizations for events, discussions, and trainings. Participants will be encouraged to organize their own events, workshops, and skillshares in The Hub space, and offered student staff support as necessary.

At the end of the summer, our goal is to have built power by deepening leadership and spreading skills across the Boston-area climate justice community. The six student staff will also grow as leaders, returning to their campuses in the fall with new skills, community connections, and a fuller understanding of the craft of organizing as a result of their experience in the Hub. 


Campaign Planning

The Hub will provide a home for new and existing grassroots campaigns, host strategy sessions and action planning meetings, and provide a place for citizen activists to connect with local social justice organizations.

Student staff members have already identified several existing campaigns that they plan to spend time on:

  •  Locally, student staff will help bring fossil fuel divestment to the city/state level, focusing on reinvestment in a way that connects with local social justice organizations’ existing goals and projects.
  • Regionally, student staff will focus on campaigns such as Boston-area transit justice, shutting down the Brayton Point coal power station, or pushing for the completion of Cape Wind.

  • On the national stage, student staff will contribute time towards campaigns such as stopping the Keystone XL pipeline or pressuring Bank of America to divest from coal.

In addition, the space and resources of The Hub will be available for community members wishing to work on other existing campaigns or launch new ones. Allowing all of these efforts to share space and resources will create a dynamic environment ideal for facilitating strategic and well-coordinated campaigns.


Creative Direct Action

The Hub also intends to be a basecamp for creative direct action planning. The Hub will provide materials and a creative space for arts and culture workshops and large scale art builds.

Hub student staff and community members will arrange large non-violent direct action trainings, and encourage participants to form small affinity groups to provide them with the support necessary to participate in direct actions.

Student staff time will also be put towards helping plan three large-scale direct actions for the region around local fossil fuel infrastructure projects, in conjunction with Fearless Summer, Summer Heat, and the national movement.


Relationship Building

The Hub will be a social destination as well as an organizing space. That continuity will enable the development of strong relationships, providing a necessary foundation for effective organizing.

The student staff will work together to make the space inclusive, and incorporate cultural diversity into the activities taking place at the Hub. One of the student staff members will devote her time to intentional outreach and relationship-building between the environmental and social justice communities in Boston.

Student staff will also design the Hub as an intentional space for new activists to enter the movement. They will connect new participants to existing organizing groups and support their development as leaders and activists.


Student activists at the Forward on Climate rally in DC


Your Donation Will...

  • Enable us to rent a beautiful space to serve as the home for the climate justice movement in Boston.

  • Allow student climate justice organizers to maintain the space and lead campaigns full time

  • Help us keep the space free of cost for the community

  • Provide us with resources to bring in top trainers, climate justice leaders, academics, and artists for programs, events, and skill-shares.


The kinds of things your donation will pay for:

$25 - snacks and refreshments for an intensive training workshop

$50- paint and materials for the Art Build space

$100- honoraria for trainers from community organizations

$250- help cover the cost of the Wifi for the space

$500 - travel costs for a speaker from a community directly impacted by fossil fuel extraction

$1000- help cover the stipend for one of the full-time student organizers


Our Team: CJ Hub Student Staff


Dan Jubelirer

I am is a rising Junior at Tufts University, majoring in Peace and Justice studies. I attended a small Quaker high school in North Carolina, where I came to love the ideals of interconnectedness,  respect for all, and stewardship of nature. I believe human beings are deeply interconnected with the earth and with each other, and that working towards environmental sustainability also means creating social justice in all parts of society. I have worked with Advocates for Youth on youth sexual health, Students for Justice in Palestine at Tufts, Generation Waking Up, and joined Students for a Just and Stable Future in the fall of 2012.  


Will Pearl

I am a rising sophomore at Tufts University majoring in Environmental Studies. Hailing from Vermont, I have grown an appreciation for the land and the people who work and care for it in my own state but more importantly in connection to the rest of the world. I see climate change as the single greatest environmental and social justice issue of our time and am committed to working in solidarity with frontline communities and those affected by the climate crisis. I recently became very involved in the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline and have worked to fight the fossil fuel industry through Tufts’ divestment campaign. I am also a musician, a poet and a solar panel enthusiast!


Alli Welton

I recently finished my second year at Harvard College.  I grew up in a ranching community in eastern Washington state, angry at the economic inequality I saw around me and what poverty did to my friends’ lives. That experience led me to care about social justice more broadly, including climate and environmental justice. Since moving to Boston, I have worked with Students for a Just and Stable Future on campaigns around Keystone XL, fossil fuel subsidies, and fossil fuel divestment.


Jacklyn Gil

Hello! I am a rising senior at Brandeis University, majoring in Peace & Justice Studies. Growing up in a largely Latino immigrant community has led to a passion in environmental justice organizing (and salsa dancing).  Over the past year I have worked on campaigns in various areas of social justice including tenants rights, labor rights, student debt, and fossil fuel divestment. In February of 2013 I participated in an act of civil disobedience against the Keystone XL pipeline and became fully aware of how powerful the growing climate justice movement has become. This summer I hope to help cultivate an empowering, inclusive culture of solidarity through peacebuilding arts and creative cultural exchange.


Ben Thompson

Ben is a graduate student studying Mathematics at Boston University.  Originally from the Seacoast Region in New Hampshire, Ben attended Cornell College in Iowa, graduating in 2012 with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Physics.  Ben has been an active environmentalist since 2004 and a climate activist in earnest since 2008 when he began organizing events.  In August of 2011, he participated in the Tar Sands Action sit-in outside the White House.  Ben  SJSF in the summer of 2012, and helped organize the January 7th sit-in at the Westborough TransCanada office.  Outside of Mathematics and fighting global warming, Ben enjoys running, biking, crocheting, and pretending to play the clarinet.


Sophia Goodfriend

I am a rising Sophomore at Tufts University majoring in American Studies. Originally from Seattle, Washington I got turned onto issues of social and economic justice after spending time in El Salvador my junior year of high school. My time abroad opened my eyes to the scope of inequality and injustice suffered by the majority of our globe’s population. Over the past few years I have become attuned to how the diverse social-justice issues I am committed to are interconnected and the way in which climate change affects the world’s least fortunate to the greatest and most harmful degree. I have worked with Citizens in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador, Students for Justice in Palestine at Tufts and became heavily involved with Tufts’ Divestment campaign this past winter.

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