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Circo Inzir is a project of social circus. We bring shows and laboratories in areas of the world where life is complicated by poverty, war and exploitation.
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About Us

Circo Inzir is a project of social circus that comes from thecommon will of a group of artists, of various backgrounds and origins, to bring shows, parades and laboratories in areas of theworld where life is complicated by poverty, war and exploitation.

The whole project has been self-financed with cabaret et shows tofree offerpromoted and interpreted by the artists themselves. The goal we have set ourselves is to bring our art around the world, to find a point of union and exchange between different cultures and to promote a project in for multiculturalism, using the circus as a means of communication, union and sharing, starting from the idea that this artistic disciplinefor its nature and its usability, isone of the most suitable for creating social relationships and “decrease the distance”.  Create a Caravan able to follow in the footsteps of the circus.

Our first caravans trip was in February 2012 and had as destination the Saharawi refugee camps.
In Saharawi’s territories we did the cabaret that we had done previously in different evenings in Emilia Romagna before departure. Then we had the chance and the opportunity to do shows also in Algiers, with the support of the Algerian Ministry of Culture, and in the city of El-Kseur, thanks to a cultural association.

During the permanence in the desert and all the way back the show was enriched by the cultural contamination of people andespecially has had to adapt to situations and contexts that we met.
We thought before we left, and after we had then confirmed, that street theatre is one of the best ways to get anywhere, for theremarkable facility with which street art is able to relate to a various contexts and most different situations and realities.

We are now planning the next trip, we leave in January 2014 destination Guatemala.

The Travel

 A first group of 5 people will leave on january 2014 to Guatemala in order to get in touch with local partners and search for the materials needed for the activities.

We think that the “buy-on-place” formula is the best and cheap one because shipping fees, custom operations, and autorizations take always endless time, is mostly a waste of money and is difficult to control.

Nonetheless we think that using local resources is a way to develop cultural exchanges, in fact we will buy on place all the stuff we will need for the shows and the workshops, aswell as the trucks or cars we will need to transport us and the equipments.

In this first group there will be our technicians and part of the artists


A second group formed by 5 or 7 artists, will reach the first group in Guatemala on february 2014 in order to start the activities.

In the first part we will be based in Dolores, a small community situated in the Petèn region, in the San Martin de Porres boarding school, where our partner association “Amici del Guatemala” is already running a sustainable development prject.

There we will give workshops to students and teachers about how to build and use circus equipments aswell as workshops about the different circus disiplines.

At the end of the workshops we'll make a collective show with the participation off all students and artists.


In the second part of our visit we will travel with our caravan to the various and isolated “aldeas” (villages) of the community bringing shows for childrens in the schools and for all the people who will receive us.




A small list of what we already spent for the self-financiating activities in 2012/2013 and what we think we will spend for our project.


Advertising: 300 euros

Transportation: 500 euros

Hired materials: 300 euros

Food and accomotations: 400 euros

 Flight tickets: 8,000 euros

Shipping and transportation of needed material from Italy to Guatemala: 1,500 euros

 Trucks or vans: 6,000 euros

Gasoline: 1,000 euros

Replace parts: 500 euros

Rough materials for workshops 500 euros

Maintenance and others: 1,000 euros


Total cost of the operation: about 20,000 euros

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