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When the only way to succeed is to face your problems head on
Christopher Bevan
541 Facebook Friends
United Kingdom
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After a month of our crowdfunding campaign for Caught in the Headlights it's now over and we've raised an incredible $2,893 (£1,818) towards our next film. 

It's been an amazing month and we'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to the film or shared the campaign. We're so grateful and amazed at the response and we have now wrapped on Caught in the Headlights! It was an incredible 3 days of filming and thanks go to everyone in the cast and crew for their hard and dedicated work. We can't wait to show you aall what we've accomplished, check out the trailer above for a sneak peek.

Thank you once again


The Film - 'Caught in the Headlights'

Taxi driver Keith is having a midlife crisis; nothing is going right, he takes the night shifts to forget his worries and buries his issues. One particularly catastrophic night he decides to make a change and face his problems head on in the hopes of winning back a hold on his life.

Our Story

Writer Adam Lock began developing the script for the short film Caught in the Headlights in October 2011 and focused in on the theme of redemption which was the genesis of the story. He was also very aware of writing something close to home, realistic and of the area, a kind of northern, British drama, influenced by the likes of Shane Meadows and Mike Leigh. We're aiming for our film to have a free flowing style, influenced highly from low budget British films and we'll be channelling these influences into a believable and dramatic short.  The film will be directed by Christopher Bevan, recently selected for a place as a director on the National Youth Film Academy course in April 2012.
Caught in the Headlights is a short film shot on the move, at night and in a variety of locations in Derby, United Kingdom. We're excited to be taking on something with opportunities for neo-noir influenced visuals similar to such films as Drive and Taxi Driver and this alongside this along with Keith's journey is what attracted director Christopher to the project. Keith's road from flight to fight is one that can be universally appreciated. We see him downtrodden, beaten back into a corner and one night he snaps and decides to take back the reigns. We want the audience to go on this journey with him and his arc will take them on a ride.

We're in the process of casting and as soon as we have actors onboard the project, we'll be adding their names and details to the campaign right here on Indiegogo. This is an exciting process and we're looking forward to working with them on Caught in the Headlights. We're holding auditions soon and we'll be keeping you updated with those too!
Some fantastic test shoots have already been carried out by Director of Photography Karl Poyzer and these demonstrate the potential of what we can achieve visually, and this is just the beginning. Much of the film is shot in a moving vehicle and the entire film is set at night too so these will be just some of the challenges and opportunities we'll be coming up against. The film will be shot on the Canon C300. 

What We Need & What You Get

To help shoot Caught in the Headlights we're looking to initially raise £1000 which works out at roughly $1600 for the purposes of this campaign. This film stands as not only as a final year graduation piece but we're tackling it as an industry standard short film. The funds we raise will go directly into the production with the camera, lighting, sound and art departments all receiving support. If we can raise the money, this will go a huge way to ensuring that our short film is as successful as it can be. The funds will roughly be distributed to cover just some of the costs of:
-Camera and sound departments
-Expenses to cover transport, food and accommodation for the cast
-Art department costs for costumes & props 
We're offering some fantastic perks with contributions ranging from $1 through to $250 and you can find details of these in the contributions column to the left of the page. We're looking to raise in total $1600 and at the minimum end of our rewards, we'll be delighted to share your name over Twitter and Facebook and with higher contributions we'll gladly credit you on the IMDB with a special thanks. Other perks include exclusive signed posters, signed scripts, associate and executive producer credits. See the perks list for the many different packages we're offering. For your investment you'll also be part of a collaborative project with a dedicated crew committed to making Caught in the Headlights reach festivals and audiences.

Cast & Crew Involved

Caught in the Headlights brings together a cast & crew with a wide range of experience and talent.


KEITH - Neal Higham

CHRIS - Joseph Maudsley 

CLARISSA - Lucy Varney

DAMO - Martin Harvey

MIKEY - Adam Poyzer

JULIE - Sharon Holland

STEVE - Mike Rhodes


DIRECTOR - Christopher Bevan

PRODUCERS - Christopher Bevan & Adam Lock

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - William Kubiak & Eran Gadot

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER - Lynn Adams, Jane Lock, Xiomara Araujo, Carlos De Abreu, Kimberley Fyles, Steve McGill, Derek Nicholson, Todd Plesco, Michael Burke & Felix Forrest

WRITER - Adam Lock 





EDITOR - Silvia De Abreu 

HAIR & MAKE UP ARTIST - Nikki Hargreaves


MUSIC - Jonathan Armandary

SOUND MIXER - Phil Arnold

SOUND DESIGN - Benjamin Hodge



Other Ways You Can Help

There are many ways to help us achieve our goals which don't just involve making a contribution. We'd be delighted if took just a moment of your time to share our campaign for Caught in the Headlights on Facebook, Twitter or any social networking sites. You can also share the official CITH Facebook page (www.facebook.com/cithfilm) Every bit of support no matter how big or small is appreciated immensely. Please feel free to contact me via Twitter (www.twitter.com/chrisbevan89) or via my production company YSP Media on Facebook (www.facebook.com/yspmedia)

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181% funded
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This campaign ended on March 1, 2012
Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    Saloon Cab Driver

    A special thanks over our channels on Twitter & Facebook. We're grateful to anyone who backs our campaign and we'll be delighted to add your name to the online site of the film.

    3 claimed
  • $5USD
    Estate Cab Driver

    A shout out of your site, name, business and services over our channels on Twitter and Facebook. Provide us with what details you'd like to share and we'll get the information out there! + Special thanks over Twitter and Facebook + Added to our list of backers on the website

    7 claimed
  • $10USD
    Black Cab Driver

    A personalised and dedicated video thanks from our team with any links to your details in the description & a special thanks in the final credits of the film + Business, name, site or services shout out + Special thanks over Twitter and Facebook + Added to our list of backers on the website

    19 claimed
  • $25USD
    People Carrier Cab Driver

    An IMDB special thanks credit, a secure and advanced trailer preview of the film & a copy of Caught in the Headlights on DVD + Personalised video thanks with details + Special thanks in the final credits of the film + Business, name, site or services shout out + Special thanks over Twitter and Facebook + Added to our list of backers on the website

    18 claimed
  • $50USD
    Minibus Cab Driver

    An exclusive digital development folder featuring production stills, storyboards and concept art, a signed copy of the script & an invite to a future screening of the film + IMDB special thanks credit + DVD + Secure advanced trailer + Personalised video thanks + Special thanks in the final credits + Business or services shout out + Special thanks over Twitter & Facebook + Added to our list of backers on the website

    6 claimed
  • $100USD
    Associate Class Cab Driver

    Associate producer credit on the film & IMDB, an limited print signed poster and a secure & advanced online screener of the film + Screening invite + Digital development folder + Signed script + DVD + Secure advanced trailer + Personalised video thanks + Special thanks in final credits + Business or services shout out + Special thanks over Twitter & Facebook + Added to list of backers on the website

    8 claimed
  • $250USD
    Executive Class Cab Driver

    An exec producer credit on the film/IMDB & a walk on role in the film OR behind the scenes set visit OR a short, small scale business/music/event video (expenses/accommodation not included) + Screening invite + Digital development folder + Signed script + IMDB special thanks + DVD + Secure advanced trailer + Personalised video thanks + Special thanks in final credits + Business or services shout out + Special thanks over Twitter/Facebook + Added to list of backers on the website

    3 claimed
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