Children's Choir of teh Internet 6 Days of Minecraft Video

Teh Choir will make a video of an original Minecraft song and record for Cloud Cult's new album.

Minecraft needs a song we can all sing!  The Children's Choir of teh Internet is going to teach it to you.  Hi and thanks for helping us out.  Our choirs have made a name for themselves by covering video game songs, internet memes and songs by alternative bands.  You may have seen our Still Alive cover a couple of years ago with the flashlights and sound sensitive cake dress or maybe our A Christmas Trololo parody with masks and a teleporting Santa.  With the help of the Escapist Magazine, Kotaku, Reddit, G4, Know Your Meme and a hundred other sites, our children have received almost 3 million YouTube views.

This year we sang a cover of Chemicals Collide by Cloud Cult.  The band liked the cover and asked us to sing on their new album.  I also wanted to record a video for Minecraft using real and virtual choirs dressed alike and singing a new song.  The song chronicles the journey from novice player to experienced spelunker.  The kids will be singing with a blue grass band that also covered Still Alive on YouTube.  We are bringing these high school gamers/musicians down from St. Paul, Minnesota to perform with the kids.  That and some recording equipment are the expenses we are asking for help with.  Thanks again!

Jack Senzig

Choir Director

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