Toss a few cents at great content. Get stuff. Feel good.

UPDATE: We hit our goal!

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What is CentUp?

CentUp is an intentionally simple button that lives next to all kinds of web content. It lets people toss a few cents at blog posts, photos, videos, and songs they really love. The kicker? Half that money goes to charity.

We can do more! 

5 BILLION+ pieces of web content get liked or shared each day?. Let's do more. When things go viral, it creates awareness. When things get CentUp, it will create change.

One of the most common reasons people don't donate more online is because they forget. CentUp is an active reminder to give, and it lives where people are spending an enormous amount of time and attention each day: online content.

Using CentUp means you're helping build schools around the world, empowering women, supporting public media, and much more. All while you're surfing the web and sharing with other. 

Content creators and curators deserve to make money from their work, but audiences today feel forced to pay, not necessarily motivated. CentUp changes behaviors by making social good a core element of the publishing business model.

Why should you give?

  • Giving a few pennies is pretty inconsequential, but in aggregate a lot of good can be done.
  • Many publishers will reward their biggest supporters. For example, you CentUp $10 worth of posts on your favorite news site, you get an annual subscription automatically. NO PAYWALL!
  • Instead of having to donate to causes on charity websites, CentUp users can take that action across the web where they’re already spending time.
  • Donations will be amplified by brands and other large donors. Companies with major CSR efforts will be thrilled to leverage our network as we scale. Imagine Brand X telling the world, "we're going to double everyone's cents up to 1 million dollars when you use CentUp in May!"




A note to publishers 

Whether you write, shoot, produce, or draw, if you put great content out on the web, CentUp will help turn your efforts into something that earns money for great causes, and for you.

We're very passionate about helping creators earn an income from their work. We also know that lots of "models" have been tried before. Our team has spent time in the industry and understands the challenges. We believe our formula has massive potential to supplement existing compensation channels.

CentUp is a sharing button that creates a new revenue stream for those who share content. It's not about paywalls or advertising, it's about turning publishers into conduits for charity. 


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