Clapstr changes the way people search, listen and share music.
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/// What is Clapstr?

Clapstr [|klapster|] is a user-controlled online music platform that combines an outlet for people to listen to and find music along with a social media aspect: it links songs to emotions, events, activities and keywords.

The project is a response to people’s continuous demand for music and desire for new sounds. Clapstr aggregates search results into a single platform where users (the crowd) will determine the best association of a song with a specific feeling. Songs associated with these keywords will then be displayed to other users searching for the same word. The opinion of the crowd is evaluated through votes, or how we like to call it “Claps”, testing the strength of the link between keywords and songs.

It is a pioneering project, enabling users to be able to search for songs that fit their current emotion or activity precisely and listen to them instantly on any device available. Clapstr aims to broaden the modes which listeners search for and find music.  The team at Clapstr developed a complex algorithm which is able to identify your current moods or feelings and play the songs you really want to listen to, with the least possible amount of input from the users.

Clapstr wants to be the next generation of online music on demand, and will change the way people search, listen and share music.

/// About Clapstr

We have been through a long process; from exhausting hours of brainstorming, early concepts, to the development of the Clapstr algorithm and several prototypes for the online platform and mobile devices. We wanted to create a platform that can be used by everybody, regardless of age or technological experience. A platform, which gives each individual the results needed most in a particular moment.  We focused on simplicity, a neat design and a usability that is revolutionary. We now need your support to make this project a reality.  

/// Where is the money going?

/// Quick Facts

/// Pricing

/// Pictures

In this section we want to offer some pictures of the process and a sneak peek of what Clapstr is.

Logo & Code Process / Development

Brainstorming on Whiteboard

Pictures of the Shooting of the video

/// Teaser

/// Perks

/// FAQ

When will you launch Clapstr ?

If we get funded we will launch Clapstr in:

- July 2014 in Australia and New Zealand

- September 2014 for the US and Canada

- November 2014 for western Europe (EU 28)

- January 2015 for Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, India, Russia Singapore and Hong Kong.

- Clapstr in the other countries will be launched throughout the year 2015.

Fixed funding ? What does it mean ?

It means that if we don't get fully funded, all the backers will get their money back

Will the smartphone and tablet apps be free ?

Yes both the smartphones and tablet apps will be completely free. You could download them on the Apple App Store and the Google play store.

When will the beta test version of Clapstr be available ?

The beta test on computers will be available a month and a half after the end of the Indiegogo campaign. You will receive an email with all the instructions on how to access the beta test platform. The beta test on the apps will come a month and a half after that.

How long is the beta test period, will I have access to free music during this time ?

Clapstr is free, we just cover the running costs with audio and video ads which you can remove by getting a premium account. However there will be no ads during the beta test period. The beta test will be anywhere between 1 and 3 months.

When will you be sending the T-shirts ?

We will send the T-shirts 15 days after the end of the campaign. Don't forget to add your size in the comment box when you purchase the perk. We have both men and women sizes from S to XXXL.

Do I need to add the cost of shipping to my pledge?

If you live in Australia or the US, shipping is free. For all other destinations, please add the amount specified in the perk description.

I contributed to a perk but I forgot to add the extra $15 for shipping. How can I increase the amount?

No problem! If you'd like to add funds for shipping, you can make another contribution and select "No Perk, Just a Contribution."

I can't get my payment to work in Paypal, what should I do?

Email the Indiegogo Customer Happiness Team at They'll be able to track your transaction and help with any issues.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

We’re happy to respond to any other queries you might have about Clapstr and the Indiegogo campaign. Email us at

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  • $1USD
    You are awesome!

    Every dollar helps get us closer! Pledge $1 and keep up-to-date on all things about Clapstr with exclusive updates, Clapstr availability and more. ALL backers (unless you choose not to be) will be memorialized on our website showing the world you were there at the very beginning!

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  • $5USD
    Support Clapstr + Beta-Test!

    Support Clapstr and become and exclusive Beta- Tester. Also includes a place on the Clapstr Supporters and Founders page.

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  • $10USD

    Get Clapstr Premium for 2 months plus the opportunity to be an exclusive Beta Tester. Also includes a place on the Clapstr Supporters and Founders page.

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  • $30USD

    Get Clapstr Premium for 6 months, valued at more than $60. Also includes a place on the Clapstr Supporters and Founders page.

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  • $50USD

    Show your support with the super stylish Clapstr T-shirt. On the front is an abstract design with the Clapstr Logo hidden. The back stays blank. Neat, simple, stylish! See the Gallery tab for pictures. We will contact you for your size when the campaign is successful. Also includes a place on the Clapstr Supporters and Founders page + Beta Test. Shipping fees: Please refer to the FAQ

    3 out of 1000 claimed
  • $100USD

    Includes the super stylish Clapstr T-Shirt, Premium account for 12 months and beta test.

    3 out of 150 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Get Clapstr, a lifetime!

    This is a unique and exclusive chance to get Clapstr Premium for a lifetime. Furthermore are you going to support Clapstr enormously and will get a special place on the Claps Supporters and Founders Page. You will also get the Clapstr T-shirt and a phone call from our team to thank you personally. No shipping fees.

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