CEFopoly ® The gamification of the acquisition of formal knowledge through (1.) Higher Education, (2.) Intellectual Property, and (3.) Entrepreneurship.
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                           Summary of CEFopoly

What is CEFopoly about? 

The Definition of CEFopoly: a blending of the acronym CEF and the attachment phrase “opoly” to connote and imply the feeling of a game that is fun and engaging.

                                     C = College

                                     E = Education

                                     F = Foundation

Essentially CEFopoly is the “gamification” of three important content areas / messages of information about the acquisition of "formal knowledge" through: 

[1.] The American college & university system,

[2.] Conceptual and introductory information about Intellectual Property, and

[3.] Conceptual and introductory information about Entrepreneurship 

CEFopoly is a game that provides gamers, students, parents, grandparents, educators / teachers, and anyone who is interested in the learning that takes place in games, in a format of fun and interactive engagement.  CEFopoly is designed to perk curiosity, engage the brains’ inquisitiveness, all while tantalizing the competitive juices in the game participants.  The winner is the person that at the end of the game has acquired or owns the most knowledge from within the game's subject matter areas.

Who benefits: 

All game players and participants gain while playing CEFopoly.

CEFopoly game players/participants learn while playing the game about twenty-two (22) varying major areas and courses of study from within the American college and university system. 

CEFopoly game players/participants also are provided through the two stacks of cards that are apart of the games operating rules information about common experiences and organizational situations in college, acquiring and creating intellectual property, and entrepreneurship.

One card stack is called:   "College Knowledge"

One card stack is called:    "Risk Or Reward"

This stack has interspersed information about the benefits of intellectual property, and while playing introduces the players to concepts within the area of Intellectual Property  (aka IP).  Additionally, the stack has cards in it that introduces the player/participants to the elements of entrepreneurship. 

CEFopoly game players/participants learn about the four major academic degrees:

  • Associate of Arts
  • Baccalaureate 
  • Masters
  • Doctoral

The nature and design of CEFopoly is to mix three important elements in the game:

[1.] Fun and engagement

[2.] Game competition

[3.] The conveyance of information while playing the game about important subject areas; and to spark curiosity about subject areas that have a major impact.

  1. Higher Education
  2. Intellectual Property
  3. Entrepreneurship 

 Bio - Science - One Male in white lab coat

Why CEFopoly Matters:

Why encouraging higher education, innovation, and entrepreneurship matters- 

When one looks at the great contributions made in the world over time - one of the great contributors within the last 240 years has been the USA.  There are three areas that stand out that have provided for significant advancement in the many areas that matter.   

[1.] The Morrill Land Grant Act of 1862 - Producing better educated and competently trained citizens to meet the demands of the future in a world that rewards education, the creation and or ownership of intellectual property, and entrepreneurship.

[2.] Making learning and education not only a rigorous academic activity - but also showing a young person the rewards of higher education in a fun and exciting way - CEFopoly does that.

[3.] It is true that “consumption” drives most economies - However, it is a well educated citizenry that allow countries to compete in a world of ever-higher requirements.

A fun Learning tool that can help bridge the generation gap. 

Essentially, CEFopoly is committed to fun while learning 

Provides a game environment where play takes place while learning: 

CEFopoly is first and foremost a game - and kids like playing games.

The game is designed to introduce many important areas within the college and university experience that will provide insight to the game playing participants. 

CEFopoly will spark and ignite curiosity about Intellectual Property; one of the most dynamic asset groups in the industrialized world. 

CEFopoly also introduces the game participant to the importance of entrepreneurship. 


Escape the boring lectures & provide a game environment to motivate learning about information that matters:

CEFopoly provides for its game participants the optimum mix of game fun, competition, curiosity and excitement while being introduced to values that will serve the playing participant over a lifetime.  It’s actually will be an inexpensive investment in as a “motivational aid” that can make a big difference in a young persons life “outside the box” of the standard “Parent lectures” about going to college.

Providing an appreciation for learning and academic curiosity in the early years matters. 

CEFopoly accepts the concept that early in a young persons life cycle habits and the appreciation for learning is most important.   CEFopoly is designed to take advantage of  “the enjoyment of playing games”  to creates the interest and curiosity of the subject matter  and areas shown in the game.



Why you should Pledge & What You Get for Pledging: 

A lot of the heavy lifting to bring CEFopoly to market has been done.

The creator and designer of the game has spent over two years doing the research and assembling talent and skill to provide a great motivational aid and a relatively inexpensive tool for any person interested in providing a fun, engaging way to ignite interest, curiosity, and an understanding  of three subject [content] areas that matter.

  1. Higher Education
  2. Intellectual Property
  3. Entrepreneurship 

The Impact

The Value of introducing the concept of Intellectual Property:

In a report released in March of 2012 about the tremendous economic impact of intellectual property, one of the opening comments was: “Innovation, the process through which new ideas are generated and put into commercial practice, is a key force behind U.S. economic growth and national competitiveness.”

An extra benefit of CEFopoly 

Many times in the world ones ability to get good and useful information is a function of circumstances [lucky or unlucky].  However, CEFopoly is available to any group of people who have access to the game - therefore many of the standard social-demographic statistics that can determine a persons life chances are bridged through CEFopoly, because the CEFopoly game is available to anyone regardless of social-demographic circumstance.

What We Need & What You Get 

What is required now is the capital funding to physically manufacture the game. Additionally, an app (digital application) is also contemplated to be introduced into the marketplace and to make available the CEFopoly game (message) digitally.

Please pledge any amount you are able to, and remember you will be helping a young person be more knowledgeable about the value of higher education, intellectual property, and entrepreneurship. 

Please see the "Perks" information describing what various levels receive.

Ways You Can Help

What else you can do to assist in bringing CEFopoly to market:

If you would “like” CEFopoly on Facebook it would be appreciated.


CEFopoly is also on Twitter:

On Twitter at: https://twitter.com/#!/CEFopolyMedia

Any and all amounts are appreciated - Please Pass it forward: 

If you would please pass (email) this transmittal to at least seven (7) more people, Play-it-forward to people who are like-minded like yourself today, people who are interested in seeing a fun game developed and bought to market for young people.  Please send this to people like you, who understand the value and benefit of early exposure and introduction to a game that will benefit the player throughout their lives; whether that person goes to college and becomes a great jurist like Judge Sandra Day O'Connor, or the next Albert Einstein, whether that person while playing CEFopoly becomes motivated to become the next Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, or Michael Jackson (owners of their musical creations and cultural contributions) a Steve Jobs (a person that pursued his vision of the power of technology and design that has revolutionized the ownership value and use of a simple device like a phone., a Jonas Salk (a college-educated and trained medical research scientist) - and the discoverer of the vaccine that provided the world with a preventive cure for polio), a Dr. Charles R. Drew (also a highly well-trained physician and medical researcher that provided the world with his “body of work” that established the science of blood transfusion to assist anyone, regardless of national origin or culture, who needed surgery and the use of blood transfer/transfusions the appreciation and conceptual curiosity about intellectual propertyEssentially innovation and intellectual property are of the same origin. And by the playing of CEFopoly the players are provided an early introduction to the concept of “entrepreneurship” - and thereby provides a young person information that enables him or here to be internally motivated and/or inspired to build or start a business. 

It is well documented that internal motivation is a very powerful human attribute.  Providing a young person an opportunity to be exposed to a game that presents very useful motivational information is very meaningful.

And if you are interested in sharing the opportunity to be apart of a "GAME CHANGER" product (learning tool) in the world of "Edutainment" (education & entertainment) in a way that creates internal motivation within the games players towards areas that matter -please share today this opportunity with your alumni buddies, classmates, friends, family, and associates.

Thank you


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