A documentary that tells the story of female Land Speed Racers in the 200MPH club at the Bonneville Salt Flats and a fifteen year old girl's dream to join them.
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PLEASE VISIT OUR NEW CAMPAIGN. We are still looking for funding to help Kaylin make her film. All further donations and updates will be here:

Hi, I'm Kaylin Stewart. I'm a high school sophomore making a film about the the very few lady Land Speed Racing record holders... and my attempt to join them later this summer. I grew up on the Salt Flats of Bonneville, Utah watching people (including my Dad) drive cars over 200MPH and as I got older I noticed there were very few women drivers. In fact of the roughly 750 people in the exclusive 200MPH Club, only 23 are women. 

As more glass ceilings are broken, more girls are realizing that they can do whatever they set their minds to. By making this film, I want to honor the women who inspired and paved the way for me by telling their stories. In doing so, I hope to inspire future generations. 

By funding this film you will be inspiring women around the world to chase their goals and dreams. You will be choosing to make a difference, choosing to help change the world. I know we can do it together. 

I'm CHASING 200. What are you chasing?

What We Need & What You Get

FUNDING GOAL - $50,000 Principle Photography - This will cover the bare necessities to get the footage we need to tell the story.

100% of the money raised here is going to the making of the film. None of the money will go towards the racing budget.

Bonneville is a hostile environment. Filming there is hard on the people and the gear. Everything is FAR away from everything else… the finish line is literally 5 miles away from the start. Cameras need VERY long lenses and cameramen who have experience shooting 200+MPH cars from miles away. Hot days start before dawn and end after dark. Salt gets in everything.

We'll need to feed, house and cover travel expenses for our film crew during SpeedWeek. We will also need to travel to interview some of the other women record holders and capture other parts of Kaylin's story: seat and safety gear fittings, high performance driving lessons, testing and watching her take her CA Drivers License test at the DMV just like any other high school student.

Even though we will be calling in favors, we will need to pay key members of the crew.

Then there are things like Production Insurance, Filming Permits, Legal, Taxes... all together these will easily add up to over $10,000, and that doesn't even include the IndieGoGo fees--a full 4% - 9% of what we raise here.

Once principal photography is complete, we'll have additional costs for post production. 

STRECH GOAL - if we raise more funds we will put them towards post production.

Editing a documentary film is a long and time consuming process requiring the editors and directors to craft a story from dozens of hours of interviews, b-roll and archival materials. Sound mixing, music composing, color correcting, finishing and delivering are all also costly, but necessary steps.

If there is anything left over we'll use it to market the film at various Film Festivals.

The Team

Kaylin Stewart - Co-Producer / Director and star of Chasing 200. It has been her passion and goal to get into the 2 Club for as long as she can remember. The idea of the whole film came about when she started noticing how few women were in the club and she started asking questions.

Harry Pallenberg - Co-Producer / Director. Once Kaylin started to realize how hard it would be to do this on her own she asked Harry to join the team. Harry spent 15 years (over 1000 episodes) as a producer for Huell Howser and the popular PBS TV series California's Gold. Additionally he has produced and directed three feature documentary films. His most recent is WHERE THEY RACED, before that was WOMEN IN BOXES and his first film was SHOTGUN FREEWAY.

Jessica and Thomas Stewart - aka Mom & Dad. They will be providing love, support and everything a normal parent does. Tom is already a member of the 200MPH Club, so he can also offer some driving tips.

Robert Morris - Director of Photography. Robert has served as Director of Photography on feature theatrical and TV movies as well as on countless commercials and music videos.

Wayne Jesel - Jesel Racing. He owns the fastest pickup truck in the world and will be letting Kaylin drive it. More on Jesel and the truck that truly hauls.

Tyler Bates - Has agreed to help out as music supervisor, bringing his years of experience on big budget Hollywood films & TV to our project.

Holly Martin - Photographer and Kaylin's driving coach. www.MetalAndSpeedcom

Bakkuda - The cool etherial music that opens and closes our video is from Bakkuda which is a Korean word meaning 'to change'. The team at CHASING 200 could not agree more.  Additional composers to be announced soon. 

A few pics from Peter Vincent's book:

Other Ways You Can Help

  • We know times are tough and not everyone can contribute money, but if you still want to help you can spread the word. Let people know about Kaylin, her quest, the 23 women who paved the way and even about Land Speed Racing in general. If you can't contribute get 2 friends to do it... and remember PASS IT ON via Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and other Social Media sites... Help us inspire more young women to chase their dreams.
  • Maybe you have another skill we could use? Are you a lawyer? Graphic designer? Musician? Let us know - we want to include you.
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    You'll get a vial pendant filled with 200+MPH salt-- salt that ran in Kaylin's truck! Note--this is table salt, not from the protected Salt Flats. Plus $10 of your contribution will go to 'Save The Salt' an organization dedicated to preserving Bonneville that Kaylin has been working for since she was 10 year old:

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    A signed copy of Peter Vincent's book. Amazon review: Vincent is arguably the most experienced photographer of Utah's legendary Bonneville Salt Flats. Every year for more than 20 years he has visited this unique American landscape with camera in hand. The Bonneville Salt Flats: Two Decades of Photography by Peter Vincent is an evocative selection of thousands of images he has captured at Bonneville and its surroundings to deliver an exceptional photographic portrait. PLUS all previous perks.

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