- The first time a power-strip and accessory bag are united to create a fully mobile charging station. Organize, Travel & Charge with ChargerGenie®.
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Recent Press:


"Whether you use the ChargerGenie as a central location for the kids video game outlets or for your business travel, life with cords just got a lot less confusing."

                                                                                                                                 "Normally, you would stuff your electronic devices into a purse, sack, or some sort of bag, and then carry a power strip separately. This project simply puts them together."


"5 Lessons Learned on Entrepeneurship from the founder of ChargerGenie."


 "In addition, ChargerGenie has been certified in the U.S. and Canada by the leader in safety certification, Underwriters Laboratories (UL)."


"I’ve left enough power cables behind at airports and hotels to be a wee bit curious about the ChargerGenie..."


"For anyone who's ever struggled to find a place to store and charge all their  mobile devices, two sisters have come up with a solution, and they're introducing it to the world on Indiegogo." 


 Stop looking for gadgets all over your home -- and never leave another charger behind!  

What is ChargerGenie®? 

ChargerGenie® is a simple solution to a new age problem.  With ChargerGenie® you can organize all of your electronic devices and their chargers by storing them in one simple bag.  And here's the kicker --'THE BAG' PLUGS INTO THE WALL!  That's right, you plug your devices into the bag and the bag will fully power and charge them for you.  It's the ultimate, fully mobile charging station/tote-bag. 

Design, Functionality & Benefits

  • Organize, Travel and Charge

  • The first time ever that a powerstrip & storage compartment are united 

  • 6 Power Outlets and 2 USB Ports, 125V 15A 1875W

  • Organizes and stores: personal electronic devices and their chargers like iPad Mini, Kindle, Nintendos and accessories like ear-buds, headsets, game-cards, memory cards & sticks and much more
  • Smart upside down outlets to accommodate most of today's chargers

  • UL® certified - This is a big deal! UL® sets the standard in product safety testing so you can rest assured that ChargerGenie® is safe for you and your family. It's also so unique that UL® had to create new amendments to standards to include testing for fabric flammability & water leakage

  • Durable, lightweight and designed to attach to the handle of most rolling bags or pack easily into a suitcase

  • Saves time, money and the inconvenience of replacing lost chargers and gadgets   

 What this Means to You

Now you have a great all-in-one solution to organize your electronic life in-home or on-the-road!  With ChargerGenie® you can end the frustration of searching your home or hotel room for all of your 'stuff' and never leave another charger behind.  ChargerGenie® saves time and money -- which we believe makes for a happier you!

In-Home or On-the-Road

When at home, use ChargerGenie® to organize and charge your devices and de-clutter your life.  When it's time to travel, simply pick up ChargerGenie® and you're ready to go!  It slides right over the handle of most rolling bags and packs easily into any suitcase. Stop searching and make that flight on-time!

What Can I Keep in my ChargerGenie®?

It's great to organize and store lots of stuff like: phone chargers, iPad Mini, Kindle and other eReaders, personal gaming devices such as Nintendo, Sony PSP, LeapFrog,   Ipod/iPod Touch and the multitude of chargers that came with the devices you own.  It's also great for keeping your accessories such as earbuds, bluetooth headsets, SD Memory cards, flash drives, game cards, collapsable head-phones and more in one convenient place.   

ChargerGenie® evolved from Real Life Experience of Founder/Inventor Jeannie (aka "Genie")

As a working technology executive with plenty of gadgets, Jeannie spent her fair share of time in hotel rooms and on the road where she realized that finding a place to charge and losing chargers were a big problem.  Even in modern hotel rooms, the outlets were never ample enough - especially for family vacations. Tired of tripping over power-cords, crawling behind nightstands and charging her phone in the bathroom she began to carry her electronics in a plastic bag and kept a power-strip in her luggage. The plastic bag was soon replaced with a more durable canvas tote and she wondered "Why the two had never been joined before?." After much searching, she couldn't believe it had never been done --and ChargerGenie® was born!  Meet Jeannie (aka "Genie") in the video! 


Meet the ChargerGenie® Users: Which "Genie" Are You? ...


 1) Busy Moms: Do you have a lot of gadgets and games to organize in the home or on trips?

Mom on phone in kitchen while kids charge and use games

    Red Charger Genie


2) Students: Do you have too many roommates and too few outlets?

College Student with gadgets and computer plugged into ChargerGenie

    College Student Bag


1) Road Warrior: Do you work at a home office or on-the-go? 

Road Warrior Business man


 Road Warrior


4) Traveler: Stuck in the airport?  Turn that one outlet into 8 charging ports and make a friend by sharing your power!

Sophia at the airport


ChargerGenie® is Safe and has already achieved prestigious UL® Certification in USA & CANADA!

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. aka UL® is an independent, not-for-profit product testing and certification organization and internationally recognized as the gold standard in product safety. The United States government classifies approved UL® testing laboratories as Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories.  ChargerGenie® has spent the past 2 years undergoing, rigorous flammability, shock, water leakage testing and more and has been fully UL® certified. It's also so unique that UL® had to create new amendments to standards to include testing for fabric flammability, water leakage and more. TakeCharger founders have invested over $50K into the UL® process to ensure ChargerGenie® was a product safe enough for their family and yours!




 About US:

Jeannie and Laura with Bag

TakeCharger LLC is the manufacturer, supplier, and e-commerce vendor of ChargerGenie®. ChargerGenie® is the first patent pending storage compartment and power strip in one! Jeannie DeSanctis founded Take Charger LLC in 2009 to create ChargerGenie®. Jeannie, a tech executive, carried a ziplock bag and a powerstrip to solve the lost charger, no outlet problem. These were the early seeds of ChargerGenie®.  This isn't Jeannie's first time at innovation.  As the founder of mRocket, Jeannie developed and launched the first mobile shopping application in the United States and has had an extensive career in the digital and mobile industries.  

Co-Founder Laura Dugan has had an extensive background in pharma/biotech and electronics sales.   

The diverse skill-set of the two creates a winning team!

Fun Fact: Laura and Jeannie are sisters!



July - IndieGoGo Campaign

August - Manufacture

September - Ship to USA

October - Deliver to Customer



Question:  I know sometimes on crowd funding sites the product never gets made.  Will I definitely receive my ChargerGenie®?

Yes! ChargerGenie® is already being manufactured and soon shipping to the USA to our E-Commerce fulfillment partner, Fulfillrite in Lakewood, New Jersey. TakeCharger LLC has invested its own money to make the product before launching on Indiegogo so ChargerGenie® has been de-risked to ensure every ChargerGenie® order would be fulfilled.

Question:  Why is ChargerGenie® plugged into a wall and not a battery pack?

Answer: They do different things. ChargerGenie® stores and charges all types of devices so you would keep your portable battery charger in your ChargerGenie® when it's not in use.  While portable battery charges are useful and improving, they have capacity limits and the more powerful ones are expensive ranging in prices from $40 for a simple phone top-off device up to $200 for one that will add 5 hours to a tablet.  The portable battery has to then be charged itself.  ChargerGenie® delivers a powerful 1875 watts and can fully charge and power 8 devices at once including a laptop.  ChargerGenie® is light weight and at $49.99 MSRP delivers great value.  When on the road, you can carry your portable battery with you and when you return to your hotel or home - charge and store it in your ChargerGenie®.

Question:  Can I order this product outside of North America?

Answer:  ChargerGenie® has UL approval in USA and Canada.  We are not currently shipping outside of North America. 


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    Get 24 ChargerGenies for your road warrior sales team. We will ship 1 case (8 units) of each color to your HQ.

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    Sir Richard Branson

    We know we are reaching high with this one but Indiegogo tells us not to be afraid to ask for a big perk if we have a cool new product. We heard that if "you reach for the stars you'll hit the moon." If you are blessed to be in a position to help us reach the moon --like Richard Branson --and you are in the NYC or West Palm Beach area you+ 1 will have dinner with the co-founders and receive 10 bags of your choice of available colors.

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