The story revolves around an off-beat girl who observes the world through a golden pair of binoculars waiting to be invited.
Maqui Gaona
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Short Summary

Hello fellow supporters! 

Thank you viewers for your time and interest and to the crew who made the kick starter video possible- thank you James Arrant for acting in it as well as producing it and a big thank you to Anthony Carella for being the director of photography and for colour correcting it!


This film is going to be the most intensive project yet for me as a writer/ director and as a production designer and will definitely challenge everyone apart of it for the better, we are so excited to have this opportunity!

My films in the past have never been more than a couple hundred dollars and were often raised from my own personal savings.

With raising this much funding there is no excuse for the film not to be as well executed as possible, but "With great power, comes great responsibility".

The challenges we will face are really ones that are fundamental when growing as an artist; we will be faced with budgetary restrictions, strict and needed organization, and decisions on where it is important to spend money for the benefit of the story. 

I am confident and everyone apart of the project is confident in that the project will come to life in the best way that it can, we have not looked at the alternative as an option.

What the Film is about

Ava suffers from an immense lack of self-confidence and as a result has always observed life from at a distance through her little golden binoculars. To help her cope with the missing relationships in her life, she creates this delusion that empathy works a lot like a television network in the sense that everyone has their own channel and frequency to help her feel connected to those she observes. It is not until one night that she is peering from her balcony does she see Beck about to kill himself that she is forced to interact and interfere with the lives of others.

What We Need 

This film is going to be treated as professional as possible and thus every department must be to the highest of standards. 

Production Design: We are morphing rooms we have access to into worlds of installations with a hint of surreality. We need loads of paint, books, furniture, interments, light fixtures, and materials to build the installations within the character's rooms. We are also going to be hand-making bunches of TV's and need the material to do that as well.

Make Up: We will be designing wardrobe very specific to the character and will need to purchase the proper tools to do so.

Camera: We are going to be renting lenses and cameras from several rental houses and need the technology that is going to do the story justice.

Sound: The film relies so heavily on sound and on frequencies in order to depict Ava's fantasy as accurate as possible and we will probably have to reach out to a composer to make this happen specifically for the film.

Food: The  cast and crew will be working for free and we need to feed them as well as possible!

Lighting: We will hopefully be receiving the lighting package from school, but the transportation of all of this equipment along with the props is going to require a van rental through out the period of the shoot.

Locations: We will need to rent from a studio for one of the locations as well as acquire a permit for the other. 

Marketing and Publicity: We want to submit this film to as many festivals possible to create awareness for a very personal story dealing with the importance of connections and to advocate for younger artists in the industry.

The Impact

  • You would be helping in giving light to a very important issue in today's society, being this lack of communication and connection. This story is one that I believe will strike very deeply within emotional people, and I would love to make this piece for them.
  • You would be giving the opportunity for other passionate young artists in New York to collaborate and truly make something of high quality and above all beautiful.
  • We would love to invite you to process of making this piece and making it come to life, this is the beginning my film career as a writer and as a director and I would love for you to be apart of it.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Please feel free to make this campaign contagious, we need your help in spreading this exciting opportunity for those apart of the project and for those who will watch the film. If you believe in our project and our goal as young filmmakers, please tell your friends, family, and anyone who may be interested in the project and the story behind it! 

We appreciate your support dearly, thank you! It's not possible with out the help of others!

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    All of the above, plus a handwritten and illustrated postcard from the director appreciating your generosity. : )

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    All of the above, plus a super duper high quality digital download of the film. : )

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    All of the above, plus a one of a kind piece of artwork done personally by the director for you and your great contribution. : )

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    All of the above, plus a cast and crew signed copy of the latest script with an illustrated cover. : )

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    All of the above, plus a personal hand-written poem done by the writer dedicated to you as well as a poster of the film for you to remember the film you help make possible. : )

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    All of the above, plus a one of kind play-list made by the Producer mixed specifically for you along with the score of the film. : )

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    All of the above plus an associate producer credit on IMDb as well as a special hand picked prop from the art director for you to have as a token of our immense appreciation for the project you help make a reality. : )

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    Executive Producer credit on IMDb as well as all of the above and infinite gratitude and a super yummy dinner made by the director. : )

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