Charity Miles

It's Charity Miles' first birthday! Please help us continue to grow!

Happy Birthday!!

Over the past year, we have grown to over 100,000 activists who have walked, run and biked enough miles to go from earth to the moon...and back...three times!

  • You've earned $354,570.47 for charity! Among other things, you have:
  • Funded over $127,000 of Autism, Cancer and Parkinson's research
  • Earned over $50,000 for wounded veterans
  • Earned over $50,000 to protect animals and nature
  • Educated 554 girls for a year
  • Provided 23,584 doses of antiretroviral pills to people living with HIV
  • Fed 407,540 people

And we're only just beginning. At the rate we are growing, we have the potential to move millions of corporate dollars to charity every year — money that companies would otherwise spend on digital advertising like banner ads and spam email campaigns.

But moving this market requires scale. So, to get this scale, we personally funded most of this past year's sponsorship pool ourselves. And this has enabled us to grow large enough to secure great sponsorships from companies like Lifeway and Promax Nutrition.  

However, we're not entirely sustainable yet. Which is why we're hoping you'll invest in the Charity Miles sponsorship fund so that we can continue adding great people like you to our team.

This will enable us to attract more sponsors, so that we can all have an even bigger impact than anyone of us could have alone.

It will also enable us to attract other investors so that we can continue to improve upon the app and build the features that many of you have been requesting. (For example, so that the app can work indoors, on treadmills and spin bikes.)

So, if you've enjoyed using the app this year; if you've been inspired to run just a bit farther; if you've been touched by one of our emails; if you're proud to be a part of this team that is changing the world, please help us take Charity Miles to the next level. #EveryMileMatters!

Look What I Found!

You are the true founders of Team Charity Miles. And we want you to own your place in Charity Miles history. So, we've got some great rewards that will forever distinguish you as someone who helped get this whole thing started.  

Founder's Bib - $26!

Founder's Bib


Tree in The Charity Miles Founder's Forrest - $50

 Founder's Forrest

Founder's Technical Running T-Shirt - $75


Founder's Necklace - $100


Founder's Necklace

Other Ways You Can Help

Please spread the word about our campaign to all of your friends.  If you use the IndieGoGo sharing tools provided on this page, then we can track to see who raises the most money.

About Charity Miles

Charity Miles is a free iPhone/Android app that enables people to earn money for charity when they walk, run or bike. Bikers earn 10¢ per mile; walkers and runners earn 25¢ per mile — all courtesy of Charity Miles and our corporate partners.

We launched the app one year ago and have since won wide spread acclaim. Charity Miles has been featured as a favorite app in almost every major fitness magazine, national news programs and morning shows like Live! With Kelly & Michael and The Today Show.

Mashable named Charity Miles as one of its five favorite fitness apps for 2013. We won two Ignite Good Millennial Impact Grants from The Huffington Post and Heartfelt Foundations. And we won both the SXSW Dewey Winburne Award for Social Good, and the SXSW People's Choice Award, two of the top awards at the world's most prominent interactive festival.

But most importantly, we are a team of over 100,000 activists who have walked, run and biked more than 1.4 million miles to earn $350,000 for charity. And we're only just beginning! #EveryMileMatters!

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