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A machine that will allow children in South America create real objects with their mind.
Bryan Salt
2 Team Members

Thank you all for your support. Our campaign is now closed but if you still want to own a piece of history contact us at info@thinkerthing.com 


Latest News: First Ever Real Object Created with the Mind

On 8th May 2013 George Laskowsky of Thinker Thing successfully created a real physical object with his mind.

Using an Emotiv Epoc neuroheadset George was able to form a 3d shape by directing evolutionary mutations with his mind.

informó el sitio technoligy Español FayerWayer:


Creating With your Mind

We are all born creative, our brain begins like an open field and can make connections in many directions, it is only later we become stuck in the ruts and troughs of the paths that our mind constantly treads, paths so deep we are sometimes unable to see that there is still an open field around us. Mistaking skill (a learned ability) with creative imagination is like believing walking in a deeper rut gives you greater freedom of movement across the field.

With the funding of the Chilean Government and the help of young children throughout Chile, we  have created a process that frees everyone from the ruts, frees you from the need to learn difficult technical process of making an object and instead facilitates your creativity. We have build a machine that will allow you to make real objects with your mind.


Think back to your school education, there is at least one teacher that sticks in your mind that shaped you in some way. Chances are you remember them because they inspired you, not because they taught you how to calculate the circumference of a circle.  As William  Yeates said, “Education is not filling a bucket, its lighting a fire.” . We want to use our invention to light a fire of inspiration throughout the remote and often disadvantaged schools of South America and we can do this with your help.

Our invention will be touring the regions of Chile, from the driest desert in the world to the end of the world in Patagonia, inspiring and teaching the complex scientific, art and engineering principles behind our invention to very young children in remote rural regions via this engaging and fascinating project.

We are asking the children from each of the regions that we visit to create fantastical creatures of the mind. Our machine makes these creatures into real physical objects, and we expect children from different parts of the world will create vastly different creatures that, in some small way, reflect the environment in which they were born. This gave us our idea, to create a school outreach program and exhibition for the fantastical creatures these children create.

To thank our supporters we are offering a range of perks that include owning these very first creatures created with the mind, made by individual children like Leya Rivera from Joaquín Vicuña Larraín School. Whilst situated in the beautiful and magical Elqui Valley, this free to attend school has over 400 pupils, 85% of which come from vulnerable families.

Help us to inspire these children by being the proud owner of one of their creations.  

The Exhibition

We are hoping to raise enough funds to mount an exhibition of the creations of these children. The exhibition will take you on a magical journey through the regions of Chile, introducing you to the 3D fantastical creatures the children of Chile created, their schools and the places where they live.

How is it possible to create a real object with the mind?

We use your brain patterns to evolve a 3D model from a genetic seed, which can then be made real with a standard 3D printer. The DNA seed defines the start point of an evolutionary chain for the object. Dinosaurs are very diverse, for example, but they can be traced back to a single common dna ancestor. We create this first DNA definition as the first building block from which all future objects evolve.The DNA of the object is then mutated over each generation, and how well that new mutations does, whether it lives or dies, is determined by the mind.

We detect the brain patterns of the user using an Epoc neural headset and use that to to understand their emotional response to certain features in visual stimulus based on our evolution system. We can then determine the underlying DNA features that evoke responses and use that in a natural selection process to refine the next generation of objects.

In this way, over a short period, the user grows a model using their mind.

World Press Coverage.

Thinker Thing has already been featured worldwide including coverage by the BBC, Reuters International and the Discovery Channel. The science behind the project is enough to make the world pay attention but it is its connection with the personal experiences of children throughout Chile and the magic, beautiful and diverse areas that they live, that gives the story its heart. You can help us and be part of this amazing project.

The Perks

Exclusive photographic art prints, as used in the exhibition, will be available for download to our supporters of each of the monsters created. These prints will show the monster, the child who created it and beautiful landscapes of Chile where it was made.

In addition, we will create a limited edition of 100 3D figurines of each of the creatures created by children from the regions of Chile. Each model will be numbered, and include a print of the child who created it, their brain patterns, the school and region they are from plus a certificate thanking your personally for your contribution. A permanent reminder of a piece of history and magic created by a young mind in a remote and beautiful part of the world.

You can collect your T shirts or monster models from our offices in Santiago, Chile or you can arrange shipping. Shipping is not included as this varies dramatically from country to country. Depending on demand we will endeavor to have additional collection and mailing points in the UK.

If you are a company and would like to sponsor the Monster Dreamer School Outreach Program or the Fantastical Mind Creatures of Chile Exhibition there are a number of options available which will associate your company with this incredible project. We are also actively seeking a Headline sponsor for the Fantastical Mind Creatures of Chile Exhibition that is not offered here. This is because as well as a contribution to the project we require a commitment to host the exhibition. If your company would be interested in this options please contact us directly on info@thinkerthing.com with the subject heading “Headline”. 

Where will your support be directed. 

Reaching our goals will permit us to visit schools in 8 regions of Chile. Reaching above our goals will allow us to visit more regions and more schools. Our ideal target would be to visit all 15 regions of Chile, to include children from every remote area we can get to. Extra funds will also allow us to improve the quality of the showcase of their work, improved presentation quality and a wider audience for the exhibition. Our dream would be to take this exhibition internationally where it has already received interest in England, Moscow and Hong Kong, to work with children around the world to see the different things they will create.

Support for the exhibition:

“The University has academics and students in the Schools of Education, Engineering and Creative Arts who would benefit from exposure to and involvement in the project, and UHArts is willing to support the exhibition and dissemination of the benefits of the project in one of its two major galleries in the UK, and to support a national tour of the exhibition through our Galleries Network.” Chris McIntyre, Dean of Cultural Affairs, Director of UHArts, England 

“We would like to express the full support and interest in collaboration with Thinker Thing's, Fantastical Mind Creatures of Chile exhibition. “ Alexander Avramov, Director of British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow 

“Yinogo Art was established in 2010 and has since become one of Hong Kong’s leading promoters of contemporary art. Our cross cultural initiatives have included the promotion of Asian artists in Paris; as well as Swiss and American artists in Hong Kong and Singapore. We look forward to cooperating with Thinker Thing’s Fantastical Creatures of Chile’s Exhibition, and would like to offer our wholehearted support to the project in Asia.” Remo Notarianni, Director of Yinogo Art Hong Kong

If you are interested in our exhibition contact us directly on info@thinkerthing.com with the subject heading “exhibition”.

At What Stage is the Project?

The project is on schedule and several important milestone have already been reached:

  • The first stage of the genetic system has been completed

  • A simple 3D object has been successfully grown with the mind using the genetic system and brain patterns from the neuroheadset.

  • We have an interpretive system working which interprets the bones structure created by the DNA into a recognisable form. Much in the same way a paleontologist determines the look of a dinosaur from its bones, our interpretive system generates a virtual skin around the abstracted bone system of our creature generated by the genetic system.

  • We have produced our first real 3d printed object arms from the interpretive system.

  • In May we expect to have the first prototype that can create a complete creature model using the mind.

  • At the start of June we will begin visiting the schools of Chile with our prototype.

Meet the team. 

Bryan Salt

Bryan has worked on the cutting edge of technology for the last 25 years, he is best known for his ability to develop innovative approaches to push technology beyond what is considered possible. In 2001 he led the creative team that put the first 3D engine on the ARM 9 chipset, leading to the global standard for 3D on 98% of mobile devices worldwide. His earlier company, Televirtual, broadcasted the worlds first digital puppet on BBC TV in 1994 and also introduced the first commercial motion capture studio to Europe. Prior to that he worked with blue chip Medical companies and the British Military on virtual reality visualizations and simulations. He is responsible for countless  successfully delivered commercial titles, including best of class 3D editing software in the early 1990’s.  Whilst dedicated to new technology his education background is in design and in his very early years he worked in the design industry with bands such as the Rolling Stones and Living Colour.


“I have known and worked with Bryan since 1994. In that time he has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to push technology to its limits, using his creativity to develop innovative solutions to problems that were thought to be beyond the scope of the technology available. Bryan is one of the few people I have met or worked with who combines traditional design and creative flair with an in-depth appreciation of how to apply technology, particularly software, to produce truly innovative solutions...

...Bryan has experience on the commercial side of high technology business. He has worked on the roll-out of technology solutions to mobile network operators and handset manufacturers, and on the management of relationships with such clients. He has the breadth of experience to ensure that his work is not only excitingly innovative, but also commercially relevant and viable.”

Andy Wilde VP Product Development at SwiftKey 

“Bryan is one of, it not, the most creative person I have had the pleasure of working with. In this era where creativity is intrinsically linked with technology Bryan's abilities to come up with solutions that make the most of technology to deliver compelling and outstanding content and applications never ceases to amaze me.”  

Andy Tait, Partner, Pembridge Partnership Limited


George “Kongo” Laskowsky Ziguilinsky

George joins us with a wealth of experience that is perfect for our crazy projects. A veteran console game programmer, in his early years, George, was a research assistant in charge of high energy particle experiments. He also likes to organize things, like national linux conferences and role playing events. He has been teaching at several universities subjects like discrete mathematics and game programming. He had just completed several Stanford Online courses on AI and Machine Learning in order to get his vacuum cleaner to tidy up his flat on its own. He also looks great on camera and speaks, not only better Spanish, but better English than our British Creative Director.


Carolina Llanos

Carola is Thinker Things talented designer with over 10 years industry experience. She also like to party which explains why she looks so tired in our video.


Gabriela Parez

Gabriela is our resident visual artist and workshop assistant. She is currently in her third year of her studies for the visual arts and has assisted in prestigious art installations such as “Territorio Yerma, instalación de dispositivos sonoros” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chile.


Alejandro González Figueroa

Alejandro is the guy who makes our crazy ideas look good. He organises all the information and material into fantastic videos and educational material that can explain our ideas to anyone including our very demanding 8 year old audience. We have also never known him to sleep....ever.


Natalia Mardones Casanova

Natalia has a bachelor of education in English Pedagogy, from Universidad Central de Chile, she has been  working as a teacher since 2010 and has taught at all levels from playgroup , elementary to High school students. She is also great with a camera and helps produce our promotional material tailored for our young audience.

Project Mentors:

Andy Wilde, VP Product Development at SwiftKey, Computer Software:Paul Beardow, CTO Libon, Computer Software:Andy Tait, Partner at Pembridge Partnership Limited, Venture Capital & Private Equity:Paul Gregory, Chief Software Architect at Ideaworks 3D, Computer Software:Timothy Marzullo, Co-Founder of Backyard Brains, Neuroscience Research:Greg Gage, Co-Founder of Backyard Brains, Neuroscience Research:David Brittain, Previously: Senior Director Motorola & VP Technology Glu Mobile



Q: How do I get my perk?

A: You can pick up your perk at our central Santiago offices, Chile. Alternatively you can organise shipping from Santiago. We do not include shipping due to the large differences between countries. If there is enough demand we will also have a pick up/shipping point in the UK. We will endeavour to help you find the cheapest possible option for getting your perk to you. 

Q:When Can I select an option of my perk.

A: People with optional perks, selecting a t shirt size and design for example,  will be invited  via email to select their perk when it becomes available this will usually be shortly before the Estimated Delivery stated on each perk.

Allocation of choice of limited edition perks will be based on a first come first served basis. 

Q: How special is the limited edition. 

A: "The first models ever created using the mind, created by children from remote regions of Chile". Only 100 will be produced of each model, certified and numbered. This is a moment in history, merging new technologies and techniques and whilst we can't predict the future, we believe these will be very collectable items as soon as people start to hear about our work. There will only ever be 100 of each model created by these children, using a fantastical new technique. You can make that history happen and also own a memorable part of it. 

Q: How do the numbers add up for the limited edition.

A: We will visit at least 8 Schools in 8 regions, we teach several full classes and have interactive workshops with all the children in these classes. But only two go on to produce a creature with their mind. These are the creatures that will represent their region in the Fantastical Creatures of Chile Exhibition which will feature 16 creatures. 100 copies will be produced of each of the featured creatures. A copy is given to the schools as part of a presentation gift, a mini version of the exhibition for them to display at the school. 85 of each are given as single perks. 10 of each are reserved for the complete set perks. The rest are reserved for the nice people who help us along the way and the dinner perk.


Latest News:

We are proud to announce Emotiv and Tan Le, of Ted Talks fame, have become the first company sponsors of our school outreach program. These are the people that created the revolutionary EEG neuroheadset we use to read brain patterns. You can watch their Ted Talk by clicking on the image.



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Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    From Humble Beginnings

    This is one of those projects were the old cliché of every dollar helps is an absolute truth. If you like what were doing and want to help in any way you can, drop us a dollar or more. When we reach our goal well put a framed picture on our office wall of all these donations with your name and country to always remind us how grateful we are of the people who helped us realize our dream.

    2 out of 2000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $5USD
    Streaming Monsters

    Access to a live streamed talk of our technology by our CTO George “Kongo” Laskowsky Ziguilinsky. The problems we encountered on this epic project and how we overcame them.

    9 out of 500 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $10USD
    Exhibition Art Works

    Hi resolution, exclusive photographic art prints, as used in the exhibition, will be available for electronic download of each of the monsters created. These will show the monster, the child who created it and beautiful landscapes of Chile where it was made.

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $25USD
    The Style Monster

    Everyone offers a t-shirt, the difference is ours are created with style. Chose from 3 exclusive designs of T-shirt by our fantastic artists and designers.

    31 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $30USD
    Patron of the Arts

    A direct contribution to our exhibition. Your name and your photo in a space approx 10cm x 10cm will be proudly displayed on a 2m x 1.5m banner positioned at the start of the exhibition of The Fantastical Mind Creatures of Chile.

    4 out of 300 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $85USD
    Rare Creature Model

    A single color model of one of the Fantastical Creatures of Chile. Produced by a child in one of the regional schools of Chile. 8 monsters will be selected and Only 100 of each creature will ever be made.You will receive one of these rare pieces of history. A numbered limited edition model approximately 11cm in height, a print showing the child, their brain patterns, and the region they live in plus a certificate thanking you personally for your support of the project. Shipping cost not included

    1 out of 680 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $98USD
    Hand finished, Creature Model

    Like the Rare Creature Model perk, but hand painted in multiple colors by a team member.

    16 out of 680 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $290USD
    Dining with a Monster

    A personal invite for dinner with the Thinker Thing team at their favorite Indian restaurant in Chile. Complete with one of the super rare Hand finished, Creature Model perks. Plus a commemorative picture from the night.

    1 out of 6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $710USD
    Hand finished Complete Set

    All 8 models from the Hand finished, Creature Model perk

    1 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $1,300USD
    Outreach Sponsor

    A 2m x 1.5m banner will be positioned next to the monster dreamer machine on its epic trip to schools across the length of Chile. Your company logo (approx 45x130 cm) will prominently feature where it will be seen by local and international press covering this historic event. Your company will be mentioned in any press releases or promotional material produced by Thinker Thing on the monster dreamer outreach program. The banner will also be displayed next to the machine in the exhibition.

    1 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
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