Christopher Walken Rex

I am going to build a roughly thirteen foot tall tyrannosaurus with Christopher Walken's head. I have experience in building and design for plays.


Short Summary

I have always been interested in artistic pursuits. I was inspired to design and build this piece after watching the movie Queen of Versailles. I saw how rich those kids were, and their lack of creation with all that money. I decided if I could get that much money I would make something great. The Walken Rex was originally thought of by a friend of mine, we are not completely sure where he got the idea from, but it seemed like the perfect thing to build

What We Need & What You Get

among other things  I mainly need:


  1. PVC Piping, a cheap plastic piping that I plan on building the skeleton from

  2. Wood, with which to support the skin, and essentially be my Walken's muscle

  3. Chicken Wire, which will be laid down and stapled to the wood for me too lay the skin I will be making onto

  4. Shop Towels and Adhesive, which will be the high level paper mache and skin

  5. Paint, to make it beautiful and give it that T-rex look


The Impact

Your funds would make all the difference, allowing me to buy professional grade materials. I am used to scavenging, like when working on theatre sets with next to no budget, using wood from the street. I look forward to being able to purchase and use wood that was not previously a dresser or door.

Other Ways You Can Help

Tell people, tell anyone, tell everyone, tell Christopher Walken

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