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Clickdrive tracks your car's performance, helps reduce your fuel bills and records a video of your drive to share with your friends.
Mark Sutheran
2 Team Members
Clickdrive tracks your car's performance, helps reduce your fuel bills and records a video of your drive to share with your friends.

With your support we can build the revolutionary hardware that can run all these apps and more at the same time

As seen in:

Clickdrive is a new kind of device for Connected Cars that allows you to download and run multiple driving Apps at the same time - with upgradeable hardware and Open API the possibilities are endless.

We're excited to launch Clickdrive with our Performance Bundle for car enthusiasts:
  • Custom dashboards with charting and programable safety alerts
  • Record your track day with our racing overlays
  • Measure your car's performance, track it over time
  • Reduce your car's gas bills, know your car's unique fuel consumption profile
  • Blackbox data recorder, evidence if you get into an accident
  • Your own personal cloud to store your performance data
Contribute now and share with your friends! With your help we can build the dedicated hardware we need to run these apps.

Clickdrive Referral Bonus

To thank you for spreading the word we would like to offer you a free Clickdrive. When your friends order 4 units we will give you yours free!

Just share your personal campaign link with your friends so we can track who referred whom.

What's different about Clickdrive?

Clickdrive doesn't work the same way as regular adapters. Rather than limiting you to running a single App on your mobile device, Clickdrive allows you to run many apps simultaneously - on the device, on your mobile, on aftermarket displays and on the cloud. This is the future of connected cars:

A quick comparison with other adapters on the market:

What's in The Box?

Clickdrive does not make calls, play tunes or check your mail. It is designed with one purpose - to connect your car. There is no other device on the market with the same combination of performance, reliability and security. In particular what makes Clickdrive unique:
  • Run multiple Driving Apps at the same time
  • Connect with Android/iOS/Windows mobile devices
  • Upgradable module - increase storage or add GSM connectivity
With the Clickdrive Open API, we've streamlined and simplified the process of connecting to your car so that anyone with basic skills can write a car-connected App using our technology that can outperform virtually anything on the market today.

How you can help

Today we've built the prototype, core code, demo apps but we need your support (and $$$s) to bring it onto the production line. By pre-ordering Clickdrive or selecting one of the perks you help us take the final step.

We're working on the first bundle of driving apps for enthusiasts - here are the top ones.
  • Customisable Dashboards

  • Unlock the hidden data in your car. Display it on your smartphone or tablet or stream it to our cloud servers and access it anywhere.

    Analyse the channels you want, Clickdrive is constantly monitoring your car so you can set safety limits and get alerts if anything starts to go wrong.

    Because Clickdrive supports multiple devices simultaneously you can replace your mechanical gauges with reconfigurable electronic ones.

    We're working on skinnable retro/futuristic dashboards. Watch this space...

  • Driving Recorder

  • Want to record your daily drive or your heroic lap times? How about showing your mates your awesome line?

    Use your phone camera and customisable overlays to create epic recordings of your drive, then upload and share
    By avoiding 'hard-burning' your driving data into the video you can reconfigure your overlay even after the day!
  • Fuel Saver

  • As Clickdrive monitors your car it builds a unique fuel consumption profile. The result: we can tell you exactly how you should drive in order to reduce your fuel bills.

    Too heavy with the right foot, going to fast or too slow? With a customised fuel-consumption profile and live feedback you can take your hyper-miling to the next level.
  • Performance Monitoring

  • Maybe you're only worried about fuel bills because you just spent all your cash on upgrades. We can measure your car's performance stats without an expensive trip to the Dyno. You can upload your curves to the cloud and compare the history of all the mods you've made, or just show off to your friends.

  • Blackbox data recorder

  • Unfortunate enough to get into an accident or get pulled over by the police? Back up your claim with your own Blackbox data recorder

    You know your position, speed, acceleration, throttle and can prove it was the other guy's fault!

And here's a look at some other Apps that are going to keep us busy in 2014...

  • Make sure your family are driving safely, receive alerts when they're home
  • Breakdown assistance with precise location and diagnostic information
  • Car locator - don't lose your car. Simple
More apps? How about car sharing, carpark space finder, driver safety analysis, navigation maps with live traffic speeds. Got a better idea of your own? Fantastic - you can bring your idea to life with the Open API.

Clickdrive really started back in 2004 with a sick Fiat Coupe. I'd blown up the engine and wanted to avoid that happening again, thought I'd connect into the engine so I could monitor it properly. Ended up building and publishing the first kit to hack into these cars.

After a few too many years working in banking I wanted to do something I could be passionate about. The great idea was to build great cloud-connected apps for car enthusiasts. But I failed.

The problem was the adapters, the physical component that connects with the car. Most existing adapters were slow, leading to unresponsive, laggy apps. Almost none had any real security built in. But the dealbreaker was they all had the same flaw, they only let a single App connect at a time. This was crazy - when is the last time you used a computer that could only run one application at at time?

The design was fundamentally broken.

I teamed up with Rishi and went back to the drawing board, taking the same engineering principles you use in high performance trading systems and to build a new platform for connected cars. We designed the hardware and the core software services to make the best design we could, called it Clickdrive.

Once we fixed the adapter it was time for the Apps. We made building connected Apps simpler - anyone with basic skills could do it. The problem was that there were too many Apps to build, so we created the Clickdrive Open Platform to allow others to build on this technology.

The problem we're having is that there are too many good ideas; Too many apps for us to possibly create! So we realised we needed to make Clickdrive an Open Platform. This means developers can use our free SDK to create and share their own apps.
  • For developers
  • We make connecting your apps to cars simple - no need to deal with the complexities of the car protocols and data formats; so you can focus on doing something cool.
    Create free or paid apps - we'll support you. This project is too big for one startup - it can only reach it's potential with you guys on board!

Yes you can buy cheap OBDII adapters - here's why you shouldn't.

The era of Connected Cars is coming. Within a few years you will be able to choose from thousands of car-connected Apps. You can't do this today because the adapters can only run one app at a time. Sometimes you even need to physically swap out the adapter to change Apps.

Most of these adapters have poor performance and generally no effective security, none that we know of can protect you from malicious Apps hacking your car. If you don't think that will be a problem, check out the vid below:

At the other end of the spectrum you have locked-down adapters which are usually very expensive and almost impossible to upgrade.

We've redesiged car connectivity from the ground up to fix these problems:

  • Multiple Apps
  • Run multiple Apps at the same time not just on Clickdrive but simultaneously on multiple connected devices.

  • Multiple Platforms
  • Because Clickdrive has the brains on the device it will be compatible with all major mobile platforms - iPhone, Android, Windows and all major web browsers.

  • Multiple Devices
  • Clickdrive is designed with an integral WiFi AP so you're not limited to one connection. This allows dedicated gauges, HUDs, external sensors and wearable technology.

  • Futureproof
  • We're packing the best hardware we can into Clickdrive so it can handle whatever we can throw at it. The external module will be upgradeable to add more memory or add new connectivity options - 4G, Zigbee.

  • Always Connected
  • We're designing Clickdrive to have server class reliability. Unlike a smartphone the device is always connected to your car and never runs out of batteries. This enables professional quality apps.

  • Secure
  • We take security very seriously indeed. Your private data will be encrypted from source to server - only you and those you choose will have any access to it. Equally important; unlike standard adapters Clickdrive's security will protect your car from hackers and malicious apps

  • Safety
  • Clickdrive is one of the very few devices that runs on a secure network - isolating your car from remote hackers. As a second level of security Clickdrive is the ONLY device with a firewall to protect your car from both hackers and malicious apps

  • Integrated
  • We design the hardware, the software and the cloud services to work together so we can offer the best performance and the smoothest plug-and-play experience.

Clickdrive plugs into your car - within the driver's compartment, usually under the steering wheel.

You access Clickdrive over WiFi with your smartphone, tablet or even laptop. We've designed it to work with pretty much any device and multiple devices simultaneously. Download the apps you want and access them from within your car or anywhere via our cloud servers.

It doesn't stop there. We plan for Clickdrive to integrate with dedicated displays, heads-up displays, smart glasses and other wearable technology. We have other cool ideas that our lawyers won't even let us publish!

We want to disrupt driving and we want all drivers to have access to this technology - not just those fortunate enough to afford high-end marques.

But that's the future, let's summarise what we can do now.
  • Works with 95% of cars on the road
  • Compatible with all major brands of phones, tablets, laptops.
  • Simple to install. Secure, Fast, Reliable
  • Open Platform allows developers to create new apps
  • Core apps to be shipped with the device

This is the Early Access Program - your chance to get in from the very beginning

It's going to take time to complete the final hardware. Waiting is dull. So we want to give supporters with Android devices something from day one. Equally important - we want supporters to drive the development of the project.

No the lite version will not have the full benefits of the full Clickdrive, and yes it will have some rough edges in the beginning. However, this is your chance in from the start - you guys will be key to driving the evolution of the platform.

From a purely pragmatic perspective this work is vital to ensure we have ironed out all the issues with the core software before we ship the final hardware. This process will ensure that the SDK is field tested and vehicle specific issues are addressed earlier rather than later.

n.b. Early access is released in phases and we will limit each release in order to make sure that we can deliver what we promise. Earlier birds get the earlier worm.

Clickdrive is not another OBDII adapter, it's what OBDII adapters want to become when they grow up.

We will finalise the specs as late as possible in order to get the latest hardware however, the current minimum specs are as follows:

  • 1Ghz CPU, 512M RAM, 2G Drive
  • Acelerometer, Compass 
  • High performance GPS 
  • WiFi - secure Access Point for your car
  • Rotating hinge: Fold Clickdrive away from legs when driving. You're welcome.

If the campaign hits it's stretch goals we'll upgrade the hardware too! More details to follow...

Clickdrive relies on the OBDII protocol to connect to your car. There's a lot of information about this on the interweb however, as a guide all cars produced in the following countries from the following dates will be compatible:

Region Engine Year of Production
United States Petrol 1996 Onwards
United States Diesel 2004 Onwards
Asia (export*) Petrol 2001 Onwards
Europe Petrol 2001 Onwards
Europe Diesel 2004 Onwards
Australia, New Zealand Petrol/Diesel 2006 Onwards
Work to support more vehicles will be an ongoing project however, we want to ensure that the standard apps will work with all the cars above.

Please bear in mind, some cars will work better than others. Older vehicles with slower protocols will not be as responsive as more modern cars. Whatever the car Clickdrive will automatically optimise the connection in order to provide the best performance for each vehicle.

* n.b. JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) cars often have limited compatability with OBDII standards - unfortunately support for these models can't be guaranteed. Please contact us for more details.

Coming up to 2 years work on this project here's where we are so far.
  • Working Clickdrive Prototype
  • Beta SDK for Web and Android
  • Demo Web, Android and Desktop Apps
  • Backed by our secure Cloud servers
Our prototype already supports up to 4 devices on different platforms simultaneously with performance gain of 500% over some commercial adapters. We have good reason to believe the final version will have even more impressive stats.

To test out our SDK front to back we have implemented Clicktrack - a secure, real-time GPS tracking app streaming data through our cloud servers.

And finally we have completed the Industrial design, initial Mechanical Engineering and Electical Engineering for the Clickdrive adapter. And this is as far as we can go without your help!

The campaign is raising cash to build the hardware. Specifically to cover the non-recurring expenses around commercialising the adapter.

We have self-funded so far but we need the cash for the next step - to get the Clickdrive adapter onto the production line. Designing and producing new hardware requires a lot of capital.

The details can be broken down to three main groups:
  • Final engineering to commercialise the adapter
  • Production tooling costs
  • (making the moulds for the casing, 'debugging' the production line)
  • Material costs for the first production run
This is why we are running an all or nothing campaign! The campaign goal is the minimum amount we need to bring Clickdrive to the market - if we don't raise the target amount we cannot launch.

We know that execution is critical. We know that anyone who pre-orders a product from Indiegogo expects to receive a quality product on the scheduled delivery date.

We also know that bringing new hardware to market is difficult and we will face challenges. We would like to reassure you that we have considered the risks and how to mitigate them
  • Firstly we have demonstrated that the technology works with a functional prototype. Even at this stage clickdrive can still outperform commercially available hardware!
  • Secondly we have partnered with award-winning design house We Are Perspective who bring their expertise in design and manufacture of hi-tech consumer electronics to the project.
  • Also... we're not exactly fresh out of college and have many years of experience in delivering global, multi-million dollar technology projects. Not to be complacent - each project has it's own challenges which should never be underestimated - but it helps.

Of course our supporters can pre-order an awesome Clickdrive and secure one of the very first units at an amazing discount to the retail price!

And for those that don't drive we have other perks.
  • Get your hands on one our exclusive stickers to shamelessly brand your favourite possessions or slow-moving pets.
  • And don't forget our classy t-shirts designed in a fetching black which is not only slimming but also effectively hides oil and grease stains.
All our supporters will get a place on our founders page and access to all discussions and project updates!

And please, please help us by spreading the word! Share the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or your favoure forums. This is really, really important.
Tip: Use the share tools below!

App Developers: If you want to build car-connected Apps we would love to hear from you! Please get in touch and we'll keep you up to date with release dates for the SDK.

And of course we would love to hear your feedback! Send us messages of support, comments or ideas for Apps.

With a successful campaign ending in March we have the following milestones
Milestone Date Description
Campaign End Mar 2014 Campaign ends. Goodies ship
Clickdrive lite Apr 2014 Shipping date for Clickdrive lite to supporters
Clickdrive P1 May 2014 Prototype #1 of Clickdrive adapter produced and ready for testing
Clickdrive P2 August 2014 Prototype #2 of Clickdrive adapter produced and ready to be sent to beta testers
Clickdrive: Phase One Nov 2014 Clickdrive Phase One ready for shipping to supporters.
We know there will be a lot of challenges in bringing this product to market and we don't want to disappoint supporters by promising and not delivering. So we have been working closely with our design and engineering partners to create a conservative development timeline.

Cars are expensive toys and Clickdrive can help reduce these costs. If you can avoid a single trip to the garage whether it's for a dyno run to check your performance, turning off a check-engine-light or even avoiding a full engine rebuild it's basically paid for itself. If it helps you with your insurance claim it's paid for itself. If it cuts 10% off your fuel bill it will pay for itself in a year. Clickdrive is the only product that can allow you to monitor your engine, reduce your fuel bill and automatically record your trip all at the same time.

Clickdrive is not another OBDII adapter - it's a revolutionary product. We're taking a risk to build what we believe is the best product, rather than compromising and launching with a copycat adapter. Of course we're packing a lot of quality technology into the box. But equally important, it's a connected product, backed by our cloud servers, that will evolve and grow over time as new Apps are created and available for download.

The team have many years of experience in investment banking (no, really) - building award winning, high performance, global trading systems. They wanted to take their skills and experience and do something useful instead.

Mark produced the first kit to hack into Motronic 2.4.10 engine Electronic Control Units back in 2004 after recklessly blowing up his engine. Since then he's been annoying colleagues by delivering bulky car parts to the office, in between designing multi-million dollar, cutting-edge trading systems and perfecting his secret pizza recipe.

Rishi leads a double life; by day mild-mannered consultant optimising low-latency trading systems, by night he is the hero Clickdrive deserves, and professional King Leonidas impersonator (available for birthdays, weddings and bar mitzvahs).

  • How do I install Clickdrive?
  • Clickdrive plugs into the On-Board Diagnostics (OBDII) port. This is located within arms-reach of the driver, usually under the steering column.

  • Does Clickdrive need batteries?
  • Clickdrive is powered from the car battery. It draws a small current when the engine is on and drops into low-power mode when the engine is off to avoid battery drain

  • Doesn't Clickdrive lite work with my iPhone?
  • Sadly not the lite version at this time. The lite version of Clickdrive is based off an Android app (minimum version Honeycomb). The full version of Clickdrive will of course support Apple devices

  • Why choose Android for Clickdrive lite?
  • We're small so we had to choose a single platform for native apps. The brute fact is that there are a lot more 'Droid devices around than Apple devices

  • How do I know if my Clickdrive works with my car?
  • Easiest ways is to Google your car make + model + "OBD"! Please drop us a line and we'll help out.

  • Do you support Manufacturer's PIDs?
  • A core part of the Clickdrive Open API is the ability to support non-standard PIDs on a per-vehicle basis. However, cataloging this information is a big project which will almost certainly need help from the community; so we can't promise that there will be much support out of the box from day one.

  • How well will my car work with Clickdrive?
  • Much more difficult to find that information. For example, modern cars can provide 200 data updates a second (and much more) while older protocols may produce less than 10 data updates a second. This will affect the responsiveness (latency) of any app and potentially the number of diffferent apps that can operate simultaneously. We are working on compiling a definitive list.

  • Can I use Clickdrive to tune my car by reflashing my ECU?
  • We're not planning to support that ability with this version - in particular we don't support the SAE J2534 protocol. However we are looking at the possibility of designing a tuner version of Clickdrive.

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  • $20USD

    Your support is helping to build the Internet of Cars. You have positive karma, a place on our Founders page and access to all discussions and Clickdrive updates.

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  • $50USD

    Founder status + classy t-shirt designed in a fetching black. Not only slimming but also effectively hides oil and grease stains.

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    Estimated delivery: April 2014
  • $279USD

    Don't have an Android device? Get your hands on one of the first production Clickdrives at a great discount and we'll skip the lite version! Retail value $329. Add $25 for international shipping.

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
  • $359USD

    Get one developer Clickdrive and access to the SDK before the consumer release! Add $25 for international shipping.

    8 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • $1,120USD

    Get 5 Clickdrives for the price of 4! Going on a track day with your mates? Record all the action and share it online. Retail value $1645 Free shipping.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2014
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