CiFer: Carbon Fibre 6-in-1 Multipurpose Card for Smartphones

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Introducing you to ... the extremely durable carbon fibre 6-in-1 multi-purpose card - CiFer.

We want to create something that helps you perform six of the most common daily tasks yet it fits right into your wallet.

CiFer is made from carbon fibre, a material that is used in spacecrafts, Formula 1 racing cars and high-end sports equipments. The extremely affordable CiFer has high tensile strength, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance, low thermal expansion and is very light. 

Introducing ... CiFer.

Back CiFer
Back innovation, entrepreneurship, and imagination

CiFer is created by a group of students and designers wanting to make a positive impact in the world. To achieve this goal, they create products that facilitates people's daily life activities. Through innovation, entrepreneurship and imagination,we are getting closer to our goal and we are playing our part in bringing the world closer. 

CiFer in action:
1. Smartphone stand. 

2. Safe bottle opener. 

3. Cable management.

4. Keyring.

5. Heavy duty spanners.

CiFer at work.

6. Ruler. 

Let your imagination soar.

Everything in one elegant product - CiFer.

SIX functions in ONE elegant design.

Extremely durable. So, here is the question - WILL IT BLEND? 

In order to bring fairness to this test, we spent a good amount of £49.99 (approx. $75USD) on a quality Kenwood blender.

Get the blender ready.

Let's see how tough CiFer is. 


After over 10 seconds of battle, the result:

The blender is broken into bits and pieces.

BIts and pieces of the blender scattered everywhere.

Completely destroyed blender.

Despite a bit wear out at the corner, CiFer is still more or less intact compared to the blender.

CiFer with his trophy.

The verdict: CIFER FOR THE WIN!!!

CiFer for the win!

Do everything with CiFer.

Help you do anything you want

Repair your furniture, your bike and other things that you love. 

Bring CiFer everywhere.


Easy storage.

It is this light. 

Thanks to the extremely durable yet ultra light material - carbon fibre, CiFer only weights as much as a two pounds coins or two credit cards (11-12 gram). 

CiFer works with most right-angle-edged smartphones.

It works with most 90-degree-angle-edged smartphones.

Share the fun and joy with your loved ones.

Enjoy every single moment with your loved ones.

Never miss any happy moment with your family.

Perfect for outdoor. 

Your unique travel companion.

They don't want to go anywhere without CiFer.

Premium material - no cutting corners.

CiFer will be made by only carbon fibre right here in England. There WILL NOT be any kind of fibreglass, eGlass, perfomanceGlass (or however other suppliers call it) backing layer. 

We will use a top layer of 2/2 Twill wave 200gr/sqm carbon fibre which is 0.27mm thick followed by 3 layers of 2/2 Twill wave 650gr/sqm carbon with a thickness of 0.6mm. This gives a final thickness of 2.07mm and the best possible strength. The thin (0.27mm) carbon fibre fabric gives you the perfect looking finish and the addition layer of thin carbon provides a lot of support (reinforcement).

0.6mm 2/2 twill wave 650gr/sqm carbon fibre.

The carbon fibre sheets, that CiFer use, are made by Resin Infusion process, ensuring the right resin/fabric ratio for outstanding bubble free look and great structural performance. After the curing period every single part is hand finished, ensuring the best possible quality. 

We have decided to make CiFer even more special by enabling two different finishings. On the front side side, CiFer has glossy shinny finish. This provides you with the elegant look. On the back side, CiFer has the original carbon fibre finish. This gives you a real touch of the carbon fibre that we believe you will love. 

Designed in London.

The evolution of CiFer.

Sourced in England. 

We source our carbon fibre locally. CiFer will be manufactured in York - a small historical town in England. We love keeping as many things local as we can because we believe that business is about doing good to other people, in your communities as well as around the world. Keeping the everything local will allow us to provide English-standard craftsmanship and easier quality control. 

Made in England. 

CiFer prototypes are not made in England. However, we have already found a local manufacturer to produce CiFer rewards right here in England. 

We will make a thank you video in front of the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye to show our gratitude to you all amazing backers. 

Historic beautiful city.

The London Eye and River Thames.

The Houses of Parliament, Scottish bagpipes and underground.

CiFer timeline.

Mid May - Early June 2013: Idea consolidation

Early June - Mid Aug 2013: CAD models building, early prototyping

Mid Aug - Mid Oct 2013: Prototype refining

Mid Oct - Early Nov 2013: Preparation for Indiegogo project

Mid Nov - Late Dec 2013: Indiegogo project 

Late Dec 2013 - Late Jan 2014: Raw material sourcing 

Late Jan 2014 - Mid Feb 2014: Manufacturing

Mid Feb - Late Feb 2014: Quality control and reward fulfilment

The dream team.


Product designer - Maximilian Huber, Jonathan Lai, Yiu Yin Yau

Product presenters:

Jon Day, Sarah Arti, John Lumley, Victor Pitisongswat, William Pitisongswat and Ming Pitisongswat


Dr. Derek Fung


Photos editing - Yiu Yin Yau

Videos editing - Sega Quang

Special thanks to:

Pitisongswats and Reevoo for providing photo and video shooting venue. 

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    REWARD #1 FIRST AWESOME INDIEGOGOERS You are the legend! YOUR ORDER WILL BE SHIPPED THE EARLIEST. One CiFer for your iPhone! Don't miss the opportunity to save £12 from the RRP/MSRP (CiFer will be retailed for £25). Add £5 to laser engrave your name on CiFer, make it a unique and personalised piece.

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    DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS for CiFer. PLEASE DO NOT PLEDGE until you contact us and discuss the availability of your market and your qualifications for distribution of CiFer.

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