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CHICK is a stylish and quirky independent comedy about romance. Beautiful girl gives man the eye but he's more interested in his book. Can she win him over?
Ray Roberts
United Kingdom
1 Team Member


Hello. I'm Ray Roberts, the writer and director of 'Chick'. I'm known on the internet for my original comedy and short film work on YouTube and my team and I need help funding my first 'major' short film. 



This irresistibly cute, quirky and stylish story about romance is a play on the typical love-story of boy-meets-girl.   

A man, content with focus on his book, loses his concentration whilst this beautiful young woman sunbathing is staring at him. He’s actually more interested in his book. Curious by his nature, she’s determined to spark an interest in him. Can she win him over?


'Chick' is a film I've been working on and off on since 2011. Since then I've brought together some of the most professional, talented and creative cool cats to help make this film really great. It's a simplistic, yet stylish short film with a length of about 10 minutes. It's incorporates ideas I've developed over the years. Although the shoot would be a couple of days at most, shooting has been post-poned a number of time because I felt like this idea is too good to do on my usual £20 budget just to be uploaded onto my YouTube channel. Instead, I want to shoot it will a professiona crew of talented people, equipped with professinal cinema cameras and film equipment and for it to be exhibited at film festivals such as the likes of Raindance, Toronto or FutureShorts (but eventually end up on my YouTube channel).  

To have the chance to do what I've been trained to do to a professional standard, with a team of creative people equipped with professional film equipment and then to exhibit the final work at a film festival would be incredible. Ever since I first watched Alfred Hitchcock's 'Rear Window' in film class, I have been passionate about cinema and filmmaking. After that, this is the next huge milestone in my life.  


I cannot begin to tell you about how many hours I've put into the script and concept alone! There has been a lot of thought and discussion taken place about every detail on-screen in this film. The overall aesthetics style and tone is influenced heavily by ‘(500) Days of Summer’ with other stylistic vintage-look influences from Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’ and Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘To Catch a Thief’. 'Amelie' has also influence the film stylized attention to colour and design, it's dream-like look, as well as it's brilliant use of sound to create atmosphere. 

The comedic-writing style and character interaction have an influence from ‘Arrested Development’. The 'man' character is influenced by Michael Cera's character in just about everything with a dash of Joseph Gordon Levitt's character from '(500) Days of Summer'. The 'woman' has influences from the quirky, irresistibly cute character from '(500) Days' portrayed by Zooey Dechanel combined with beautiful, elegant and classy movie stars of the 50s and 60s like Grace Kelly or Tippi Hedren.



Ray Roberts // Director, Writer and Actor (Role of 'Man')

Hello. I'm 18-years-old. I'm into jazz music, collecting N64 games and creativity. Since 2007, I've been an active member of the YouTube UK community, producing as well as acting in my own independent original comedy sketches and short films for online audiences and collaborating with other content creators. Generated over 200,000 video views and over 5000 subscribers across my partnered channels. I'm partnered with the UK’s leading YouTube Partnership network, ChannelFlip Media.

I've graduated from a national diploma in Film and Television Production and have won a couple of minor awards for student short film work including Audience Vote Award from Southampton Solent University for my short comedy film 'Slacker'.

In my time producing content for my YouTube channel, I did everything on a budget I've supplied myself and rarely did I turn a profit. I was fuelled by a passion for filmmaking and cinema and by the creative and talented people I surrounded myself with. It would be really swell to have that same fuel combined with an actual professional budget.

You can view my work on my YouTube Channel by clicking here!

Best regards, 
Ray Roberts 

Nicola Rocco // Actress (Role of 'Woman')

 Hi! I’m Nicola Rocco. I’m a professional model and I've been featured in leading UK magazines and newspapers. Alongside my experience in modelling lingerie, runway and swimwear commercial, I have made appearance on UK television as well minor acting roles in short film and music video.

For a while now, I've wanted to develop my skills in acting. I've always wants to be leading lady. I have a huge passion for modelling. I feel confident working in front of the camera, it's become sort of my comfort zone. I'm very much looking forward to working with everyone on this film! When I was first approached with the concept, I loved it! 



Marina Pratt // Producer 

(Written by director) I met Marina about a year ago. Quickly we got on. We shared interests in vintage style as well as cinema. She's also a huge admirer of Frank Sinatra. I for one, respect that. She runs a YouTube channel where we often posts make-up beauty tutorials and vlogs. You can see her YouTube videos here

She has graduated from university where she studied film and theatre production. While at university, she adopted many roles in filmmaking for projects such as producer. When I first approached her with this film, it was for general advice. She instantly began questioning my approaches to organisation and I quickly determined I needed her on board. 

She is very creative and has a fantastic sense of style. While working on character designs, I often went to her for her opinion that often lead to a long discussion. 

She is actually based in Canada and will be able to act our representative for film festivals out there. 

I'm very glad to have her on board. 

Joel Rundle // Cinematographer 

(Written by director) Joel is a very good friend of mine. Every time our paths have crossed, he's presented himself as a very charming gentlemen. I've worked with him on a few occassions, less than some of his specialism, but I from those few occassions I always found myself enjoying working with him.  

He studied Digital Film production at the SAE Institute for Creative Media Education in Oxford speciallising in cinematography. 

Joel is apart of the YouTube community, producing video blogs for his YouTube channel. You can find his vlogs here.

He has an exceptional eye for framing and composition. I very much trust his opinion and ability to bring my vision to life. Running shot ideas by him as well as developing sequence plans for this film has been a joy.  

It is an honour to have him on board as well as it's reassuring to know our camera is in good hard. 


Assistant Director // Sapphi Sherbird 
Camera Operator // Seb Drewett 
Lighting // Seb Drewett
Sound // Tom Askew Miller 
Make-Up Artist // Rachel Glister 
Post-Production Colourist // To be Hired
Still Photographer // To Be Hired
Production Assistants // Heloise Devaux, Lauren Holstead, Katy Reece 
Making of Documentary Director // Millie Johnston
Graphic Designer // Poster To Be Hired 


This film is going to be distributed and exhibited at film festivals. Some film fests don't allow their films entrants to be publically released before premiere. Meaning, I can't post my film onto YouTube or Vimeo right away. What I am able to do is upload it onto YouTube as unlisted to share with people who have contributed £5 or over. This counts as a private screening.

A private party will be hosted in London pre-premiere and those with the perk are invited to come down for a few drinks and to view a screening of the short film. 

Blu-rays of film will be distributed after premiere.  


Like I said, this is a simplistic and short 10 minute film but we've worked very hard to focus on developing the attention to detail in this film. Every aspect has been thought about intensively and developed. To make this film the very best it possibily can be and to ensure it all runs smoothly, we'll need £1500.


This is a flexible campaign. If we don't meet our goal, we are able to adapt the production with what we have. With £1000, we can make an okay version of film but it means we'll probably can't hire a professional camera, not be able to pay for a some of the crews transport and me and my team will have to live with the thought that this had film had so much more potential.   

Our 'perfect vision' can be created with the following: 

Pie Chart

Hiring a Professional Cinema Camera + Equipment - Around £500-£600
As a last resort, we will be able to shoot on a DSLR but to have this film be of the quality of other short film entries at film fests such as Raindance, FutureShorts and Toronto, a camera such as the Sony EX3, Sony F700, Canon C300, RED Scarlett are what we need. The more funds we get, the better the camera! 

Transport and Accommodation - £300 
We have creative and talented people coming in from all over the UK to work on the shoot. It would be a shame if we couldn't afford their train fare.  

Soundtrack - £300
Both hiring a professional to compose and record an original soundtrack and using existing music to feature in this film are being considered. Either way, this is a large cost. 

Studio Use - £100
Although almost the entire film is set on the beach, we require the use of a studio for one day to build a simplistic set and shoot an abstract dream-like sequence. (It's not as pretentious as it sounds). 

Professional Post-Production Hire - £200
At the moment, we have no one to work on post-production sound or colour. These are too elements I, as editor, could also do but I'm by far no professional. If we want this film to look really great, hiring professionals in these fields are vital. 

And this is minus all the smaller costs such as catering, petrol to transport people and equipment to and from the shoot.   


One of the main ways you can help us (besides contributing funds) is too help spread the word. 

  • Tweet our campaign page!
  • LIKE are Facebook page (Click here
  • Personnally Message people/organisations who you think would like to help us!

We are also welcoming volunteers to offer general help on our shoot! If you'd like to help out, send an email to ray@rayrobertsfilms.com 


Any contribution amount will prove to be useful! Whether it’s put forward towards hiring a professional camera and equipment or being put towards coffee for the cast and crew during the shoot. We’d all love to be able to shoot this film to the vision we as a team all share for it. Helping us reach our goal of £2000 is ultimately giving a team of passionate and creative people a chance to create something great.

I’m looking forward to making a film for you all. 

Thank you very much,

Kind regards, 

Ray Roberts  


This production is dedicated in memory of Nigel Roberts - 1963-2011 (The man who had faith in me)  

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    You're Swell!

    Thank you very much for your contribution! As thanks, the director will tweet you showing his appreciation. Just be sure to note down you Twitter username is you want to receive this!

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  • £5GBP
    Pre-Premier Viewing

    Be one of the first to view the final film before it's premiere at film festivals! The film will be unlisted on YouTube for your eyes only.

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    Personal Thank You Video!

    You'll receive the previous perk, also a personal thank you message in the form of a video from the director.

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    HD Download

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  • £30GBP
    Film Poster

    You'll receive the previous perks, plus a quality print of the film poster (size A3).

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    You'll receive the previous Perks, plus a DVD copy of the film with bonus features such as production video logs and the making of documentary.

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  • £50GBP
    Signed Poster // Screening

    You'll receive the previous Perks, plus a signed small poster. You will receive updates with production stills and test shots during rehearsal. You'll also be invited to a little party in London where the film will be screened.

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    Thank you Credits!

    You'll receive the previous Perks, plus your name will appear in credits thanking you for your contribution!

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    Top Contributor Credit

    You'll receive the previous Perks, plus have your name credited under 'Top Contributor' during the credits sequence! There's only six of these titles available!

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    Executive Producer Credit

    You'll receive the previous Perks, plus have your name credited under 'Executive Producer' during the credits sequence and on the official IMDB page of our film! There's only four of these titles available!

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