Chocolate Box and Tea Pairing from around the World

Featuring Chocolates from Germany, Brazil, Japan, Thailand and California. Discover amazing delicious international chocolate and tea pairing for you to indulge
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♡ The next best thing to traveling the world and finding remarkable chocolate is to subscribe to a Sweet Submarine box

=== First Month Travel Guide ===

First Course (COOKIES) - JAPAN -

Arguably one of the best cookies in the world that will serve as an introduction to what’s to come. The bite size amuse-bouche (mouth amuser) comes with white chocolate sandwiched between a couple of refreshingly light langue de chat wafers that easily melts in your mouth and intrigues the palate.


Second Course (TRUFFLES) - GERMANY -

Luscious is not enough to describe it. With a rich dark chocolate exterior, this artisanal truffle will melt in your mouth and leave you in a chocolate bliss. No chewing allow! Secret Hint: There will be a melting moment that oozes down mounds of hazelnuts chocolate inside.


Third Course (SAVORY) - CALIFRONIA -

Take a break and savor a healthy dose of all natural spicy salty cruchyness that will wash away the residual sweetness readying yourself to proceed on with the next chocolaty adventure.


Fourth Course (BAR) - BRAZIL -

Rich chocolate flavor made with cacao originating from South America. This chocolate bar has recently earn high praise and exquisitely consider one of the finest in the world. With such an exciting story behind it, this was one of the chocolate we thought we cannot wait for everyone to indulge in.



Finish up with the clean bright flavors of menthol, eucalyptol, and honey lemon flavored delights. It will sooth the throat and refresh the palate for another chocolate adventure.


Surprise Handmade Souvenir - THAILAND -

Will include a special memento dedicated to your first travel with us. Each month, not only will you indugle in delicious chocolates but also bring back a very unique memento.


High Tea Course - ASIA PACIFIC -

Freshen up with these delicious soothing black tea pairing with our wonderful chocolate. Each tea bag is a gorgeous heart shape tea bags fill with premium black tea from Asia Pacific.




"The chocolates that Ian and Gary gave me were absolutely delightful and super yummy. As a busy gal myself, I don't have time to sit down and just relax and have some 'me-time', movie and a box of chocolate what else can a girl ask for!" - Rachael K., New York City, NY

"My girlfriend and my family and I loved Ian's recommendation. We were celebrating my Aunt's birthday and Ian put together awesome chocolates that I never heard of. They were just super delicious." - Kenny M., Dallas, Texas

"Ian introduced us to really great chocolates from Peru and Argentina. It was like something I never had before, so creamy, so velvety, so lucious, and so good. It was truly a great find by Ian. He has really good taste in chocolate. Not too sweet, not to dark, just right." - Terence W., Newark, NJ



Ahoy There,

My name is Ian. And this is Gary. We are two amateur travellers who share a very unique goal, 'to share the most delicious chocolates we found around the globe.'

Coming back from Japan, we brought some fantastic Japanese chocolate cookies for our offices. Everyone was absolutely blown away by how rich and velvety the cookies were. In fact, they were so good that, they just instantly disappeared, there was nothing, not even crumbs left inside the box!

And with such crazy enthusiastic response from our offices made us realize something, not a lot of people have the opportunity to take the time or have the means to travel the world, nor do they get the chance to discover all the amazingly delicious chocolates and sweets out there. We always come back home stuffed full of awesome chocolates and snacks. Each time we just want to bring all those goodies for our cute little nieces and nephews, as well as for our sisters, and our moms. Always so happy to see their chocolate-smeared faces and goofy smiles.

For that reason, at Sweet Submarine, every month we want to deliver something interesting and delicious from other regions of the world.  With a finely curated mix of exotic chocolates, cookies, something savory, and something sweet, it will be the centerpiece at small gatherings for everyone to munch and enjoy spending time outside of the daily grind. This is perfect for a party of close friends or simply being nice and just treating your colleagues in the office or even just laying back after a long day to spend some quality time with the family.

Within each box, are 5 uniquely selected goodies with quantity suitable to be enjoyed with your family and friends. We understand not everyone have the same taste buds in a group so we want to provide a varied selection from dark chocolate, to savory cookies, to sweet truffles, and hard confectionery to match. We also want to have an assortment of tastes that pairs well together. And every box is going to come with a mini story brochure of where each chocolate came from and the stories behind it to satisfy the mind as well.

This is what we want to share with you guys and we want to deliver them to you. Our box will include 4 to 6 servings for all of you out there with big families, or have friends and co-workers who are chocolate cravers, or just want to lay back and have some wine and enjoy some deliciousness.

Please help us kickstart a curated batch of wonderful chocolates and cookies we loved and missed so much after coming back from our travel-abroad.

Also, keep a lookout for our video tasting adventure journal



1 Sampler
[ CHOCOLATE CRAVERS SPECIAL ] 1 Month Subscription
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[ CHOCOLATE CRAVERS SPECIAL ] 3 Month Subscription
Sweet Submarine original 100% cotton t-shirt.


1. Who are the Sweet Submarine team?

We're aspiring chocolatiers and amateur travelers hoping to spread the joy of eating chocolates from around the world to everyone.

2. What inspired you to start Sweet Submarine?

Not everyone gets the chance to travel, much less try great tasting food especially chocolates. When it comes to chocolate, having enough to share with friends, families, or coworkers just make it so much sweeter. Read more about our inspiration above.

3. I don't understand your business model?

Like subscribing to a magazine, every month we deliver you our Sweet Submarine chocolate box curated by us. The more months you subscribe to, the more you save.

4. Why is it a "surprise"?

We want each month to be a discovery of tasting different countries. 'Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get.' Sweet Submarine holds true to that and thats what makes it so exciting when it arrives to your door.

5. Why does it cost $50+ per month?

We really value that our curated chocolates to be most delicious, melt in your mouth goodness. The chocolates represented are almost equivalent to artisanal chocolates we have in the US. And unlike grocery brought chocolates, we want to deliver high quality and high quantity so that each box, our chocolate cravers like yourself have enough and can really take the time to indulge with family and friends. We truly believe that if you try our Sweet Submarine box, it will definitely be satisfying and will be wondrous about whats gonna be in store for next month.

6. Is there a singles box?

We really want our subscribers to enjoy it in a group. Chocolates are that much sweeter when hanging out with friends and family or coworkers. We encourage everyone to order a Sweet Submarine box and really spend quality time with the people you enjoy and have an awesome day full of laughs and chocolate-fill smiles.

Even if it is two of you guys, just indulge a little extra. You deserve it. Shhh... we won't tell, we promise.

7. How many pieces of chocolates are in each box?

Each box will feature 4 types of chocolates / cookies good for to four to six people. As well as palate cleansers.

8. Can I send this as a gift?

Yes, it makes an excellent gift for all chocolate lovers or snack cravers or office mates. Just fill in the proper shipping address.

9. I have a great chocolate recommendation for you guys to feature. How can I let you guys know?

Love to hear it. Send us your recommendation or feedback to

10. Whats inside each box?

Please refer to our First Month Tasting Menu image above. Hints of the chocolate surprise in each box.

11. Do you ship international?

Unfortunately we do not. Do help support us and as our operation increases we can explore that opportunity.

12. When can I expect my first shipment? 

Two weeks into August depending on location.

13. What if I don't like the chocolates I receive?

We hope you do! But if you don't, please tell us. Feedback is important to us and we promise to respond. We understand everyone have different taste, so we want to feature a wide range of variety as best as possible. In the meantime, pass it to your lucky friends or family!

14. What if I am allergic?

Pass what you are allergic to, to share with your family and friends! There plenty variety of chocolate left in the box to indulge.

Award-winning chocolates delivered
Award-winning chocolates delivered

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