Climate, Community, and the Work That Reconnects in Indonesia!

This is a campaign dedicated to supporting sustainability education, community outreach with the Samdhana Institute, and WTR facilitation in Indonesia.

My Story

Hello! Thank you for visiting my campaign! My name is Lydia and I have been a dedicated student of Joanna Macy's for the past 4 years, learning practices in ecological education, community building, and group process work.  I was first introduced to Joanna while pursuing a Masters in Philosophy and Religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies. I have been deeply influenced by Joanna's work, which has helped many people learn to hold the difficult feelings that can arise from being present with the realities of our current environmental crises. This work has the ability to help us speak our truth, deepen our communities, and catalyze our willingness to show up for each other and our world.  I am also passionate about food justice and sustainable food cultivation, including permaculture practices.

The Project

I have facilitated the Work That Reconnects all over the US, and now have the incredible opportunity to go to Indonesia from February 14-28 of this year.  I will be visiting two trully amazing friends of Joanna's who have been engaged in sustainability work through the ClimateWorks Foundation as well as community building through the Samdhana Institute. Both of my hosts are also facilitators of the Work That Reconnects, and while I am there I will be engaged in training and strategy session, joining them to learn from their good works and offer my own training and gifts.  Through this kind of firsthand experience I will be able to extend my knowledge and experience of effective hands-on sustainability work. It would mean so much to me to be able to do this, and with your help it will happen!

What I Need & What You Get

In order to make this happen I will need:

$1200-1400 for a plane ticket

$800 travel expenses including transportation, food, and lodging

$300 project documentation/materials fund

As a token of my gratitude, I would like to offer a variety of gifts as a thank you for your contribution. Thank you so much for making this opportunity a reality!


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