Rehabilitating the 3800 block of Chestnut Street in Kansas City, Missouri

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CHESTNUT STREET MODEL BLOCK is sponsored by The Community Capital Fund, a nonprofit supporting community development initiatives in historically under-invested, under resourced communities in Kansas City, Missouri.


The Chestnut Street Model Block Project

The Chestnut Street Model Block Project is a collaboration between non-profit organizations dedicated to economic and social justice.  The  organizations involved include Consolidated Social Work, Inc., the Gray Panthers, Voices of the People, and GYRL.

Our mission in this collaborative project is to fight back against blight and deterioration in an area of Kansas City, Missouri abandoned and neglected by city, state, and national government.  The 3800 block of Chestnut is typical of a blighted area with abandoned houses and vacant lots.

We are reclaiming the property through legal means and beginning to rehabilitate the block.  The outcome of our efforts will display the potential for change in a neighborhood aptly described as a food desert without amenities for the people usually available in other parts of the city. 

The Chestnut Street Model Block Project includes installation of community gardens, repair and rehabilitation of abandoned properties, and neighborhood cleanup.

This specific funding request is focused on the house at 3200 Chestnut St, which will become a community center at which programs for children will be available. 

Roofing $10,000

Gutters and Downspouts $1,100

Doors $1,100

Windows $4,900

Paint and Miscellaneous Lumber $2,500

Other misc. costs: $400

Total requested funds: $20,000


Volunteers have been cleaning and commencing repairs on the home. A playground has already been installed in the back yard of the building. These positive activities have facilitated contact between volunteers from the community and the children and elderly living on and near the 3800 block of Chestnut street. 

One 90 year old lady on the block has told volunteers that she likes to come out of her house when they are working on the block. She feels safer and has a better feeling about her environment in general. 

This project will become a model for similar communities in Kansas City that are dealing with challenges like abandoned homes and lack of amenities. 

Individuals can become involved by offering their skills in the building trades, tutoring, gardening, and a host of other ways.  Funds raised will all be dedicated to repair and rehabilitation of property.  No paid staff are involved in this project.

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