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Teach your cat to use the toilet in as little as 3 WEEKS!
Viktoria Strohdach
Las Angeles, California
United States
2 Team Members

Let us explain the video...

When your cat begins to use the CatMan-Doo system the cat is actually just using a litter box a couple of feet off the ground! To the cat there is no difference other than being higher off the ground (which they like anyway!) Since we use our own patent pending "washable cat litter" which you can see in the various clips, clean up becomes much easier. You can see how easy it is as we demonstrate by just pouring water over the top of the litter, all the litter stays in the bowl but the urine is drained through our system right into the toilet!

As the cat progresses in the training cycle a hole opens up and just gets larger and larger until the cat is using the last and final stage of the system. This last stage will stay on the toilet for the life of the cat. We DO NOT EVER expect the cat to use a human toilet seat! 

There are many home made devices (and a couple of commercially available as well) that want your cat to eventually use the human seat, THIS SIMPLY DOSENT WORK WELL. Yes, it can be done but your chances of successfully training your cat decrease greatly when using these devices.

You will also notice that when your cat has reached the last stage that the human seat fits over the cat seat without any interference for human use, this is especially helpful in a single toilet household. 

Finally, you can see that we have developed the seat with a "quick connect" design. This allows for the ease of removal during the first few stages of training for human use of the toilet and for easy cleaning of the toilet bowl.

**Please note** that in the video there is only a quick glance demonstrating how the "quick connect*/dis-connect feature works. Please watch the clip a few times so you can understand just how easy the CatMan-Doo system is to use. The only part of the system that stays connected semi-permanently (just like the human seat is semi-permanent) is the small strip that connects to the very same bolts that connect your existing human toilet seat. All that needs to be done to conduct your normal cleaning and use of the toilet is "un-snap" the CatMan-Doo seat from the strip.

So Why Toilet Train your Cat?

Well the first reason should be enough, A CLEANER HOME! But there are so many more! You help keep over 9 million tons of used “Toxic” cat litter from landfills. Help avoid urinary tract infections common with cats. Change the perception that when you get a cat you need to get a litter box and thus do away with the #1 reason cats are returned to shelters or just thrown out to the streets. YES! The #1 reason cats are homeless is because people become tired of cleaning litter boxes! As I said there are many more reasons, the least of which is you will SAVE MONEY BY NEVER BUYING CAT LITTER AGAIN! 

                                                        How It Works

 Simply put CatMan-Doo is a litter box that sits on top of your toilet. Through a series of trays that start with a small hole in the center and gradually becomes larger as the cat becomes accustomed to the larger hole. We also designed CatMan-Doo with small drainage holes for when, during the training cycle, the cat urinates you will only need to pour some hot water over the washable litter thereby making it easier to keep kitty’s place clean. The cat also has a comfortable area to rest itself on as opposed to trying to balance its self on a seat made only for human use. Other training aids would try to have your cat balance on a very narrow toilet seat. Since we have allowed for multiple stages in the training process, you can rest assured that your cat will not become stressed out by all of a sudden going from a small opening to a huge one. In addition if kitty does not like going from one stage to the next, we created CatMan-Doo with the ability to go back one stage thereby allowing more time for kitty to become comfortable with the size of the hole. Once your cat has gone through all 4 stages of the system they will always have a place for them to comfortably do their business. It is also very important to note that we have the homeowners comfort in mind as well. CatMan-Doo does NOT interfere with the human toilet seat, you simply install (very easy) CatMan-Doo under the human seat. Now whenever a person needs to use the toilet you just place the seat down over CatMan-Doo. When done raise the seat to allow the cat its toilet seat this is great for all the men out there because there can never be a complaint about closing the toilet! Finally for cleaning purposes, we made CatMan-Doo easy to remove from the toilet bowl with “quick release snaps” 

                Wait... can't I just train my cat to use the toilet myself?

 Why do I need CatMan-Doo? As a child my wife had a cat that actually trained himself! With no reinforcement from anyone. Cats are very clean animals. Given the choice between a litter box and toilet the cat will always choose the toilet if properly trained. So, if you want to try to do this on your own more power to you! There have been many success stories out there (just check out YouTube). Unfortunately, many times the hassle just isn’t worth it. We have seen people using duck tape together with cardboard and while its works a few times inevitably kitty falls in the toilet! We know how much cats LOVE water right? Needless to say, that if kitty gets wet even just once you can forget about them even going into the restroom at all and much less to toilet train them.

 There are already products on the market that train a cat to use the toilet.

 Why this one? True. There are a couple of products that can help your cat learn to use the toilet, but none offer a lifelong solution. Also, each of these systems expects your cat to use a toilet seat designed for people! The home built ideas, while novel, just don’t make it easy for a cat to use. We have taken all the problems and issues associated with toilet training and built the CatMan-Doo system. Once you try it you will see that CatMan-Doo is the right product for toilet training your cat!

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