Cheb i Sabbah - OptiMystiK

Cheb i Sabbah will be connecting directly with his fans in the global dance community by offering an opportunity to help produce his next album, OptiMystiK.

“An OptiMystiK Overview” 

With much love and support, Cheb i Sabbah is back Cheb i Sabbahin the studio working on his new full-length album titled “OptiMystiK”. Sabbah calls it “New World DJ Science”, works featured on the album combine languages and instrumentation from a dozen countries and these songs reflect Cheb i Sabbah’s commitment to bring together the world’s best talent to manifest truly amazing music.

The album OptiMystiK is as much a message to his fans, as it is a collection of globally inspired tracks produced by one of the most creative artist in Global Electronica.

OptiMystiK is Cheb i Sabbah’s latest attempt to connect directly to his global community of fans and friends. Each step of the production of OptiMystiK will not only be shared online, but fans will have the opportunity to support and participate in the different stages of the release of the album. In the coming weeks the first stage of OptiMystiK will begin with a “Kick Off” fundraiser campaign to help raise the funds needed to cover the costs related to producing an album on such scale. These early funds will go to pay for the artists featured on the project, travel expenses, studio time, mastering and manufacturing costs. As a special gift to supporters, Sabbah will be offering a range of rare and limited items related to the OptiMystiK album.

This is a unique opportunity to help Cheb i Sabbah produce his new album and realize a life long vision.


More Information on OptiMystiK & Cheb i Sabbah at www.chebisabbah.com

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