CHARGEKEY for iPhone and Android by NOMAD

CHARGEKEY is the world's most portable USB charging cable for iPhone and Android (Micro USB). It works just like a standard USB cable for charging/syncing.


CHARGEKEY is the world’s most portable USB charging cable for iPhone and Android (Micro USB). It’s the size of a house-key so it fits on your keychain and is always with you when you need it. It works just like your standard usb cable for charging your smartphone from any USB port.

 CHARGEKEY vs. Standard USB Cable

How CHARGEKEY Compares



Apple Lightning Cable

Android/Micro USB Cable










3 mm

7 mm

7 mm

USB 2.0 Sync




3.1 Amp Charging






“The New NOMAD CHARGEKEY Is Like A Jumper Cable For Your Phone”

“A year ago the guys at NOMAD released a small, portable USB cable for iPhones and micro USB devices. Now they’ve launched the CHARGEKEY, a super-small “cable” for charging your device via any USB port.”

- TechCrunch

“The makers of the CHARGECARD—that wallet-friendly credit card-sized sync cable for smartphones—are back with a new product called the CHARGEKEY that's instead designed to hang out on your keychain.”

- Gizmodo

"Tiny CHARGEKEY for iPhone 5 is always handy and ready to go...If you're anywhere that there's an open USB port, you can plug in your iPhone (or iPad -- the CHARGEKEY is designed to withstand up to 3.1 A of current) to top it off."



“The CHARGEKEY Might Be The Smallest Lightning Charger Possible”

“...impressively small CHARGEKEY, a teeny tiny USB-to-Lightning adapter that – yes – hooks onto a keyring.”

Cult of Mac

Production and Delivery

We are using a trusted manufacturer who currently manufactures our first product, CHARGECARD. We’ve already initiated the tooling for CHARGEKEY and we expect to ship on November 30th, meaning your CHARGEKEYS will arrive before December 10th.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Does CHARGEKEY allow for data transfer?

Yes. CHARGEKEY works just like a standard USB cable to charge and sync your phone.

Is CHARGEKEY durable?

CHARGEKEY is durable. It’s made from high grade Makrolon® polycarbonate and Versollan™ high performance polyurethane elastomer (TPU).

How fast will my phone charge when charging with CHARGEKEY?

CHARGEKEY will charge your phone as fast as any other cable will. The rate of charge actually depends on which USB port you’re connected to. Some USB ports emit fewer or more amps, which does affect charging time. For example, your phone will charge faster when connected to a 3.1 amp USB port than when connected to a 1.0 amp port.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes. We ship to everyone in every country everywhere in the world. We have a lot of shipping experience and we will make sure that we get you your CHARGEKEYS.

I have more questions!

Please send us a message or email us at chloe@hellonomad.com

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