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CHMA Fundraiser: Help keep “The Voice of the Marshes” loud and clear!
Sackville, New Brunswick
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We are CHMA 106.9 FM, a 50-watt, non-commercial, not-for-profit community radio station located on the campus of Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick

As one of the nation’s smallest campus-community radio stations, we’ve always been able to do a lot with very little. Over the past 40 years, we’ve built a great station, thanks to our tiny but trusty transmitter, our ever-evolving core of talented and loyal programmers and volunteers, and our sheer love of radio.
CHMA means a great deal to a great many people: the programmers who speak to both the university and Sackville communities; musicians, both local and distant, who rely on our airplay, support, and enthusiasm; and listeners, both near and far. Then there’s our alumni: the station has provided the training ground to dozens of broadcasters, journalists, and technicians who work in the medium across the land.

The world of radio is changing, and much of our equipment—stuff that’s been through decades of use and overuse—is simply wearing out. For the first time, CHMA is running a deficit, and without additional funds, we won’t be able to continue in the same way.
We want to be able to offer the same great programming experiences and open door that we’ve always had. In fact, we want to do more, to increase and strengthen our award-winning current affairs and news programming in the year ahead. We also want to embrace the brave new digital world, through apps and an online presence that will allow our signal, our voice, to reach beyond the marshes to a wider world.
But this isn’t possible without raising some money. And that’s where you come in. We’re asking friends, fans, and alumni of CHMA to dig deep and chip in to help us replace old analog equipment while simultaneously moving into a digital world. This will assure that our current programmers and the next generations of Allisonians and Sackvillians can continue to enjoy the magic of community radio.
Our goal is daunting but attainable: $11 000. We chose the number to honour the 11th edition of Stereophonic, our annual music festival. We’ve got some great incentives to get us there. Please tune in, share, and above all—give. Help keep The Voice of the Marshes loud and clear.

Online radio stream 24/7.

Online Radio Streaming, Click to listen.

Stereophonic is an annual music festival organized by the staff and volunteers of CHMA 106.9 FM, a 50-watt campus-community radio station serving Mount Allison University and the Greater Tantramar Region.
Now in its eleventh year, the festival, held in the small town of Sackville, New Brunswick,  is dedicated to promoting local talent and volunteerism on all levels. It celebrates the hospitality of our community, the importance of campus/community radio, and the vitality of independent music.
Dubbed one of the “best alternative music festivals” by indie rock hero Brent Randall and “like Sappy(fest) only less commercial” by banjo legend Old Man Luedecke, Stereophonic is New Brunswick’s longest running independent music festival. Here are some videos of past Stereophonics.

Boardwalk Radio is a daily community news and events show aired on CHMA 106.9 FM, Sackville New Brunswick. Boardwalk is a Monday-Friday noon hour show.

Radio Girls Rock Camp is a free music camp for girls in Sackville, New Brunswick. The first ever Radio Girls Rock Camp was held after school, from January 13th -18th, 2014 in Mount Allison University’s Hammond Studio.

At Radio Girls Rock Camp our aim is to inspire creativity, teamwork, critical thinking and self-esteem through music. Positive female role models made up local artists and musicians will lead music lessons, skill sharing activities and confidence building workshops.

The rock camp concluded with the attendees participating in a final live music showcase on January 18th at the Vogue Cinema in conjunction with CHMA’s winter fundraiser, Stereophonic.

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  • $2CAD
    Shout Out On The Radio!

    We are happy to work to make you famous one toonie at a time.. For every $2 donation, we will give you a shout-out over the air! One of our beautiful programmers will personally thank you on air for your support of our campaign! Impress your friends as you become incrementally more famous on your way to world domination.

    2 claimed
  • $5CAD
    Thank You Card!

    We will send you a limited-edition thank you postcard featuring artwork by one or more of our artist friends. We will send it to you wherever you are on the planet although we can't guarantee it will get there, given the increasing number of pirates that collect CHMA related postcards.

    13 claimed
  • $25CAD
    Neck Warmer

    We will send you a limited edition CHMA Neck Warmer. Please note that while the CHMA Neck Warmers are a conscientious rebranding of the CHMA Choking Hazards they still continue to function in both capacities. We therefore caution you, the consumer, to be careful when operating one of these devices. Regardless of the risks, wearing one of these is guaranteed to increase your fame by 6 points.

    11 out of 50 claimed
  • $30CAD

    You will be a guest at a special private CHMA VIP PARTY to be held at a local drinking establishment. Only ticket holders and staff will have access. I'd love to tell you what we do at these parties but what happens at a CHMA VIP PARTY stays there. Mostly it's just good tunes, good food, and good people doing things that are totally legal. A great way to become famous is to see what other famous people do and the CHMA VIP PARTY is one of the best opportunities to see famous people doing things.

    7 out of 25 claimed
  • $50CAD
    Basic-T Shirt

    This is the basic t-shirt deal. You pick the size and we send you a shirt. Our T-Shirts have been called "made out of cotton" and "pretty comfortable" by famous people. If you wear one you might become famous too.

    18 claimed
  • $100CAD

    The official CHMA bundle of fun includes a free CD, a CHMA T-Shirt, a limited-edition CHMA button, a CHMA poster, some candy of questionably origin (although we're pretty sure it's from CHINA), and a personalized thank you letter from one of our volunteers.

    7 out of 10 claimed
  • $150CAD

    This STEREOPHONIC bundle includes ONE VIP Pass to STEREOPHONIC 12, One CHMA STEREOPHONIC SHIRT, A cameo in our Stereophonic Promotional Video, some questionable candy, and shout outs from the stage during the festival.

    2 out of 5 claimed
  • $300CAD

    This STEREOPHONIC Bundle includes TWO VIP Passes to STEREOPHONIC 12, TWO CHMA STEREOPHONIC SHIRTs, A Cameo in our Stereophonic Promotional Video, some of that questionable candy, and shout outs from the stage during the festival. And what would a date night be without dinner and a movie. We will treat you to dinner for two at a local eatery and provide you with a VHS copy of some obscure movie. You're welcome to watch it in our lounge sometime.

    0 out of 1 claimed
  • $500CAD
    A Pheasant Conversation

    One of the formerly live but now stuffed pheasants from the Station Manager's personal collection will be entrusted to you for permanent care and display. One of the four magnificent and noble creatures will be carefully selected, lightly cleaned, carefully packaged and shipped to you at your address. Each CHMA pheasant will be accompanied by a thank you note and instructions on its care and feeding. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a piece of CHMA history!

    1 out of 4 claimed
  • $1,000CAD
    Famous for a year

    We will name one of our studios after you for a full year. We will dedicate one of our studios to you in a special ceremony in honour of your contribution. All references to the studio will feature your name as part of its title. Imagine hearing reports from the "your name here" Studio at CHMA 106.9 in Sackville, New Brunswick. Or the next great indie CD being recorded in the "your name here" studio. We will also give you a shout out, on-air, each day. DOESN'T GET MUCH MORE FAMOUS THAN THAT!

    1 out of 2 claimed
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