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Boost your Phone Battery with Pocketable Credit Card sized Charge Ninja + Charging Key
Nextware Products Inc
Calgary, Alberta
3 Team Members

The First Question is Why?

Every solution to a problem starts with a single most important question: Why? Our question starts with all the frustration that we have had over the years with our iPhones, iPads and other devices running out of charge just when we need them the most. Let's be honest, we have all had that moment we really needed to make that phone call, find a place on the map or in some case complete just one more round of Candy Crush with our phone batteries completely dead. A dead iPhone after all is just one another very expensive paper-weight and we all agree on that.

We also agree that there are a ton of current charging solutions such as phone wall chargers (require power source), Bulky Battery cases  (big size with proprietary charging connector) and other Power Banks (big size with varied charging cables). These solutions are all great, but all of them have some downsides.

The Solution: CHARGE NINJA

Our solution involves cramming 1500 mAH battery into a credit sized charger which can not only provide battery boost upto 85% to your iPhone 5S, but is also flexible to be used for charging other devices that might require different charging pins with a full sized USB port. Use the flexibility of Charge Ninja to not only charge your smartphone, but also your Tablets, Portable Game Consoles, Bluetooth headphone among many other devices.

CHARGE NINJA + Charging Key

Charge Ninja is easily pocketable in your wallets and we have included a Free micro-usb Charging Key ring that is your compact cable to charge your phone and other compatible devices.

Use charge key to not only charge other devices, but also to charge the Charge Ninja via the USB port on wall-chargers and your computer.

We also have Charging Key available with Apple lightning charging port at additional cost, which is Apple certified (MFi - Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad).

CHARGE NINJA: Battery Capacity = 1500mAh

For it's size Charge Ninja packs quite a punch to boost your battery life. Taking an example of the most popular phone in the market today - iPhone 5S. The lithium-ion battery provides upto 85% of the total battery to your iPhone. In real world the 1500mAh charge on Charge Ninja equates to:

  • Talk time: upto 8 hours on 3G
  • Internet use: upto 7 hours
  • Video playback: upto 8 hours
  • Audio playback: upto 35 hours

What makes CHARGE NINJA Cool?

The petite size of Charge Ninja apart from flexibility of a full sized USB port makes it the perfect Battery-to-go. The credit card size (85mm x 55mm) dimensions along with 7mm thickness around USB port that tapers to 5 mm makes the Charge Ninja extremely pocketable.

Fits you wallet, jeans pocket and your purse

Charge Ninja can be used anywhere to power your devices, be it in office during meetings or when you are toughing it outside or any emergency situations

CHARGE NINJA supports "Charge First"

    With our complete focus on getting your phone charged when connected to a wall charger or charging through a computer, we support "Charge First". What that implies is that the charging will sync through Charge Ninja when connected and charge your phone first before the Charge Ninja starts gets replenishment charge. To ballpark, Charge Ninja prioritizes phone charge over self-charge.

    CHARGE NINJA: Indiegogo Campaign Timeline

    Our Indiegogo Campaign Timeline is divided among 5 variables to make this campaign a success from initial development to delivery to your home, as below:

    Campaign Starts:
    We started working on Charge Ninja from Oct 2013, perfecting the design to getting the prototypes made before they were further refined into what we have today. We have continually been perfecting the charger and will continue it all the way till we start shipping them. Our campaign started months before Indiegogo feature.

    This is where you (Backers) come in. We have worked really hard on creating a portable charger to compliment your phone and now we need the support from our backers to not only back the project, but also get the word out to everyone to make our campaign a success. This is one step where everything is in your hands.


    Once our campaign is successfully concluded, the next step is to validate what perk each backer has picked and the shipping address.There will be a 2-week window to conclude the validation to finalize what gets manufactured and ships.


    As soon as the Indiegogo Campaign concludes we plan to start off with our production by mid-October. We will get a headstart as we will know via the pledge groups which models to start working on.

    As the chargers are manufactured we will be starting the process of batch shipping to backers based on models that are finished first.


    How can I order multiple units?

    Regardless of the perk level you have selected you can order multiple units by just adding the same amount in the multiples. As an example if you choose $29 perk and want 2 units just double the perk amount to $58. The same applies to international shipping as well for a maximum of $30 for upto 5 units of Charge Ninja.

    How do I add on shipping if I am outside US and Canada?

    You can add shipping over and above the selected perk. As an example if you choose $29 perk just add $10 to it for a total of $39 for international shipping.

    Is the Apple Lightning Key MFi Certified? Why is there an extra charge for lightning version? How do I add on the lightning key to my perk level?

    The Apple lightning key version is MFi (Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad) Certified and we are procuring it directly from a certified manufacturer. As compared to micro-USB connector, the production costs for Lightning connector is substantially higher due to royalty charged by Apple Inc.

    Lightning key if ordered will come in addition to the micro-USB key. The backers will need to add additional $10 for each lightening key unit if required.

    Will the Charging Keys support charging of tablets and data sync/transfer?

    Yes the charging keys both micro-USB and Apple Lightning version will support charging via computer as well as wall charger with sync facility same as your existing cables

    What colour is the Charging Key?

    The Charge Key is currently only available in Black

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    raised in 2 months
    8% funded
    No time left
    $21,000 USD goal
    Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
    Campaign Closed
    This campaign ended on October 18, 2014
    Select a Perk
    • $1USD
      THANK YOU!

      THANK YOU: Every little bit helps - we can't thank you enough for your support.

      0 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2014
    • $29USD
      BLACK: Charge Ninja + Key

      BLACK: Receive one (1) Black CHARGE NINJA + (1) Charging Key: micro-USB Add $10 for (1) Apple Lightening Charging Key version Shipping is included for US and Canadian backers. Please add $10 for International Shipping

      27 claimed
      Estimated delivery: December 2014
    • $29USD
      WHITE: Charge Ninja + Key

      WHITE: Receive one (1) White CHARGE NINJA + (1) Charging Key: micro-USB Add $10 for (1) Apple Lightning Charging Key version Shipping is included for US and Canadian backers. Please add $10 for International Shipping

      9 claimed
      Estimated delivery: December 2014
    • $29USD
      BLUE: Charge Ninja + Key

      BLUE: Receive one (1) Blue CHARGE NINJA + (1) Charging Key: micro-USB. Add $10 for (1) Apple Lightning Charging Key version Shipping is included for US and Canadian backers. Please add $10 for International Shipping

      8 claimed
      Estimated delivery: December 2014
    • $87USD

      TRINITY: Receive three (3) CHARGE NINJA in each colour + (3) Charging Key: micro-USB Add $10 for per unit (1) of Apple Lightning Charging Key version Shipping is included for US and Canadian backers. Please add $20 for International Shipping

      3 out of 300 claimed
      Estimated delivery: December 2014
    • $2,800USD

      Receive (100) CHARGE NINJA + (100) Charging Key: micro-USB. Add $10 for per unit (1) of Apple Lightning Charging Key version Shipping is included for US and Canadian backers. Please add $60 for International Shipping

      0 out of 20 claimed
      Estimated delivery: December 2014
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