Children's World Art Initiative

Providing art & photography workshops for underserved children near and far to help promote self-esteem and empower the leaders of tomorrow
Cheryl Walpole
United States
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What are we doing?

We are fundraising for two sets of workshops in Africa and one in New York City.

The first workshop will take place in Namibia and New York City.  The first workshop focuses on art/photography with school-aged girls, helping promote self-esteem and empowerment. These girls will learn photography skills and experiment with mixed media, ultimately creating their own "visual story". Through the use of photography and art, they will experience accomplishment, empowerment, and increased self-esteem. Pieces from this workshop will be on gallery display in New York City.

The second workshop will take place at NaDEET in Namibia. We will be teaching Environment Art Making which is the practice of creating art from materials found in the direct environment, in a way that balances environmental stewardship, community development while promoting economic viability.The culmination of the workshop will create a sustainable 3 dimensional art piece created from repurposed materials through the collaboration of several workshops of school age children who attend NaDEETs program.

Sustainable art making recognizes the connection between environmental health, human health and community health.

Why is it so important?

It is quite important to help foster creativity to promote self esteem in effort to prevent real world issues that our youth face today, especially in the developing world (as well as inner city's in America) such as AIDS/HIV, teen pregnancy, school drop outs, alcohol/drug abuse, depression and poverty. We have a responsibility to invest in the children of today to help build a better tomorrow. Sustainable art making recognizes the connection between environmental health, human health and community health

Who are we? 

We are a group of seasoned, like minded art therapists from New York City that have a vision of creating art and photography workshops around the world for underserved children to help build self esteem and empower the youth of today! 

How are we are qualified to do this?

Between the 3 of us we have several years experience working with children and adults in such settings as inner city schools, hospital schools, after school programming for at risk youth, residential treatment facilities, nursing homes, prisons, homeless shelters and public and private psychiatric hospitals in and around New York City. 

Why do art with kids? 

We believe, that giving a child the chance to be creative in a supportive environment yield many positive results such as learned basic art and photography techniques, help build self esteem and allow the playfulness of childhood thrive. 

Where is your money going?

12-20 digital cameras


Art supplies such as drawing materials, paint, paper, sculpture materials

Printer for photos with paper

Exhibition materials

Travel costs to Namibia (air and ground transportation)

Overhead costs

If we reach our goal, we will be able to fund the program for approximately 3 months. With more funding, we can continue longer! 

Why We Can Succeed! 

In 2009, Cheryl and her partner Christi traveled to Namibia and created a pilot program through a collaboration with NaDEET (Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust)

Using art with several groups of children over a span of 2 months, we saw first hand how powerful art can be! NaDEET reaches most of the children of Namibia despite their socio economic status. This gave us the platform to work with everyone! We also provided professional development trainings to the educators and administration as well a created a mural for the camp. 

We also learned that building alliances with already established programs like NaDEET, opens the door to beautiful collaborations that can have a lasting effect and reach many different people. For this reason, we have opened up to other organizations around the world that have welcomed our collaborative efforts but with this comes our need to be self funded (that's where you come in, see?)

It's 4 years later, we restructured and joined with The Brooklyn Arts Council as a fiscal sponsor, added new, innovative art therapists to help support and build the art curriculum, and gained invaluable field experience in our hometown. We believe it is important to give back to your own community, which is why we hope to be able to facilitate workshops in NYC and exhibit work upon our return from Namibia. 

Other ways to help! 

Low on cash? No Problem! Please help us make some noise! Retweet, repost, email, word of mouth, what ever it takes to help us spread the word about our project would be excellent! 

Please note that any donation can be made in the name of anyone you would like! Perfect for the gift giving season! The Perk with personalized card! Just say the word! 

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