Chefwave: Cooks Food Automatically

A Revolution in cooking – Chefwave makes Food, Tell Chefwave what you want to eat today, Feed Only Raw Food & Chefwave will Cook it for you Automatically
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A Revolution in cooking – Automatic Cooking Machine enables you to make Food Automatically, Just Tell Chefwave what you want to eat today, you only need to feed with fresh vegetables rest recipes, spices and sauces will be managed by Chefwave

It’s not only a Revolution it’s a Dream for Chefwave Team and for All of Us, Let’s be a Part of History by Making The Chefwave Possible

Our story:

It goes back to a period of about 5 years when we were thinking of better recipes and easy to eat food , main struggle was to collect all the ingredients and then after lots of effort which we all do in different steps of cooking like cutting, steaming, frying taste was not as per standard .

Market food or ready to eat food never appealed us, and as health was always a concern we are firm believer of taste and health should go hand in hand

After lots of research to curb our own appetite we did not find anything which is easy to cook, save time, nutritionally balanced, taste as per and appealing to our taste bud. This made us to rethink about our research may be we were in wrong direction we did not want recipes we want technology for our requirements and hence Chefwave. It’s just born and Chefwave is very small infant

With advancement in technology cooking is already easier than before taking it a step ahead we have come with few features that’s as of now no other cooking equipment provides combination

Word combo till now was used only for two or three steps of cooking combined in one step and used with a single press Chefwave gives not gives you combined steps in number but all the steps in single button. Entire process of cooking from washing to ready to consume in single click and click is from Mobile or Internet

Evolution of Chefwave:


  1. Make your food at your comfort just order your machine whether from bed room or from office
  2. Use your favourite recipes from your mother's kitchen and eat it anywhere
  3. No crying over forgetting soaking sprouts tell your machine it will do it for you without mistake
  4. Enjoy your party as host and let Chefwave take care of all delicious delicacies from any part of world
  5. No Struggle for finding recipes, Just Download it from Internet directly to your Chefwave or use your own custom saved recipes every time
  6. Searching for recipe Comes to an end with kitchen on mobile
  7. With Chefwave cooking is not about  chopping, stirring, setting the temperature, finding equipments Its about just eating and enjoying the automatically cooked food
  8. Freedom from finding right equipment
  9. Cook while you are doing important work instead of finding time to do some work while cooking
  10. Cooked by you without your presence.
  11. Download World Cuisine to you Chefwave and enjoy food from world at your kitchen 

Interface of Chefwave:

Let’s Make it Together

Building The Chefwave is not a easy task, it needs a lot of research, experiments, we have failed for about 120 times before getting the right technology that fulfil ours as well as Chefwave need to make food automatically, Now as Chefwave team has done enough research to come up with a first working prototype, but for this we need your support in any way possible, so that we can start making our prototype and give history a marvellous machine The Chefwave

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Can I Prepare my Food in Chefwave?

A. It’s very simple, you select what food you want to prepare, Next Chefwave will ask you to insert ingredients like meat, noodles etc as per recipe in Chefwave Active Containers, these are the only tasks for you, now Chefwave as per Recipe process the food, mix the spices sauces and seasonings, once food is prepared Chefwave will intimate, Now Sit back and Enjoy Delicious Food

Q. What is difference in normal cooking range and Chefwave?

A. In Normal cooking range you need to execute each and every step yourself as per recipe but in Chefwave all steps of recipe are preprogrammed, you only need to add raw materials in Active containers and Chefwave will take care of the rest

Q. From Where the Spices will come?

A. to Make Chefwave Automatic we designed it to work on least human intervention, we have Passive Containers where you can store spices and sauces and seasonings, the ingredients that are common to many recipe

Q. What is Active Containers?

 A. Active containers are Recipe Specific Containers, Active Containers can be fully refrigerated if required, in active container you will be asked to add ingredients that are required for particular food at a time like Meat, Chicken, Water, Cheese, Curd, Raw Noodles, Potatoes, Fresh Vegetables, fruits and Oil etc, there are up to 10 active containers depending on the Model, Chefwave can use and store ingredient for particular recipe as a normal refrigerator do

Q. What is Passive Containers?

A. Passive Containers are not Specific to Particular Recipe, They are made up of highly hygienic vacuum tight Stainless Steel containers that can store Spices, Seeds, Seasonings, Oils etc up to period of 3 years depending on the nature of Ingredients, Chefwave are quite intelligent and are programmed to alert about the storage time of particular ingredient, there are up to 100 passive containers depending on the model

Q.  Will the Final Food will be as desired?

A. We have done a lot of research in making this happen, Chefwave will replicate the human cooking in high accuracy, after all cooking is also a Science along with art, and anyhow at the end you can always teach the Machine to work according to your Recipe

Q. Can I Feed my Own Recipe to Chefwave?

A. Yes, You can, it’s a Simple User Interface with Drop down Option, you can easily Design your own recipe over your Mobile or Through Chefwave Website or Chefwave Integrated Panel Itself, Else you can also convert your Recipe in Simple Language through Our Website and our Developers will convert your Recipe for you

Q. What is Recipe Market?

A. Recipe Market is the place which lists recipe from world famous chefs, restaurants and you, for Developers we are launching SDK in near future

Q. Can I Change Proportions in Recipe?

A. Yes, After Selecting Recipe, Chefwave will show you the Recipe, You can continue with that or can change the proportion, ratio and even the ingredients.

Q. What if some raw material is not available?

A. After Selecting Recipe Chefwave will check for the ingredients from active and passive containers, if something is missing it will ask you to add in the specific container, and if something isn’t available at your store you can change customize the recipe

Q. Can it Cook in my Absence?

A. Surely, You can even Schedule Chefwave to cook even after a month, but you have to supply the ingredients at the right time as desired for recipe at desired time asked by Chefwave

Q. What will be the size of Chefwave?

A. Chefwave Comes in Size of 915 millimetres Height, 610 millimetres Depth and 610 millimetres Wide, and it weighs approximately 50 Kilograms

Q. Can my Kids handle it?

A. Yes, Anyone having basic knowledge of Food and Ingredients can operate it, but we advice for kids to operate in Adult supervision

Q. What if Food get burnt?

A. For that we have done enough research in checking the heating time of ingredients and we have also fixed industrial grade heat and smoke sensor, so if something goes wrong and beyond heat limit the Chefwave will automatically control the heating and if not possible it will shutdown the entire process, after all your safety is first

Q. How to clean it?

A. There are two cleaning mode, Auto Clean – at ideal times Chefwave will clean itself by transferring the contents from container and processing chambers into backup containers, else you can always manually clean with press of a button and even you can schedule cleaning at  your convenience

Q. Can I Stop in Between

A. Yes you can anytime stop in between and resume from last mode or modify the steps and start, but we don’t think so as Chefwave is highly intelligent to handle recipes and the process

Q. What about Items which require stirring?

A. Chefwave cooking Chamber is designed to do so, they are fitted with the stirrers and rotors that copies the human hands and they are sometime better than human

Q. How to Provide Water in recipe that require Water?

A. Active Containers are the right place for that and we have allotted 3 specific Containers for that purpose first is for Water, Second is for Oil and third is for Milk

Q. Can Chefwave, calculate Calories of my food?

A. Yes, Chefwave has a huge database of raw foods and ingredients, when you will select any recipe Chefwave will display total calorie of food prepared, even you can restrict your food for particular calorie count and Chefwave will suggest you to change ingredients accordingly

Q. Can I reheat the food?

A. Yes, Chefwave is a Modern Revolutionary and Intelligent combo of Microwave, Charcoal heater, Induction Heater, Griller, Convection, Mixer, Grinder, Chopper, Steamer,  Boiler and Juicer you can use any of the function separately

Q. Is my Food Hygienic?

A. Yes, Of course, we are Using Industrial Grade Stainless Steel for All Internal Components and Aluminium Alloy for Body, Toughened Glass Containers and Tunings and High Pressure and Stem cooling and Vacuum sealed containers, so you needn’t to worry about the hygiene and food storage

Q. Can I Cook Recipes that I don’t know?

A. Yes, this is the best part of Chefwave, Suppose you are situated in United States and Want to Taste Italian Pasta, Just Go to World Cuisine Menu in Chefwave, Search for Italian Pasta, Chefwave will Download it for you, and ask for ingredients to be provided in Containers and WOLAH it’s done great authentic Italian pasta Cooked by Chefwave is ready to eat.

Q. How much time it will take to Cook in Chefwave?

A. It takes same time as a normal human cooking take, sometimes it even cooks faster

Q. Is it affordable?

A. Yes, we are designing Chefwave is such a manner that it’s easy to afford by every single Kitchen, its price will match a modern day cooking range; we are coming up with 3 Different variants. Economy for everyday use

Q. Can I Schedule Chefwave?

A. Yes, We will explain you this with a use case

USE Case 1

Suppose john is alone at home and tomorrow morning he wants to go to office at 8.00 AM an want to have Omelette and Fresh Orange Juice and have a Noodles at the dinner after coming back from office  Now see how he can use Chefwave

1. He Launches Chefwave app from this mobile

2. Select Menu, From Menu select Omelette, Orange Juice and Noodles

3. Chefwave ask the time of each food, for Omelette and Juice John will select 7:45 AM and for Dinner he will select After 6 PM as he is not sure when he will come back from office

4. Now Chefwave will ask john to put EGG in Active Container 1, and Peeled Oranges in Container 2 and Raw Noodles and Active Container 3

5. it’s all done from John’s Part, Now its Chefwave Part

6. Chefwave at Morning 7.30 Start processing John’s Order, Firstly Buzz John about Confirmation if within 3 Minutes John didn’t respond, it Start the Process automatically. And at 8:00 provides the fresh breakfast

7. For Dinner Chefwave will Buzz John at 5:30 PM for Scheduled Time of Dinner Preparation as John only scheduled for “After 6 PM” and once John Confirm the Exact Time, Chefwave Start the Dinner Process, and Let John Enjoy the Meal 

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