Chickens and Cheese are Delicious

The Happy Goat is a small goat dairy located in Duncan, BC. Our herd is growing and so are we; we need to expand our milking parlor for the next season!


Here's the scoop

The Happy Goat is growing and we're expanding our milking parlour to accomodate all of our new ladies!  With your help, we'll be more than doubling our current capacity, allowing us to milk more ladies in less time.

Chickens are delicious

To help fund our expansion plans, we're offering advance sales on next spring's batch of delicious, pasture raised chickens.

For those that have tried our chickens in the past, THANK YOU!  We're very appreciative of your support and are hoping you'll be back to try next season's birds as well.

For those who haven't tried our chickens, we think you're in for a real treat!  We raise all of our birds outdoors on pasture for the majority of their lives, instead of being cooped up in a barn.  Each morning, they're moved onto fresh, green grass to ensure they've always got an abundant supply of shoots, clovers and insects to forage.  It's a lot of work, but it's worth it - our chicken is some of the best tasting stuff around.

We're not certified organic yet, but we raise our chickens strictly to the organic standards.  We feed only 100% Certified Organic grain and our pasture hasn't been treated with any pesticides or herbicides.

2013 will also mark the first year that our chickens will be officially labelled as SPCA Certified.

But wait, there's more!

In the summer of 2012, we started transforming some of the milk from our ladies into the cheese we've named "Tomme de Vallée".  We've followed a tradional French recipe that Cory brought back from a fromagerie in the French Pyrenees mountains to produce a hard, aged cheese with superb flavour.  We've been selling small quantities to restaurants and vineyards in the Cowichan Valley, but have also set aside a small quantity to offer in our reward tiers.  We'd love your feedback on it!

Some caveats

Due to the perishable nature of chickens and cheese, we regret that we are unable to send cheese outside of Vancouver Island or the Metro Vancouver area.  We will bring our Vancouver delivery to a central location where you will be able to pick it up while it's still fresh from the farm in early to mid June 2013.

And in conclusion

Kirsten and I would both like to thank everybody who's supported our farm in the past two years.  We've had some ups and some downs, but all of the postive feedback and support from friends and family have made it more than worth while.  We're looking forwards to an even better 2013!


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